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What do you want to do? I'd like to do a high-school romance...

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Sure! Could I be the girl?

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Errr, I'm so not good at doing boys!!!!! Can we make it girl/boy?

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Right I'm making my character:

Ben Whitney

Age: 25

Black hair, black eyes, thin, muscular, tall, ( every girl likes him but he only likes his sister, Grace )

easy-going, smart, charming, kind, caring, you get the idea...


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Should my girl be the student!!

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Yep, that was my idea actually...

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Name: Madilyn Grey

Age: 17


Personality: Shy, Sweet, Caring. She gets super nervous if she's called on in class

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nice, do you want to start? you can go first...

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Kaitlyn walked to her locker and she silently grabbed her binder and textbook. She walked to her class with her head down and sat down at her desk

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Ben Whitney looked up from his desk. He waited until more people came and then started teaching them...

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(( how about, girl loves teacher at the start and then they just fall in love together?))

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Madilyn silently wrote down notes on a sheet of paper

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Ben then took a bottle of liquid mixture from his desk and asked a few questions to the class...

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She looked at her teacher

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Ben added something to the bottle and it immediately, frothy stuff came out...

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She took notes on the reaction

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(( skip to after class? ))

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'Class dismissed'

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Madilyn stood up and she packed up her things

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Ben returned to his desk and sat down looking at Madilyn.

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Madilyn looked at her teacher and she picked up her binder

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The teacher sighed and looked down at his books turning the page carefully...

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She silently walked out of the classroom

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(( what now ))

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((I dunno))

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((You there?))

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((Umm. Next day in class?))

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Madilyn walked into class and she pulled out her homework.

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