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What would you do if you found out that you were a shadowhunter?
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What would you do if you found out if you were a shadow hunter?

I would be like "Cool, thanks for telling me.....bye!"

after a while I might get used to the idea...

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I would forget training and find myself a Jace.

I'd go kick some arse, then make a sarcastic comment!

U 25x33
Abbie YESS!!
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I would lock myself in my room and cry about the fact that I couldnèt just be normal like everybody else. And that is exactly the reason why I am not a shadowhunter. I would be the worst main character for a book because I would be too shy or afraid to go places. You certainly would not find me in any Hotel Dumont or remotely supernatural place. :( I am not very adventurous at heart...

i would say... "ok why wasn't i told sooner? why didn't you tell me this when i was young so i could start training?" then i would probably end with "ok so when do we start actually killing demons lets get to the fun stuff already?"

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I would forget training and find myself a Jace.

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Or maybe I could get Jace to train me.

I would probably say, "Whoa. Dude. That's cool. Also kinda weird. But I kinda like the idea." Then I'd probably be thinking, 'what now?'

Primero: asimilarlo.
Segundo: buscarme a un Jace.
Y se acabó, hasta ahí llegarían mis aventuras.

I'd probaly freek out at first then I'd think it was supper cool

Dude, I'd be looking around for Jace.

Make myself pretty for all the hot boy shadowhunters I'd meet :)

find the portal and leave for Idrys(shadow-hunter homeland) to train.

I'll try to be the best shadowhunter ever and I'll seduce Jace. HAHA

i would probably start laughing and jumping up and down while saying something like "i knew i t was real!!! i knew it!!!!!"

Mairead They're both awesome. I'll have either of them!!! ...more
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I'd be like,"Ooohh...That's great! but can I be a witch instead?"

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