Divergent (Divergent, #1) Divergent question

What do you think of the upcoming DIVERGENT moive??
karola karola Aug 29, 2013 06:49AM
I love the book is one of my fave. I hope the movie turns out amazing just like the book.

I think they did a real good job picking out the characters. They were mostly exactly how I pictured them, except for a few.

I'm not sure i want to watch the movie. I dont want my favorite books be associated with a flop movie, if it indeed flops.

I hope it does too.

i hope they will release a new and better trailer , a good trailer is a good marketing strategy for people to be encouraged to watch the movie , and it will tell what's exciting about it , i hope this will not flops , i love the book , i wish the movie will too

Can't wait either.

I hate that they cut Uriah from the first movie. Don't want to watch. >.<

deleted member Nov 03, 2013 05:01PM   0 votes
I am not excited for it in the least. None of the cast are how I imagined the characters...and it just looks bad. I am not even going to go see it.

I hope it justify the book...the Dauntless headquarters was not the place that I've imagined.

Althought the ferris wheel is a must wait scene :D

So far the trailer looks good, can't wait.

From the trailer, it looks shit.

Four looks a a lot different then I imagined

I am very excited! This was one of my favorite books ever! Only time will tell how the movie turns out, but I don't think Veronica Roth would let the movie stray to far from the book. Despite Uriah not emerging until the second movie, I think this movie will do very well at the least.

deleted member Nov 02, 2013 04:08PM   0 votes
Four is sexy!

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