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What is better book or movie?
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Lately, I have seen a lot of movies based on books. Which one do you like better, movies or books?

Ultimamente muchas peliculas son basadas en libros. ¿Cuál crees que sea mejor, libros o peliculas? ¿Por qué?

O & I think the book

I think I like them both

Me encantaron las actuaciones y los efectos, pero no los cambios de plot. En especial con respecto a la locación de la batalla final y los de los portales. Los comprendo, pues lo que eligieron tiene más impacto visual, pero lo enredaron un poco.

Loved the acting and visual effects, but didn't like the changes in the plot, especially those about the place where the final battle took place and the portals. I understand the purpose of them, cause the way they filmed them have more visual impact, but they twisted the story

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Laura the book was soooo much better than the movie.... to many changes and things left out
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The book

I like the books way better. The movie was kind of a disappointment for me. I didn't like the way they changed the plot so that pretty much everything happens in the institute. It doesn't make sense because pentagram or not, demons cannot enter hallowed ground. However, I did love Jamie Campbell Bower and Lily Collins. They especially made the movie. While Godfrey Gao looked the part for Magnus, I thought his acting skills were brutal (it pains me to say that because he looked so good).

I think they should have split the first book into two movies, because to me it felt like everything was rushed. While I understand they can't fit everything in the book, I am pretty mad that they omitted my favourite part (when Jace and Clary ride on the flying motorcycle). I saw this with someone who never read the books before, and she had trouble following. It wasn't a terrible movie, but I feel it did not live up to its potential.

absolutely none...

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Some aspects of the movie (concerning this book) were better than the book & vice versa

I personally dont think the book and the film are easily compared. The book was an amazing book, and the movie was an amazing movie BUT the movie was also an amazingly TERRIBLE adaptation of the movie. I compare it to Percy Jackson and the Lightening Thief. both that book and movie were good but the movie strayed too far from the book for it to be considered good when compared to the book.
I think it depends on how you like your characters because the characters in TMI movie were much too different from the characters in TMI book.
So if I was to compare the book and the movie, I would say book, but only because since its writing it can go more in depth.

The books by far. The movie didn't do it justice.


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I enjoyed the move after having given up on the book for shoddy, cliché-ridden reading.

That being said, I am definitely planning on giving the books another chance. It's really up to the individual and what they find enjoyable.

Goddess Of Blah I prefer the film too. Agree that the book was really poorly written.
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I don't think I'll be watching the movie after having seen the cast. Lily Collins for Clary? Sure, I think she's a good choice. But Jamie Campbell Bower for Jace? No way. I have nothing against the actor, I just don't think he's the right one to play Jace. Who, incidentally, is one of my favorite book characters of all time. Anyway, I saw the trailer and I don't like the way Jace is portrayed. Jace is supposed to be flippant, nonchalant, arrogant, funny, and confident yet at the same time extremely dangerous, whereas in the movie he seems to come off as...I dunno...they took out all the funny, cocky side of him. He's dangerous, sure, and very...can't explain it. I just don't like it.

The movie would've been good, had it been a standalone movie and not an adaptation of a book. To me, it left out and changed too many things to do the book justice.

I love Lily Collins as Clary! & Jamie Campbell Bower hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm...I think that he's pretty good! Just his hair in the movie should've looked more like Jace!

I liked the book and film equally.

The book writing style is appalling, suffers inconsistencies, plot holes etc.

The film on the othe rhand was rushed and the Director edited out (or rushed) so many scenes featuring Jace :-(

But the film follows an Action theme (the production company were clear on this). Hence there was more focus on the action rather than the story telling.

the books are always better but i love to see it all come to life on screen


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