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I'm not sure if this is the best place to post this question, but this is the only group I participate with and you all have given me so many GREAT recommendations! So...

What is your all time favorite Romance Novel? It can be contemporary or historical. I'd prefer over 300 pages, but don't want to rule out a really good book based on size ;-)

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Jennifer | 212 comments I really love any Jennifer Crusie book but "Bet Me" and "Faking It" are my favorites

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Thanks, Ladies! I will def. check these out! I am currently reading UnveiledI know I read another series by her but can't think of it right now! I don't remember it having an impact (obviously), however, this book is GREAT! (I'm surprised there's not more reviews on here!) I can't wait to read the next three! The language is so beautiful and I bought the narration so I could multitask ;-) and the narration is even better! (I can't stand when narration takes away from the story.) It's a historical romance and I recommend it!

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