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Salaams to everyone in here ,, good see a group of my country in this international community site ,, too bad that book reading is not a popular pasttime in our country ,, but indeed its good to see you people .. .. .. ..

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I was looking on the groups page and saw this group and felt it would be wonderful to join it. I have never been to Pakistan, but my mom went to boarding school over there in Murree. She has lovely memories of Pakistan. Anytime I hear music from your country a part of me feels homesick even if I haven't ever been there before. I hope that doesn't sound too, strange of me.
Hope all of you are having a beautiful day!

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Taylor I tend to disagree with you. first of all reading and writing relates to the literacy rate in a country and unfortunately the rate is low in Pakistan, its even lower for women. Effectively the people that do read then become a minority.

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Hello , Its nice to hear your views about Pakistan and indeed your mom has been to one of the most beautiful places in this country , Murree ,, and yes music of different sorts in accordance with cultures is fascinating :)

Yes i am willing to believe that the literacy rate is lagging well behind most of the countries around the world , loads of improvement is needed in that area , and indeed women's right of education is considered in a negative sense in many parts around ,this again is due to the lack of education and civic sense , in addition to this , our ways and means are not in accordance with the ones of my source of inspiration ,Jinnah ,its agonizing to accept the articles you mentioned above :( , but i would like to end this in a positive manner , hopefully new era will be better for this country as people are getting to know the problems which are being faced by us as a whole :)

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Sadaf (saddaf) | 1 comments Hello. Nice to see a group for Peace in Pakistan... we badly need that these days.

Ali, nice to see you here :)
Heather, The Convent school at Murree.. where your mom probably went, is one of the best in Pakistan. I have friends who studied there and the stories I hear from them, make me want to go to school all over again :) I hope you can visit Pakistan sometime. Would love to show you around :)

Taylor, you are very right. I won't say that reading isn't very popular in Pakistan, I would say it's about as popular as it can get keeping in mind the literacy rate, access to good literature etc. (Today I Inquired at some libraries about membership fees and it was quite expensive. I'd be better off buying 2-3 books a month than paying the membership fee for the library)

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Hi Saddaf, Taylor & Muhammad,
Thanks for the warm welcome on here. :) Yes, my mom loved going to school. She has some very fun stories from getting to attend school there and live in Pakistan. That's great your friend got to attend there. I have seen a few pictures of Pakistan (my grandfather recently showed a slide show of old pictures which was a lot of fun!).

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I know a lot of people in Pakistan who love to read, but none of them read Books BY Pakistani authors and Taylor you have a point that the writing is not that good and Heather good to know that your mother studied in Muree and enjoyed herself.

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