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What angel would you recommend?

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message 1: by Midian (new)

Midian Sosa (mkarinasosa) | 12 comments Any movies, books, stories/songs you would like to recommend to your GoodReads friends?

What's your favorite angel movie? Why?

message 2: by Debra (new)

Debra Anastasia (debraanastasia) | 4 comments Mod
I loved the Nicholas Cage Meg Ryan one from a million tears ago. I forget the name!

message 3: by Midian (new)

Midian Sosa (mkarinasosa) | 12 comments The name is City of Angels. I detested that movie. C'mon, who the hell, in a sane state of mind, would ride a bike with her eyes closed? C'mon, she was just asking to be turned into a bike pretzel. Lol. I'm going to hell.

message 4: by Debra (new)

Debra Anastasia (debraanastasia) | 4 comments Mod
The ending sucked Godzilla's salty nuts but the SONG. Sigh. Maybe i just like that song.

message 5: by Dk (last edited Aug 29, 2013 05:16PM) (new)

Dk Readblogger | 10 comments I am one who will turn away from a movie that was rated the best movie in the history of the world if I'm told it has a sad ending. I can't stand heartache (I've had enough in real life) but for some reason, that is one movie that I can watch over and over and over (and cry and cry and cry). I think, just like I mentioned in one of the earlier angel posts, it's because this angel gave up EVERYTHING - his whole existence - for her. He'd been around since the beginning of time. He'd obviously seen BILLIONS AND BILLIONS of people, and yet, this one little insignificant (in the great scheme of things at least) woman won his heart and he gave it all up for her. Who wouldn't want that?!?!?! Yes, it sucked that she died the next day, but how often in life does that really happen? This song is even proof: Ironic

I'll tell you an angel movie I *HATED*:
Michael with John Travolta...I just couldn't stand him lol

message 6: by Debra (new)

Debra Anastasia (debraanastasia) | 4 comments Mod
BILLIONS. awwww. That's a special girl, right.

message 7: by Nicki (new)

Nicki Elson (nicki_elson) | 19 comments Mod
Oh good, now I don't feel bad for not having seen City of Angels yet. I don't watch anything that I KNOW is going to make me cry.

An angel movie that keeps getting recommended to me is The Bishop's Wife with Cary Grant (old-timey reaow). Have any of you seen it?

message 8: by Midian (new)

Midian Sosa (mkarinasosa) | 12 comments I've never cried watching a movie or reading a book, I'm not sure what that says about me but I've never been able to. And don't get me wrong, I'm affected by those super sad movies and books, but the tears won't come out, in fact, I don't see the connection between tears and emotions lol.

I've not seen that one Nicki, but I just might :)

I have next week out of work because I have some tests to run but I'll be reading like it's the end of the world :P

I think I enjoyed the movies Gabriel and Legion so much is because I like all things badass lol

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