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message 1: by Cate (new)

Cate (catesbooknuthut) | 4 comments I'm hoping it's OK to post this here....
I am the wife of an Active Duty US Soldier, and I have recently become aware of the lesser known effects of the budget cuts, and how they are impacting our Veterans; by Veterans I mean those people who have served our country, or are the Gold Star Parents of those who have given the ultimate sacrifice on the field of combat.

As the homes these Veterans live in are having to find more ways to make the money they have available stretch to cover more immediate services for their residents, items such as books are being placed low down on their priority list. Because of this, reading materials available to them are becoming scare, and those they have on hand have been read several times over. Many are unable, for one reason or another, to use an e-reader or be able to afford one which means the pleasure they derive from the written word is being eroded.

I am currently in contact with two Veterans Homes in my current state of residence, Washington, with the intent of donating hard copies of books to their shrinking libraries, and give something back to those who have given so much to us. To this end I am reaching out to Authors to donate a copy of their latest novel, as a hard copy, which can then be passed on to these Veterans. My aim is to have enough books to take to the Homes by the time Christmas comes around.

As an incentive to Authors to participate in this project, any Authors that decide to donate a hard copy of their work will receive priority reviews on that book before it is passed on, and these will appear not only on my blog,, but also across all other social media venues where the book is to be found.

I already have several Authors who have generously donated hard copies of their books to the cause, so if you are an Author, and would like to be a part of this project, please contact me via the web site above to get the ball rolling.

Authors that are already participating in this project are:

Lex Allen ~ Author of “The Imagine Trilogy”

Peggy Rothschild ~ Author of “Clementine’s Shadow”

Stephanie Baumgartner ~Author of the “Sophia’s War” series

Wendi Bear ~ Author of “It’s not my fault. Self Discovery & Admission.”

Roland Nuñez ~ Author of the “Halls of Ivy” series

Mary Fonvielle ~ Author of “Children of Fire”

Carol O’Connell ~ Author of the “Kathleen Mallory” series

H.M. Cooper ~ Author of “Daughters of the Teardrop Sea”

Thank you for your time.


message 2: by Cate (new)

Cate (catesbooknuthut) | 4 comments So excited, three more Authors have joined the "Big Heart Project"

Robert Bruce Stewart ~ Author of "The Harry Reese Mysteries"

Paul E. Horsman ~ Author of "The Shadow of the Revenaunt" series and "The Shardfall Saga"

Peggy Holloway ~ Author of the "Judy McCain" and "3037" series

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