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Benji Glaab So I just watched Fight Club the other night {seen many times} and realized how awesome the book was. I was looking for some advice by fellow good readers where to start personal favorites, books to steer clear of etc.

I would sincerely appreciate your opinions.

Michael pygmy IMO. but beware for the grammar

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Survivor, Lullaby, Rant, Damned, Invisible Monsters

Daren Pygmy and snuff are terrible to be honest... the short stories in Haunted are good but the connecting story is aweful. youre pretty good with any other choice.

I'd go Invisible Monsters, Choke and Survivor.

Ryan Morris Palahniuk readers (and fans) are always split when deciding on his "best" books. For every reader who loved Pygmy or Rant there's one who didn't.
Personally, I feel his writing has gotten worse (much more gimmicky) over the years but I'll still count his early stuff as some of my favorite books ever.
For what it's worth though, my favorites are: Fight Club, Survivor, Lullaby and Pygmy.
Least favorites would be: Snuff and Haunted (maybe the worst book I've EVER read)

Jason Donnelly Read everything up until Haunted (and only read Haunted as a short story book, not a linked story book). :-)

Scott I liked Diary a lot.

Benji Glaab I would but it does sound hit and miss. I think I'll go invisible monsters.

Annalisa Crawford I liked Diary and Invisible Monsters, although I re-read Diary more often.

Meran Rant. I'm waiting for the sequel ;)

Zachary G. Augustine Fight Club, Invisible Monsters, Survivor.

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