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Olly parked into his driveway, leading her into the house.

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She followed, feeling odd butterflies in her stomach

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He sat on the couch, pulling her into his lap. "Hm, what do you wanna do?" He asked.

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She kisses him again, intoxicated

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He smiles, kissing her back passionetly.

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She moves closer, putting her arms around his neck

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He places his hand on her waist, pulling her closer as he deepened the kiss.

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she moaned lightly

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He slowly and gently bit her bottom lip, asking for entry.

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She opened and timidly ran her tongue along his lip.

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He sow,y slipped his tongue inq, exploring hesitantly.

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She whimpered and moved closer, pressing herself against him.

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He picked her up while kissing her, carrying her to his bedroom.

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She Held onto him tightly while touching her tongue to his.

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He rubbed his to ive against hers lovingly. He laid her down on his bed gently.

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She blushed when she realized where he had taken her, and looked up at him shyly.

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He grins down at her, leaning down once again to kis her hard.

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She moans and tries pulling him down with her.

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She goes on top of her, exploring her mouth with his tongue.

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She moans and wraps her legs around his waist.

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Olly smiles at Shy, kissing her softly.

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She kisses him back, moving closer.

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He smiles, slowly pulling away.

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She looks up at him and blushes, smiling shyly.

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He pulls her to him, as he slowly starts to nod off.

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She curls up next to him, sighing happily as she falls asleep.

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Olly slowly wakes up, rubbing his eyes.

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She sleeps next to him, breathing softly and mumbling a little.

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He smiles, getting up quietly. He slipped on his boxers, walking into the kitchen.

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She rolls over and nearly falls off the bed, but catches herself. She looks arouns, then remembers last night and blushes a deep red. Then she see's what time it is and She jumps out of bed and gets dressed as fast as she can, jogging down the stares.

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He heard the commotion, and looked up to greet her with a smile. "Good morning," he says cheerfully.

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" I have to go. I can't believe I left cris and Nali alone all night!" She runs toward the door as she pulls a shirt over her head,

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"Hey, I sure their okay," he says, not wanting her to leave.

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" I still have to check on them. What if... god I can't even think about that stuff."

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"Okay," he says, dissappointed.

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Her phone rings and she answers it as she pulls her shoes on ." Hello?"

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He looks up.

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" thank god... no.. I was- maybe a little... ok, stay safe." She hung up and leaned her head against the wall.

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" That was cris, calling to tell me that they were both ok, and demanding that I stay , longer. You dont mind do you?"

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He smiles crookedly. "Of course I don't mind," he says, taking her hand and leading her to the kitchen.

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" thank you, as I'm sorry about freaking put back there," she blushes

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"It's okay," he laughs. "So, what do you wanna eat?" He asks.

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"I don't know," she walks up behind him and kisses his neck, wraping her arms around his middle.

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He smiles, turning his head to kiss her pasionately.
((Sry, school started!!))

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She moans softly and moves closer. ((its cool))

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He kisses her deeper, licking the outline of her lips.

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She moans softly and presses herself against him.

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He smiles, lightly placing his hands on her upper waist.

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she pulls back and looks at him. " This is crazy."

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