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message 1: by Loretta (new)

Loretta Lawrence (lorettalawrence) | 16 comments Mod
Hi everyone! Welcome! I'm glad you joined. Just tell us a little bit about yourself here. You could share your name, where you are from, how old you are, your favorite book and why you love reading!

message 2: by Sam (new)

Sam (semanthia) | 12 comments Hi my name is Samantha but you can call me Sam if you want. I'm 17 yrs old and I love reading because it's fun and good for the soul!!!! :D

message 3: by Kelly (new)

Kelly Hull (kellyvan) | 1 comments Hello everyone, hey Loretta!

I'm Kelly, just turned 34. I love, love, love reading and that's probably why I'm trying to be an author :) I've got one book out now and just finishing up the second. My favorite book of all time is Looking for Alaska by John Greene.

message 4: by Elizabeth (new)

Elizabeth (hitchhikerbooks) Hi, I'm Elizabeth and I'm 23. I have to second Anika on having too many favourite books! I tend to lean more towards sci-fi/fantasy. I tend to only read contemporary YA when Deb Caletti (who for some reason NO ONE HAS HEARD OF) or Sarah Dessen has written the book (of course there are exceptions to that).

Kat - I'm impressed Kira Kira is your favourite book! It's an unusual choice (but a great read)

message 5: by Elizabeth (new)

Elizabeth (hitchhikerbooks) P.s.

Congrats on writing Kelly! I've never been able to complete ANYTHING so it's pretty awesome you've got a book out!

P.p.s. Whoever made the banner for this group (Loretta?) did a fantastic job because...no explanation needed, just look at that banner!

message 6: by Loretta (new)

Loretta Lawrence (lorettalawrence) | 16 comments Mod
Hey Guys! Thank you soooo much for joining. LOL. I thought I was gonna have to talk to myself here! I'm really glad you took the time to join, so i'm gonna do my best to make this the best group ever!

message 7: by Trinity (new)

Trinity Hi everyone, Im Trinity and I am 13 years old =)
My favorite color is blue and my absolute favorite thing to do is Read and Write =D

message 8: by A.C. (new)

A.C. Kavich (ackavich) Hi everyone! I'm AC Kavich, a writer of YA fiction. Happy to be here!

The Twilight Swimmer

message 9: by Alex (new)

Alex Harrpin (AlexHarr) | 1 comments Hello. My name is Alexandra and I'm 14 years old. I come from Kavala, Greece. I just found this amazing site na dI'm really happy to see other people like reading as I do. By the way, my favourite book is Mockinjay by Suzanne Collins.

message 10: by Elizabeth (new)

Elizabeth (hitchhikerbooks) AC - That's so awesome that you've published a book!

Alex - Interesting that you pick Mockingjay from the series, most people wouldn't do that! (Although I'm with you - I thought the ending was fantastic!)

message 11: by Elizabeth (last edited Sep 29, 2013 06:54PM) (new)

Elizabeth (hitchhikerbooks) I don't want to spam you guys with self promotion on my blog, but I thought some of you might be interested in a giveaway I'm doing for The Evolution of Mara Dyer (which is the second book in the trilogy). And if you haven't read this series yet, it starts with The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer and it seriously one of the craziest, scariest, most awesome things I've read!

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