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Aaron, after he and Nikki get alone time.

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But seriously? I just killed Kronos yesterday on my last quest. WHYY?!?!?!?

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Zahra | 86 comments Can I come? I probably need to make a character but I am daughter of Apollo after all. I've never been on a quest before.

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Nice to meet you Zahra, I'm a son of Apollo too, so you're my new half-sister

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Zahra | 86 comments Safira!
So we just need another person to join the quest now and some time...

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Zahra | 86 comments So there are 3 of us now! Yeah! XD

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Zahra | 86 comments Aaron and Safira came bursting into the big house to meet Iz. Chiron had already made it there and was standing impatiently.

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Aaron walked towards Iz and said "Hey sis"

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"I just can't believe I have to save someone from Kronos again. I just killed him a week ago." Aaron complained

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"Sure, Let's go to the oracle" he said

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Zahra | 86 comments ((Ava where do we go?))

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Zahra | 86 comments ((I got that, I meant as in I am stuck on where to take the quest to. It's almost like writer's block))

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Zahra | 86 comments For once, Safira didn't want to be the leader. She would still state her opinion but she was willing to take the lead of her companions who had been on a quest before.

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Zahra | 86 comments Chiron came trotting up behind them caught for breath but trying to spit words out. "Important... Don't... Wait..."

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Aaron turned around and said "I'm sorry, I'll be right back I need to do something."

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He ran off and went into the Apollo cabin.

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Zahra | 86 comments ((What was all that about Nikki and jealousy?))
"I have not told you everything I know about Kronos right now." Chiron was very careful in choosing the right words, keeping a close eye on anyone else who may be in hearing range. "We have sources saying the campsite may not be as safe as we take for granted. You may not have to travel far to find Kronos after all..."

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((You're going to have to read the Quest of the Minor Gods to understand the jealousy))
Aaron ran back and met up with his sisters and said "What did I miss?"

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Aaron slapped Iz and said "Get a grip, I've dealt with him before."

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"Chase and Sabrina died on their quest, and Damian was hugging my girlfriend. No biggy." he said bitterly shoving his hands in his pockets

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"Sabrina was like a little sister to me, and Damian does have a girlfriend, he made a move on mine." Aaron said turning around and punched a boulder behind him, shattering it into shards

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"Sure, Nikki sobbing in a nother boys arm is totally okay." Aaron said

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"She completely ignored me when Damian came." Aaron said

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" I know, you're right, but you're guy will come around Iz, you'll see." Aaron said hugging her

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Aaron laughed and said "You're always there to make me feel better Iz"

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Zahra | 86 comments "Guys!" Safira interrupted. "We have a serious matter on our hands. I know this is an emotional time but a lot worse will happen if we don't do something!" She began to raise her voice then realised it was not going to help.

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Aaron cleared his throat and said "You're right, so what do we do first?"

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Aaron thought for a minute and finally said "Chiron said we have to travel far, so Kronos must be somewhere in New York."

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"I think I know where we can get some help." Aaron said scratching his chin

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"Aunty Artemis" he said smiling

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Aaron smiled and said "She says I'm her favorite nephew"

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"She said I'm a true hunter, and I would make a great warrior" he said smiling so bright it was blinding

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"I know" he said acting like a show off

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"I got a letter from her last week, it said she was coming to visit tonight at Dinner." he said

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"Yeah, we can even meet Thalia Grace, one of the Demigods that knew Percy Jackson!" Aaron said starting to fangirl

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inactive account (inactiveaccoun) | 2941 comments ( O_O

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"I wonder if the rumors about they got married and had children are true?!" he said starting to glow. Whenever Aaron was excited or nervous he glowed, quite litterally.

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"Don't you mean Did? They lived like 100 years ago."

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"Me too, I'm wondering if it was true that Thalia's little brother Jason married that Aphrodite girl Piper..." Aaron said starting to say a bunch of random questions like "Did Leo and Reyna really make-out?" or "Did Frank really die protecting Hazel?"

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Aaron thought for a second and said "Oh Wait! Never mind, I was thinking about Clarisse La Rue."

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"I read that she died protecting her boyfriend Chris"

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"I know right!" he covered his mouth the second the words left his lips. Nobody except his Mom, Nikki and his Papa Keoni knew he was a grandson of Aphrodite. He couldn't afford to let anyone else know, not even his siblings

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"No I'm not!" he said, a bit to loud. "Dangit, Dead Giveaway" he thought

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"Fine, just don't tell ANYONE! I'm..a..grandson..of..Aphrodite" he said finally

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Zahra | 86 comments "How would I know? You're the one who just killed Kronos!" said Safira.

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Zahra | 86 comments ((That message was meant to have been sent about 12 hours earlier. I don't know why it ended up at the end of your dialogue.))

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Zahra | 86 comments "If we are just going to hang around until supper for Artemis to show up I think I will go get some training and rest in." said Safira heading off in the direction of the lake.

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"Same here, meet you guys at the mess hall later." Aaron said

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((Continue at the Cabin?))

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