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SOLVED: Adult Fiction > Woman spanked for wearing panties [s]

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Crazy_smiler | 12 comments A long time ago when I spent the night at my grandmothers I couldn't sleep so I picked up one of the books she had in the headboard. Frequently after I read what I could when I slept over. I more just read bits and pieces. I don't know what this book is called and my grandma is long gone as well as her possessions do I have no hope of finding it there.

The book I believe is about Victorian women. The prologue I believe is the part that goes on about this young teenager getting an abortion. I was young and didn't know a lot of what I was reading. As well there was this husband and wife and he insisted his wife was not to wear underwear, though she preferred to. Going home from a party (I think) he was feeling randy and when he puts his hand up her skirt he discovered that she is wearing panties. He is furious and demands that the carriage be pulled over, then he puts his wife over his knee and spanks her.

I know it sounds messed up, but I can't help bit want to actually read this entire novel now. I'm too curious. If anyone knows of this book that would be wonderful.

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Tab (tabbrown) | 4885 comments How long ago was a "long time ago?"
Was this a romance? It sounds pretty racy.
Do you remember anything about the cover?

Crazy_smiler | 12 comments Sadly no I don't recall anything about the cover. I'd say I read it in the 90's.

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Marion | 6 comments How sure are you about the Victorian setting? Otherwise, it sounds like you're describing Lace


Crazy_smiler | 12 comments OMG Lace sounds familiar. I will go and check it out immediately. I think that is it.

Crazy_smiler | 12 comments Took me a bit to find an online version I could read. First sentence, YEP that's it. I thought so the moment I read that. When I seen the cover and read how modern it was I was not so sure, but that is 100% the book. Thanks a ton Marion!!!!

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