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message 1: by Xiaomin, Annabeth (new)

Xiaomin | 63 comments Mod
Tell me which one you like best.

message 2: by Whitney (new)

Whitney | 1 comments Posideon, Athena knows what she is doing, but is touch and go with her kids, while p. keeps up with all of them and helps them all in different ways, and is fine with letting them make mistakes and learn, unlike Athena who sometimes tries to stop thingsnthat aren't problems *cough percabeth

message 3: by Annabeth (new)

Annabeth Chase | 18 comments I'd say Athena because shes a good mom even she can be...different sometimes

message 4: by Xiaomin, Annabeth (new)

Xiaomin | 63 comments Mod
Poseidon.Because i'm more of a water type and because Athena can be mean sometimes.

message 5: by Duha (new)

Duha shokerat (duhadavid) | 4 comments Poseidon. i though he was the most understanding of the heroes and not so arrogant as Athena

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