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Season One > Episode 22: Dead Man's Trap

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Summary: We end the season with the boys trying to rescue their father, find the yellow-eyed demon and stay alive. It has an explosive ending with a cool car crash.

Review: This one is exciting. There are some sad moments and some cringe-worthy moments like when Dean is being torn apart by the demon inside of his father.

Fav Lines:
Bobby: Something big is coming and you boys and your daddy, you're right smack in the middle of it.

Bobby: When you find your dad, bring him around. I won't even get the shotgun out.

Dean: He wouldn't have been proud of me. He would have torn me a new one. You aren't my dad.

Firsts: 1. Exorcise their first demon.
2. First time we see Bobby (awesome!)
3. First time yellow eyed demon and Sam get to talk.

Fake ID: They were (hot) firemen.

Fun Facts: 1. The car accident scene is where Jared (Sam) says he took something off the steering wheel to keep because he thought the show was going off the air after one season. LOL, Jared. You are still going strong at Season 9.

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Kasi Blake (kcblake) | 175 comments Mod

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