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Aaron cleared his throat and said "Before we start may I say it is an Honor to be in your presence Aunty and Thalia"

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Artemis kept a cold look, but Thalia grinned.
"It's funny how famous you become only after 300 years" Thalia said flipping her long black hair

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((It's been 300 years, of course she would have long hair by then. DUHH!))

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((I think she would grow it out, so stop arguing and get back to RPing))

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Zahra | 86 comments ((I think saying that Thalia would grow her hair out is a stereotype. If she had short hair while she was alive, why grow it out because she is dead? Besides, why doesn't Hades have her in the Underworld with him? I am assuming Safira doesn't know that Aaron is grandson of Aphrodite...))
"It is an honour to be in your presence Aunty Artemis and mistake me if I'm wrong but I think you have some chilling information for us about your brother."

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Mya | 1562 comments Mod
Aaron The Lord of Darkness wrote: "Artemis kept a cold look, but Thalia grinned.
"It's funny how famous you become only after 300 years" Thalia said flipping her long black hair"

(( This is in the future, but it doesn't mean it has to be three hundred years into it. We're simply the next generation of Demigods, if it was that long in the future a lot of things would've happened, so basically it is not that long in the future, just so you know.))

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Aaron coughed and said "We were wondering if you could help us save our Dad"

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Artemis thought for a second and said "When my Grandfather attacked Olympus he had a cruise ship he used as a base. What was it called again...." she trailed off

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"That's the one." she said coldly

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"I love all my brother's children if you think I hate you." Artemis said.
"Thalia will help you find it." she said after a moment of silence

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((GTG Dinner))

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Thalia nodded and said "We'll leave for the ship tommorow morning. I'll met at Half-Blood Hill at 9:00 sharp. Don't be late." she said walking out of the cabin.
Aaron ran after her and said "Wait! I have so many questions!"

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Zahra | 86 comments "Aaron... why is Iz so on edge? We can't go on a quest if she just storms off like that... And Aunty Artemis, how will the princess Andromeda help us?" Safira was confused and ready to head off to bed. This was going to be a lot more challenging than Safira had expected.

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((Meet me at the Apollo Cabin))

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Zahra | 86 comments ((I am there.))

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inactive account (inactiveaccoun) | 2941 comments A hologram of Walan appears here and every where in camp half blood" Campers I am sorry to inform you but Chiron is missing and The big house has been ran sacked and many thing stolen. This has been the work of Damian's

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