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Over the Edge of the World

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message 2: by Marcie (new)

Marcie | 23 comments Maybe you saw that I was reading this one William. I did pull it off your list. It really is a great book so far and I keep talking about Magellan to anyone who will listen! The research and detailed history that is available is truly amazing. The book follows Magellan's attempts to get the monarchy of Portugal to sponsor his trip to find the ocean route to the Spice Islands of Southeast Asia. Eventually he realizes he doesn't have the court's favor and switches his allegiance to Spain, gathers his crew, and sets off on the voyage. They endure storms, shipwreck, and mutiny and then finally discover and explore the Strait that would eventually bear Magellan's name. In the part I am now reading, he has just begun his crossing of the Pacific Ocean. He hopes to be the first expedition to cross the ocean to Asia and he has no idea what he is getting into.

message 3: by William (new)

William Graney | 99 comments Mod
Glad you're enjoying it! Even though Magellan gets a lot of coverage in history classes I would still see he is underrated as an explorer and as a historical figure.

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