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Hey!!!!sorry had lunch um, I usually like romances, supernatural stuff and son on.

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Sure, um are you good with playing the guy or do you want doubles or something????

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U there?

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No problem so u wanna make ur character now?

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The last one sounds interesting!!! XD

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Sure! Um I'll make my charrie now:)

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Name: Rachel Sanchez
Age: 17
Personality: A bit shy at first, but the more you get to know her the nicer and funnier she'll be. Is a straight a student and doesn't like drinking and smoking(goody two shoes))
Appearance: Is 5'7 with a slender build. Has wavy dark brown hair that reaches her shoulder. Has a pale complexion with icy green eyes. Is considered beautiful by many but she doesnt really see it.

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Rachel stepped out of her dads car and waved goodbye to him. She looked up at the large highschool feeling butterflies growing in her stomach. She held her bag and walked into the doors, while being greeted with students bustling around everywhere and the smell of gym socks. She looked at the map given to her and headed forward looking for her locker.

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Rachel, with the luck she had jumped a little and dropped her map. She bent down to pick it up blushing
"Uh, no I'm fine" she muttered looking down and hurrying away. Why me she thought to herself.

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Rachel swallowed, she looked up him. He was so hot she thought. She looked around and saw a teacher coming down the hall staring at them skeptically. Rachel looked from the teacher to him trying desperatley to give him the warning sign. Her first day and already the teachers proabably had a bad impression about her
She looked up at him
"Honestly, I don't need help, I'm fine" she told him still glancing at the teacher who was starting to advance towards them.

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"History" she mumbled. She tried walking a little faster then him she added
"I know where my room is" she told him gently
"But thanks for the help anyway" she smiled at him sweetly, he was trying to be nice afterall

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"Rachel" she called back grinning
"Your?" she asked waiting in front of her classroom door.

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Somehow Rachel survived through the class, even though by now she was bored out of her mind. Most of the kids there were nice, and took her in well. Except for the teacher who was the one who saw her and corey by the lockers. She worked hard at not meeting her stone hard gaze, and was thrilled when the bell rang signaling the end of history and the starting of chemistry.

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Rachel shrugged his arms of her but continued walking beside him
"Chemistry" she replied. The guy was cute, but her dad had been serious when he said no dating and plus she barley knew him yet.

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Rachel gently disembroiled his hand from her waist just as they entered the classroom. She took a seat by the window, and couldn't help smile.he just doesn't give up does he? she thought to herself.

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Rachel gave a small smile
"Red" she replied
"Yours" she asked placing her textbooks on her desk.

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She looked up at him
"No, I'm a lonely child" she told him
Just then the teacher came in and ordered everyone to find parteners. Seeing Corey right there she turned to face him
"Partners?" she asked a small smile tugging at her lips.

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(gtg bye:)))

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Rachel smiled and got up to go get the supplies from the back of the room. There task was simple enough for her, as she was an honor student right from middle school. She came back and neatly placed the objects on the desk. She started by creating the base of the chemical, she glanced up at Corey and decided to make small talk.
" so, how long have you been at this school?" She asked.

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Rachel grinned, she could tell he was popular around here. She finished up with the chemical substance and sat back on her stool
" I went to a private school in California, but I was born in Canada" she told him.

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She laughed at his joke pushed him away playfully
" I have no idea where you got that phrase from, no one says it there" she said still laughing
" why do you say y'all everywhere you go" she joked.

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Rachel nodded, and stayed silent when the teacher came over to inspect there work. The teacher nodded in approval and gave them a pass
( no problem)

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Rachel's cheeks turned a bright red. She looked at the ground
" um, yeah sure" she mumbled. She really liked Corey but didnt think a relationship was good....yet. The bell rang signalling lunch time, so Rachel stood and packed up her stuff, but just before leaving for the sake of it, she returned a quick kiss to Corey's cheek, and quickly exited the room, smiling to herself.

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She looked up at him and couldn't help but chuckle at his urgency
" sure" she said smiling. She untwined her hand from his and placed her books in her locker. It had to be the best first day of school ever she thought to herself.

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Rachel smiled shyly and remembered her dads warning. But Corey seemed nice enough so she agreed to go out with him for lunch.

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Rachel laughed at his nickname
" I'll go anywhere you take me, my Prince Charming " she teased getting into his truck.

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Rachel got out of the truck and slipped her hand through his and walked into the diner. It smelled so good, her stomach started rumbling. Embarrassed she looked down at it and with her other hand she gently placed it over it.

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She laughed
" it is that obvious" she joked
" anyways how would you know....does it come from your past experiences " she said teasingly.

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"I was just teasing you" she said giving him a reassuring kiss on the cheek. She glanced down at her menu, not really recognizing anything familiar at first.

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Rachel quickly scanned the menu and ordered exactly what Corey was having minus the extra fries. She was hungry and really wanted to fill her stomach. She pulled out her phone and sent a quick message to her dad telling him she was fine.

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Rachel smiled. She used to but broke up Him before she arrived here
"No, just chatting with my dad " she told him innocently showing him the message. Just then the food arrived and Rachel's stomach wasbscreaming at her to start eating. So without another word she quickly finished her burger and sat back sipping her drink
" that was good" she sighed enjoying her soda.

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( k goodnight)

Rachel nodded
" extremely protective" she said

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Rachel gave a small laugh and nodded
" hopefully" she said. She glanced at her watch, there lunch break was gonna be over in 10 minutes. She remembered from her schedule she had PE next, so she was pretty excited. She always loved playing sports.
" we better get going" she said standing up and paying some bills.

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She smiled silently at the compliment.
" thank you" she said quietly, walking close to him
" your pretty cute yourself" she added.

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Rachel never knew I guy could be this sweet. Corey was like a guy any girl would fall far. He was funny, good looking, smart and caring. She tinkered with her fingers until they parked up in front of the school.
" thanks for lunch" she said smiling. Before leaving to her next class, she cupped his face in her hands and planted a quick kiss on the corner of his mouth.

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Rachel arched her brow and frowned a little over hearing Corey's friends conversation, she continued walking but made a mental note in her head. She liked Corey, maybe as a really good friend, but nothing more...for now. And she was Definetly not getting in bed with him yet.
She walked

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( k)

Rachel pushed away from him, and picked up her school bag.
" I've got a ride already" she muttered and headed over to her car.

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Rachel bit her lip, balling her fists and pushing on his chest trying to move away.
" I heard you talking with your friends" she told him quietly

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That was it, she pulled roughly away from him, seeing her dad park up.
" I'm not deaf Corey, I know what you want. I thought we could just be friends" she said to him, angrily. She ran towards her car, ignoring the weird look her dad was giving her.

(( I was wondering if it could be like, they leave each other alone, but both of them end up in a relationship and one of our charries gets jealous at the other, I don't really mind which charrie does though...))

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(Sure, but um y would her boyfriend be jealous))
Rachel slammed the car door, shut as they sped of.
" who's the guy" her father asked glancing at her
" a friend" she muttered looking down at her fingers
" uh huh" he said skeptically but stayed silent while they drove home.

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((Opps silly meXd sure!)))

Rachel placed her head in her knees and locked herself n her room, groaning. Out of all the guys she ever met, she needed to get angry at Corey. Her dad walked in telling her some guest were coming and so Rachel got dressed and freshened up reluctantly.

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Rachel walked downstairs in a cute dress and politely met the family. They had a son who was her age and apparently went to her school( he'll be her boyfriend)). She smiled and made small talk with them but her heart wasn't really in it. She was still thinking about Corey.

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Rachel had left her phone upstairs. She spent most of her time chatting with the guy. He was cute and he liked her, but it still wasn't Corey. She sighed realizing she was still thinking about him.

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It was surprising what could happen in 3 hours. Rachel had managed to kiss Cain, agree to go out with him and still keep on thinking about Corey simultaneously. She really didn't want to date him, but she said yes anyway she needed a distraction. When they left she walked upstairs and saw her phone had a voice mail. Her heart skipped a beat when she saw it was Corey. She sighed wondering how he got her number but called him back.

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Rachel sighed staying silent for a bit
"It's fine" she whispered
"You sound sleepy, go to sleep. I'll see you tommorow" she told him quietly.

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Rachel remembered she had told him shed meet with him, but she had a date with Cain at 7

"Uh, sure only for a bit though, I'm kinda busy..." she explained not mentioning her boyfriend.

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Rachel blushed at the comment heat rushing to her cheeks
"Goodnight" she whispered before hanging up and groaning into her pillow.

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Rachel woke up early the next morning and deicided to walk to school. She enjoyed the crisp yet warm autumn air.

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Cain parked in front of the school and ran to catch up with Rachel
"Hey beautiful" he whispered into her ear
Rachel smiled but winced inside, that was what Corey called her. Together they walked into the school. she planted a quick kiss on his cheek and waved goodbye walking over to her locker.

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Rachel quickly untwined their fingers
"We're kinda doing this small dating thing" she whispered quickly grabbing her books and hurrying on to her class

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