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Am I The Only One Disappointed With The Mortal Instruments Movie?
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I love the book and had high expectations for the film and was very excited when I sat down in the cinema to watch the film. From the moment it started I was disappointed but just kept telling myself it will get better...but it didn't. I felt it was rushed in many places and left out some important features and didn't stay true to the book. I know films do change things when being adapted from a book but felt the film changed way too I the only one who didn't like the film??? ALSO AM I THE ONLY ONE THAT WAS DISAPPOINTED THEY NEVER PUT THE FLYING VAMPIRE MOTORCYCLES IN THE FILM?!

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Oh my gosh it was far too cheesy! I'm a huge clace fan but that kiss was so over the top with the music. And they gave away too much. And Jamie Campbell Bower looks like Yzma from the Emperors New Groove.

I was really disappointed. They rushed it way to much and left a lot of important things out. Also I would have liked Jace to be more humorous, just like he is in the books. I felt he was sort of depressed... And they reviled to much in the ending! Things that we don't get to find out in till the third book!

I was really, really disappointed! The whole plot twist was ruined when they tell they are gonna lie and say they are siblings! Plus it is all about love, when Jace is all about kicking ass.

I really enjoyed the movie. I think they did a good job converting it so that people who haven't read the book as well as people who have can enjoy the story. Yes they changed a few thing, so what? I think overall it stayed true to the book, thats what counts.

I was a little disappointed too, but at the same time I couldn't hate it because it's TMI

At first I was a little disappointed in the movie. There were some changes (especially with the ending) that got to me. Then as my husband and I discussed it more and more I realized I loved the movie. If you sit there and compare the book to the movie (which i was doing) you will never be happy with it. Now looking back on the movie for just the movie and ignoring the book (as best as I can) I realize that the movie producers did a good. A few parts felt rushed and a few of the changes in my opinion were irritating, while some of the changes I really enjoyed. Over all I felt it was well done.

As for the casting, at first I didn't think I was going to like the people who were cast. I was most worried about Jamie Campbell Bower playing Jace! Now after seeing the movie I can't picture anyone else filling that role. I think Bower nailed his part and am looking forward to seeing him in many more acting roles in the future.
I kinda wish Magnus Bane's character in the movie resembled that of his character from the book a little more (at least a little more glitter if nothing else)!

Amber forgot to mention earlier. no you are not the only one disappointed about not getting to see the flying motorcycles. My husband and I were really look ...more
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I didnt think the movie was all that. good but just kinda cheesy

I quite liked it, but was disappointed in places too.

I had a debate about this with one of my friends a couple of days ago actually; not comparing it to the books, it's a decent film and the acting and casting are strong. Whereas a film like Twilight stuck very closely to the book and the acting (in my opinion, anyway) was pretty weak. I think I would rather see a film with decent acting which is different to the book, rather than the other way around.

There was a lot of (seemingly needless) changes though.

I was a bit disappointed (as always when books are made into movies) - books are always better!
Anyway, I did miss Simon the rat and we were privy to his turning into a vampire way too early. I also was not keen on the fight scene with Jace and Valentine - not true to the book. And the reveal that Valentine planned to use the "idea" that Clary and Jace are brother and sister to torture them. This was not addressed in the book and I think the audience must believe that they are related so that we share in their angst, instead of being in on the secret. I think this is an important part of the storytelling. (Although when reading, I never really believed that it would turn out that they really were related.) Also, the actor that played Jace almost looked sickly. Not the way I envisioned him and Valentine was a bit of a sexy bad a** - should have kept him in a suit (too distracting!).

no i got dispointed too

this is my review

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