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Where all the Servants stay, and sleep. The Maids Quarters are on the Right, and the Butlers Quarters are on the Left.

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Woodsong walked towards the maids quarters and knocked on the door.

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A girl with curly brown hair, opened the door stepping outside. There were a few giggles from inside the room. Genevieve smiled at the visitor. "Yes?" She said politely, after she curtsied.

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"I'm looking for the one called Genevieve." Woodsong said after bowing in reply.

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"I'm Genevieve. I recall that you were with the Princess when she arrived?" Genevieve replied.

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"I was." Woodsong replied looking at her.

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Genevieve nodded. "Is there anything I can do for you?" She asked, looking back at him.

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"Yes the princess requested your presence." He said smiling.

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Genevieve nodded, returning the smoke. "Alright." She said as she started to walk with him.

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"I'm Woodsong by the way." Woodsong said looking over at her.

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"Pleasent name. Where do you hail from exactly?" Genevieve asked looking over at him.

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"I really don't know." Woodsong admitted.

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"Really? That's interesting." Genevieve said. She stopped speaking trying to be polite.

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"Is it?" He asked her. "But I'm more interested in you." Woodsong said.

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"Me? There's nothing to be interested in, really. What would you like to know?" Genevieveasked, as she turned taking the longer way so they could talk.

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"Well for starters I want to know where you hail from." Woodsong said.

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"I've lived in Gondor my entire life. I started as a maid here when I was only 6 years old. I'm very excellent at cooking, cleaning, and well being a maid. I enjoy it, actually." Genevieve explained.

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"Honestly I never could I can't stay in one place at the same time." Woodsong said looking at her with a smile.

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"I wish I could travel. It would be quite an adventure as I have only visited Rohan. Oh how I wish to travel.." Genevieve said smiling back.

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"It's a nice lifestyle." He agreed. "Though most of the time you end up getting lost and then meeting a dragon." Woodsong said laughing a bit.

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Genevieve laughed. "Your quite funny, Woodsong." She said grinning, amusement in her eyes.

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"Thank you so much." He said playfully hitting her on the arm.

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Genevieve laughed. She had a twinkle in her eye, her brown curls swinging as she walked.

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Woodsong smiled warmly at her. "I have an interesting life more or less."

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"Well, you've heard about me. How about I hear about you?" Genevieve said, her eyes pleading to tell her, a smile playing upon her lips.

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"Fine but I can't tell you much about my childhood I lost my memory at five and the last thing I do remember we're my parents being burned alive the skin turning black and charged like a log in a fire and skin falling off them." Woodsong said giving an involuntary shudder calming himself down after a bit.

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Genevieve stopped dead in her tracks. A shiver went up her spine. "My parents were murdered cold blood in front of me. When I was six i came here so I could earn some money and actually live." Genevieve said softly, her words tasting bitter.

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"Well that's something we share than." Woodsong said walking back over to her.

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Genevieve nodded and kept walking with him. "So, before you seemed sad. Why? What's the matter with you? And why does the princess need me again?" She asked trying to change the subject.

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"No reason to change the subject and the reason I'm sad well actually depressed I have sever bouts of depression sometimes, I've ended up trying to kill myself since I was ten maybe something like that. I've died three times I believe not a pleasant experience." Woodsong said walking along side her.

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"Oh wow... That's very sad. Do you have anybody?" Genevieve asked.

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"Yes I do but despite what others tell me I think she's dead." Woodsong said looking across at her.

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"Who is it? I might know her." Genevieve said a worried look on her face.

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"Her name is Anne Chase." Woodsong said softly

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"Ah, yes. I've heard of her, never key the lass." She said.

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Woodsong smiled a bit then asked. "Just curious why did you ask?"

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"You seem... Lonely. And it sounds like it too." Genevieve nodded.

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"I am I always have been." He said nodding.

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"I'm sorry. If you ever need so done to talk to, I'm here." Genevieve said giving him a reassuring smile.

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Woodsong smiled reaching the room where the princess was resting. "Well it was nice talking."

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"Yeah, I guess it was." Genevieve said, smiling softly. She walked into the room.

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Woodsong nodded and turned off the other way.

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Genevieve grabbed his hand. "Wait, I hate being alone with the princess. I know Legolas is in there, but... I guess I'm nervous. Please?" She pleaded.

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"Of course." Woodsong replied smiling happy he wouldn't be separated from her. Woodsong liked talking to her.

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Genevieve smiled with relief. "Thanks," she whispered before letting go of his hand and walking into the room.

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Woodsong nodded and walked into the room with her.

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