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OtakuDucky /gone/ (DuckyWho) | 14 comments Maddie sat on her bunk, stretching. "I kinda wish there were more people in my cabin..." Maddie said to herself, watching a video of her dad's latest game on her Mac. Her wings floated behind her, flapping occasionally. She looked around the room, finding a few pictures of her dad's team. "Why didn't you come back to visit, père Mattieu?" Lace asked herself quietly, looking at her blonde father.

message 2: by Mya (new)

Mya | 1562 comments Mod
((I see your finally role playing, I hope you have fun.))

OtakuDucky /gone/ (DuckyWho) | 14 comments ((Sorry I haven't yet. I was sick recently, and at school. Really sorry, M.I.A.))

message 4: by Mya (new)

Mya | 1562 comments Mod
((It's fine, I completely understand. Oh, and your not forced to RP.))

OtakuDucky /gone/ (DuckyWho) | 14 comments ((Thanks. Is there any way I can be more... involved with other member of the group? I would love to talk more with the group. Thanks, lovely!))

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Mya | 1562 comments Mod
((Our chat room thread, or newbies thread, is a nice place to start. But you could join a quest, if there is any on pen of course. You must sign up first. if it's active, you can not join.))

OtakuDucky /gone/ (DuckyWho) | 14 comments ((Thanks ;) ))

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Mya | 1562 comments Mod
((No problem :) ))

inactive account (inactiveaccoun) | 2941 comments A hologram of Walan appears here and every where in camp half blood" Campers I am sorry to inform you but Chiron is missing and The big house has been ran sacked and many thing stolen. This has been the work of Damian's

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