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message 1: by Gabriel (new)

Gabriel Toya-meléndez | 1 comments Hello, I am adapting Murakami's short story The Second Bakery Attack into a short film as part of a Cinema Major Thesis class at San Francisco State University (SFSU). We plan to begin shooting November of this year and plan to have a finished product in Spring of 2014.
I'm starting this discussion to pick people's brains on what they love best about that story. Your suggestions may make it into the film! I'm also looking for people to spread the word as the more support we have the easier it will be to have this movie made. Thank You!

message 2: by Adam (last edited Sep 23, 2013 07:30PM) (new)

Adam | 21 comments Hey, Gabriel. There've already been a few adaptations of this story, a few floating around on youtube. A couple fan made, and one independent film starring Kirsten Dunst. You might watch those to get an idea of what they got right or wrong. I think it's hard for most people who adapt this story not to give in to temptation and make it really explosive and thereby sacrifice a lot of the deadpan humor that animates the original. Keep in mind it's narrated from the first person like a lot of Murakami stories and this character's outlook shapes most of the action. So if I were to do it I'd find somebody with that Murakami-esque quality and play that up. Murakami's stories have great pacing, so watch some films by directors whose editing techniques show similar control over the pace of a film. I suggest Kubrick, Tarantino (Pulp Fiction valley of darkness speech comes to mind). Hope this helps. Good luck with the film!

message 3: by Ilana (new)

Ilana | 9 comments Hi. I've also just made a video about murakami and would love to share it.
thanks for any feedback.

message 4: by Jon (new)

Jon | 8 comments I love it Ilana! Brilliant.

message 5: by Ilana (new)

Ilana | 9 comments thanks, jon!!

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