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Favorite character or characters?

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message 1: by Sam (new) - rated it 5 stars

Sam Funderburk I absolutely loved Lee's character and how he developed into someone important in the book. I also liked Adam especially in the beginning, but Lee had to be my favorite. Who was yours?

Teri Loved them all, but I have to agree with Lee as my favorite. Samuel Hamilton was also a favorite.

Holly Lee and Sam Hamilton.

I really enjoy the author's semi-biographical inclusion of the Hamilton family and himself in this book. It makes me wonder if some local man with a tragic tale inspired Steinbeck to write this book.

JinSoo Saun Charles Trask and Tom Hamilton. They would not annoy me in reality.

Adam Daniels Holly wrote: "Lee and Sam Hamilton.

I really enjoy the author's semi-biographical inclusion of the Hamilton family and himself in this book. It makes me wonder if some local man with a tragic tale inspired Ste..."

The tragic tale was himself. Steinbeck wrote the book for his children to them about his life.

message 6: by Aubrey (last edited Dec 04, 2013 04:32PM) (new)

Aubrey Jean There are many wonderful characters that shine in this novel. Lee is one of these and also Samuel Hamilton. These two characters shine with a light all their own. Although Aron is not my favorite character there are some things I want to note about him. Both the 1950's movie and the 1980's tv movie portray Aron as being extremely jealous of his twin, Caleb. Nothing is mentioned in the novel about this, particularly Aron being jealous and afraid that Caleb desires Abra and will steal her away from Aron. But Aron is a difficult character to understand. Aron loves his father...and his twin. He probably loves his twin even more than his father in many ways. Aron lives in a perfect world that he has designed specifically for himself. When the lettuce freezing doesn't work...the town makes fun of the Trask family. This doesn't bother Caleb...but it does with Aron. Aron even mentions to Abra that he hates his father because now they are a laughing stock. With that one quote against his father, Aron is a flawed character. Aron tells Abra he wants a life with her, but yet he wants them to live a life of chastity...even after marriage. This is when Aron officially loses Abra, who desires a normal life with children. When Aron sees his mother for the first time, his 'perfect' world is shattered...and leaves his family to join the war. Aron just can't relate to his family any more after facing the truth. Although Aaron does seem a bit spoiled at times, I do have my sympathies for him. He tries to be the best person that he can be...actually beyond what is expected from a human being. Aron eventually realizes this and wants to move home from college...marry Abra...and move to the ranch where he can become a simple farmer. I think that Aron had begun to think rationally near the end of the novel, however, the realization of his mother sent him over the top. I thought it sad and horrible how Abra burned all her letters and correspondence with Aron. But that was Abra's choice to do. Maybe it was her way of starting a new life from the ashes of the old life.

message 7: by Aubrey (new)

Aubrey Jean A very interesting character is that of Charles Trask. Charles is very apathetic about most people...he just doesn't give a damn, maybe that's why he was content with prostitutes instead of marriage. Charles just didn't care...he didn't even seem to care very much for his own mother. Charles saw Cathy for what she was...and told Adam that she was a whore. The only person Charles loved utterly and completely was his father...who cared little for him. The other person Charles cared for was his brother Adam. His feelings for Adam ran hot and cold. Charles would beat anyone who ever so much as said anything, or laid a finger upon Adam. Yet Charles constantly beat Adam due to the preference shown to Adam by their father. Charles craved the love that their father doted on Adam...thus Charles at times hated the only other human being that he ever loved...his own brother. During the war, when Charles was alone on the farm, he craved Adam's presence...and sent numerous letters begging for his brother to return. Adam claimed in a letter that he would be returning home soon and Charles hired a woman to come in and she spent days cleaning the house. However, Adam was a no-show. When Adam finally returned, the two brothers fought, due to Charles constant running from hot to cold. Adam would leave...then Charles always welcomed him back again. Cathy, afraid that Charles would persuade Adam to dump her...seduced Charles and they had a sexual union the night of her an Adam's honeymoon. Cathy knew she had won at last, for she had Charles under her thumb since he did not want Adam to know about the affair. Charles knew that he would lose his brother forever if he were ever to discover the truth. I can't say that Charles is a character that I truly like. But he is a character that I am fascinated with. I also believe that Charles is definitely the father of Caleb. The novel frequently passes along hints that Charles is Caleb's father. I'm not sure about Aron. His father could possibly be Adam.

Maggie James Lee really shone out to me and is my favourite character. Mostly to do with his loyalty and wisdom, but also he seemed more richly drawn than the other characters. The details about his queue, his ability to speak English, his tragic family history...all these things served to make him a more rounded character.

message 9: by [deleted user] (new)

Lee, Kate, Sam and Cal.

Brittany There are so many great characters but I have to agree with Lee and Kate.

message 11: by [deleted user] (new)

Oh and I agree. Kate is one of the best villains I've ever seen in a book.

message 12: by Jay (new) - rated it 4 stars

Jay Cardam Kate, wonderful villain. Next would be Cal, next the father.

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