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message 1: by Paul (last edited Aug 30, 2013 01:52PM) (new)

Paul Maclean (paulbookwyrms) | 19 comments Mod
While we're finishing up our August 2013 pick (Neil Gaiman's The Ocean at the End of the Lane) it's time we'd also better announce September 2013's choice:

We're going from something new to something old: Ray Bardbury's tale of a darker future with Fahrenheit 451.

FAHRENHEIT 451: The hauntingly prophetic classic novel set in a not-too-distant future where books are burned by a special task force of firemen.

Guy Montag is a fireman. His job is to burn books, which are forbidden, being the source of all discord and unhappiness. Even so, Montag is unhappy; there is discord in his marriage. Are books hidden in his house? The Mechanical Hound of the Fire Department, armed with a lethal hypodermic, escorted by helicopters, is ready to track down those dissidents who defy society to preserve and read books.

The classic novel of a post-literate future, ‘Fahrenheit 451’ stands alongside Orwell’s ‘1984’ and Huxley’s ‘Brave New World’ as a prophetic account of Western civilization’s enslavement by the media, drugs and conformity.

Bradbury’s powerful and poetic prose combines with uncanny insight into the potential of technology to create a novel which over fifty years from first publication, still has the power to dazzle and shock.

Again do feel free to use this thread for discussion of the book.

The reading window is the month of September with The Bookwyrms' show for this pick being recorded at the end of the first week in October (to allow time to incorporate any forum posts)!

message 2: by Paul (new)

Paul Maclean (paulbookwyrms) | 19 comments Mod
We're about to record the show for Fahrenheit 451 (slightly delayed due to a cold).

If you've any comments, feel free to post them!

message 3: by Paul (last edited Oct 24, 2013 07:10AM) (new)

Paul Maclean (paulbookwyrms) | 19 comments Mod
So after recovering from cold(s) - which never sound good on audio...

The Bookwyrms discussion podcast about Ray Bradbury's Fahrenehit 451 is now out!

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