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Paranormal books are rarely made into good movies

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A I think paranormal books are hardly ever made into good movies, they all seem sort of low budget and they change a lot of things to make it more exciting, but it never ends up being more exciting.

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Yeah, I agree with you there. But in the producer's defence is it hard to get the right effects and make it happen like the book.

I thought The City of Bones was really good and an awesome take on the book :)

Veronica I think paranormal books should not be made into movies at all. They are low budget and cheesy with the wrong cast. It is sad that once the movie is a flop, the bad luck extends over to the book which may have been very good. Besides other than the readers no one would find such movies amusing because they are not original.
As for City of bones movie, the guy playing Jace somehow did not live up to the character.

@Megan: I agree that special effects are difficult to adapt to screens.

I also agree there are very good films with the best special effects and graphics but most of them are not based on books, let alone paranormal.

Megan I agree, for some reason paranormal books just never make very good movis. The books are amazing, but when they decide to make a movie all of the great things that defined the book just suddenly dissapear. They should just leave them as books and forget movies.

Onome Etisioro I completely agree. They end up being completely irritating and you‘d wish you‘d died after you‘re through (if you ever make it through).

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For some reason when books in general get turned into movies it doesn't turn out too well, which sucks. The actors tend to disappoint and scenes get changed. Many times it's just disappointing.

Sydney Jenkinson I always thought they were really good. Maybe they dont always go by the book but the show/movies turn out really good. The Secret Circle, The Vampire Diaries, Harry Potter, THe Mortal instruments was good.

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