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The fall challenge is to watch 10-12 (or as many as you'd like) episodes/movies of anime featuring paranormal or fantastical creatures. They do no have to be from the seasonal watches and you can watch whatever you like. Remember to keep track of what you watch here.

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My challenge:

1-12. Madoka Magica Episodes 1-12
13-14. Sword Art Online Episodes 2-3
15. Pandora Hearts Episode 1

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Nicole (radiantserenechaos) | 336 comments 1. Sunday without God episode 5
2. The Eccentric Family episode 6
3. Blood Lad episode 7
4-10. Attack on Titan episodes 9-14 (including episode 13.5)
11. Sunday without God episode 6
12-14. Blood Lad 8-10

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