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Caroline (godwithus) | 35 comments Here we are!

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Thomara Briscoe (Alright is it your turn or mine?)

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Caroline (godwithus) | 35 comments (Umm... Mine.)

"Oh my gosh." Kristen frowned, deeply. She headed to Jayden's bedside and squeezed his hand."Im here." She whispered hoarsely, looking back at the detective."Why are you here?" She asked, remaining calm, as to her tone.

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Thomara Briscoe (Im sorry Its a bit weird transferring over and I got lost for a little bit)

"Please," the man said. "It would be much more beneficial for you and the him if we talked outside," he repeated.

Jayden's eyes were only slits as he tried to see past the haze and here what was going on. He could here Kristen's voice and felt her hand which sent relief flooding through him. His strength was depleted so when he attempted to squeeze her hand it only came out as a twitch.

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Caroline (godwithus) | 35 comments (It fine.)

Kristen frowned, seeing his pain. She bent down to whisper in his ear, so that the detective couldn't hear,"I still love you. I will get you out of this hell too." She drew away and forced a smile at the man."Alright. Lead the way." After that she crossed her arms and pursed her lips.

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Thomara Briscoe (Goodness I'm so sorry)

The man walked out and turned to hold the door open for the girl. When they were both outside the man turned. "So do you want to tell me what happened?" the man asked cutting straight to the chase. "That boy in there is pretty beaten up and I don't think it was from anything car related. You know he has three broken ribs many bones in his face are broken and numerous bruises," he told her know that she wouldn't like hearing how bad he really was. "In fact one of his ribs were pressing against his lungs the boy is lucky it wasn't punctured. Considering he walked from your home he would have been dead before he got to fourth avenue," the cop explained.

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Caroline (godwithus) | 35 comments Kristen frowned as she watched him talk. It was true. She could've drive him but really.... That wasn't reasonable. She wasn't stable enough. Her eyes fell to the ground. How could she explain? Well really only the truth. But his threats.... That didn't matter. Kirsten had to. They were wrong to think that raping her would weaken her and lead her to forget or not tell. Kristen started off,"Jayden, his name, he was a street racer." And then explained the following details after. She finally trailed back up to his eyes.

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Thomara Briscoe The cop had written down notes and when she had finished he sighed and looked at Kristen. "We need to have a rape kit done," he finally said. "I know as a former cop you know what this means. We may finally have something on him that could put him and his men in bars," he told her. "Jayden would be free of his debt and your father would give you your job back."

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Caroline (godwithus) | 35 comments She couldn't help but smile gently."Thank you officer." Kristen looked up at him and stick her hand put to shake. Her smile returned to a serous face, and she nodded her head curtly. It was a cop thing really. She knew not to get her hopes high, but hey, it could work.

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Thomara Briscoe The man nodded and turned to lead her towards the help desk to explain what he needed to be done. "The tests should only take an hour or so," the woman told her with a kind and gentle smile. "Afterwards maybe your friend will be awake and you can talk to him while we wait for the results."

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Caroline (godwithus) | 35 comments Kristen nodded wearily, her eyes darting around. She had her arms crossed. One of her fears, surgery/tests. She wished Jayden were here...

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Thomara Briscoe The woman worked with Kristen making sure every test was conducted carefully. When she finished she smiled at the obviously fearful girl. "Don't worry most the time the tests come back negative," she reassured her. "Now why don't you go see if your friend is awake," she told her.

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Caroline (godwithus) | 35 comments Kristen sent out of her body almost, and just nodded. Her brain was fuzzy and blurry. She pushed out of the room, muttering a thanks. She headed to Jaydens room, leaning on the door. She closed her eyes, breathing in

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Thomara Briscoe Jayden was awake laying down staring at the ceiling. Worry was filling him as he thought of Kristen and how he must feel. All the pain that he had been feeling was numbed by a massive amount of pain medicine.

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Caroline (godwithus) | 35 comments Kristen slowly pushed the door open. After all this, she knew things would be different, nothing could ever be the same. She wanted Jayden to be her first, she loved him that much. Kristen would've never been aware of this, if he hadn't gotten hurt so bad. Momma bear instincts were kicking in. "Jayden?" She whispered, wincing as she kneeled at his bedside. She grabbed his hand.

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Caroline (godwithus) | 35 comments ---

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Thomara Briscoe (Do you want anything to come back positive and sorry for my disappearance)

Jayden looked over at him and tears spilled down his cheeks. "I so sorry," he said through gritted teeth. "If it weren't for me this wouldn't have happened. If only I had just turned down the right road then your wouldn't have caught me and you wouldn't have been put in such a situation," he cried.

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Caroline (godwithus) | 35 comments She wiped his tears, feeling so... Fragile, hollow and cut open. She also felt vulnerable, and even more so when he cried."Shhh... It was my choice, not yours." Kristen whispered in his ear before pulling back. She held his hand tightly, and kissed his forehead gently."I should've shot him sooner." Kristen said slowly, biting her lip to stop her chin shaking. Her eyes welled up with tears before she could stop it. Soon, she was crying too. Kristen gulped them away, building up strength to say something,"I just wanted you to know, I'm taking an abortion. I was.. Pregnant." This got her balling, and she curled up on the floor, feeling like an emotional idiot.

((that okay? And super sorry about my inactive ness.))

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