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Dee sat on the edge of the cliff. Her legs dangled over. Swaying to her humming. She felt the wind on her back, and wonder what would happen if she fell.
You would live... Like always.
She sighed.

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She slowly stood up. Her white dress swirled around her, and the wind whipped her ebony hair around her face.
"Time to fly..." she mumbled.

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Dee turned and started to head back towards the house.
"Maybe flying is for tomorrow..."

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Patrick and Dee walked out towards the cliffs Patrick looked across at her. "Well were here." He said his voice still icy as he remembered his his childhood.

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Dee walked away from Pat, and flopped down on the edge. She loved the way she felt in dangerous spots. They made her feel normal.
"You don't have to be mean." She said in an equally icy voice.
"I just didnt want you to think my life was one worth having. everyone i liked died..." she thought of the nameless Fisherman, and her heart ached for his friendly face once more.

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"I'm sorry you reminded me of my childhood." Patrick said sighing at looking at her. It went something like." "My mother she died when I was seven and my father very abusive cutting, beating, and well sexual abuse also." He said sighing and taking another drink. "But after awhile I tried to kill myself and he brought me to the hospital and they saved me and then well after I got out he locked me in a room for five days without food or water and I got a letter from Miss Peregrine and I ran the hell away." Patrick said

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Dee nodded.
"I understand." She looked over the expanse of water and sighed.
"Come and sit. The sun is about to set, and we can both dwell on our emotional scarring back stories." She said with a hint of sarcasm.
"And i might actually take you up on that offer of alcohol." She turned her head to look at him and awaited his answer

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"Okay then." Patrick said walking up and sitting next to her and taking out his flask, now taking out a glass and pouring her some. And then looked at her.

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She took the glass and mumbled a thanks, then looked out at her cliff.
"When i first threw myself of this cliff, i had just found out that my Fisherman was killed. I had been so devastated, that as i fell i cried for the first time since i was seven. When i woke up, i couldnt open my eyes because they hurt like hell. When i went back to the house, Miss P said i looked different. I didnt know what she meant until one of the other kids said my eyes were grayer then the clouds..." She glanced at Patrick to make sure he wasn't bored with her story.

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Patrick looked at her with interest. "Now I understand." He said nodding his head and taking a drink.

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Dee basked in the fading sunlite.
"Isn't beautiful?" She whispered, loving the sun more and more each night.

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"It is, it really is." He said looking at the dying sun.

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Dee stood up, and moved closer to the edge.
"I also love how the water reflects the suns dying rays..." Her shoulders slumped.
Why does everything get to die but me? Am I destined to live forever? All alone.. Except I will always have the sun, moon, stars, and this cliff.

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Patrick looked at her. "Are you alright?" He asked looking over at the dead sky again.

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Deirdre nodded absentmindedly.
"Un-hmm" she mumbled. She looked downwards at the water.
Maybe I'm just cursed. Yeah. that's it. Cursed to live while everyone i care about dies. An all I can do is keep falling off this damn cliff... She moved closer to the edge. Her toes almost hung over. Her shoes had gotten 'lost' on the walk to the bog.

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Patrick looked at her with interest then sighed looking down. "You remind me a lot of my mother." He said

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Dee heard Patrick say something, but her ears didnt register what. She was so close to the edge. Close enough to dive in and snap her neck. Instant death.
"What would you do if i jumped?" She mumbled over her shoulder.

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"I'd stay here and wait why do you ask?" Patrick inquired looking his flask and then down the cliff.

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Deirdre sighed.
"I might not come back looking or acting like this... I could just leave you... And you might think i was gone. Forever." She mumbled. "How would that feel?" She thought off all of the children at the house who would just say, I wouldn't care. Your a freak among freaks.

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"Well can tell you this I'd be very sad I can't handle much more loss in my life." Patrick said sincerely, while looking at her.

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Dee stood with one foot over the edge. She froze.
"Really?" She asked. The disbelief filled her question.
Hope was trying to squirm it's little hands onto her heart. She turned her head so she could look at him sidelong. She couldn't face him yet.

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notyourfriend (amemori) | 142 comments Katie ran up to the cliff's edge. She was finally in the dark. She relaxed, curling up in a ball, not worried about the length of a fall down would be.

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"Yes really, I would miss you dearly and everyday I'll still wonder where you've gone." Patrick said his voice still holding it sincere tone.

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Dee looked at him fully.
"Really?" She let hope claw its way through her heart, and nest there. it still had to grow, but it was there.

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"Yes of course I would miss you and this moment for that matter." Patrick said standing up and looking at her.

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Dee felt at a loss for words. She just looked at him. Dumbstruck.
"Why? Why would you miss me? You don't even know me that well." She hadn't told him how she came tom the house, or how she had gotten lost and found another peculiar living in Japan. Deirdre wanted to trust him, but, ashamed to say that she didn't. Not completely.

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"Well I'll tell you, it's because I can trust you entirely and I do you seem so familiar to me like I've know you before some way or somehow and I love you." Patrick said softly while stepping away from the cliff.

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Deirdre looked at him. She really looked at him. And hated what she saw. She may as well have looked into a mirror. She saw pain that won't go away, and she saw that he needed someone. She looked at him and blinked a few times. She then stepped forward and hugged him.
"Amber. My eyes were amber before. I remember now because my Fisherman said they looked like the liquor he had drank the day before. He always called me Amber..." She mumbled into his ear.

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notyourfriend (amemori) | 142 comments Katie fell asleep by the edge, content and purring softly. She barely noticed two other people there. Nor did she care.

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"Thank you for telling me." Patrick whispered back while hugging her and smiled a bit before it faded.

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She felt her eyes well up.
"Nooneseverbeenthisnicetome" she mumbled.

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"Well than that makes two of us." He said closing his eyes.

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Dee smiled and started to sway with the wind.
"Patrick you are the second nicest person in the world... that i have met."

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"And you are the nicest person I have met." He replied looking at her.

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Dee smiled.
"Thank you..." She pulled away from the hug and turned to look at the water again. But this time she didnt stand near the edge.

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Patrick took notice and smiled to himself and looked around.

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Dee yawned.
"I hate the day... Everything is bright and cheery, and people think, 'Hey, im going to be the happiest person alive, and make everyone feel just as happy as i am!'But what they dont know is some people just cant be happy." she sighed.

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"That's true." He said nodding his head and looking at her.

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((srry gtg and make my lunch.continue tomorrow??))

Dee started to humm. It was a tune her Fisherman had taught her.

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"As I roved by the dockside one evening so rare,
To view the still waters and take the salt air,
I heard an old fisherman singing this song:
"Oh, take me away, boys, my time is not long.

"Dress me up in my oilskins and jumper,
No more on the docks I'll be seen;
Just tell my old shipmates I'm taking a trip, mates,
And I'll see you someday in Fiddler's Green."

Patrick sang softly to himself.

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Emma came running towards the people at the cliff "You have to get back to the house right now, Wights are coming. They are close Kenneth told us, which can only mean danger" She said, quickly trying to catch her breath.

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Kenneth came walking towards the cliff, he had come here many times ready to jump and end his internal war. "Wights are coming" He said, in his raspy ghost like voice. He had to warn everyone before it was to late.

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notyourfriend (amemori) | 142 comments Katie stirred from her sleep and turned back into a human. "What? Did I miss something?" She looked around confused.

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"Wights are coming" Kenneth said to Katie, getting more frantic. Warn them, if they die it will be on your hands The voice that haunted him said, causing the little boy to grow more frightened. I tried to warn her He thought back to the frightening voice.

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notyourfriend (amemori) | 142 comments Katie stood. "Oh...ok..." She looked at him sideways. "Are you ok?"

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Kenneth gave her a look before walking off, he had more people to warn. He headed back to the home.

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notyourfriend (amemori) | 142 comments Katie shrugged. "Guess he's a quiet one..." She headed back to the girl's dorm.

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((this is to continue my rping with john. did you find that online, or did you write it urself???))

Dee smiled.
"He always sang that to me when i feel asleep... Most people though it was weird, but it calmed me down... He said it was a very popular song down at the bar." Dee thought of one of the night's when he had come home dead drunk. He didnt remember anything from that night the next day.

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"It probably was." Patrick said nodding. "Was he drunk?" He asked looking at her with a small frown.

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