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The challenge for fall is to watch 10-12 (or as many as you want) episodes/movies of mahou shoujo or fantasy anime. You don't have to watch the same series and can watch whatever you want. Remember to post what you watch here.

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My challenge:

1-12. Madoka Magica Episodes 1-12
13-14. Sword Art Online Episodes 2-3
15. Pandora Hearts Episode 1
16-19. Fairy Tail Episodes 1-4

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Jamie (juvia_winter) | 195 comments Is there a time limit to this challenge?

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Between September and November.

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Episodes seen :
1-12 Madoka Magica (best show ever)
1-4 Bakemonogatari (currently watching)
1-10 Sword Art Online (currently watching)
1-5 Fairy Tale (On hold)

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Jamie (juvia_winter) | 195 comments My challenge:

1-12 Madoka Magica

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