Inferno (Robert Langdon, #4) Inferno question

Is tis book supposed to enlighten us or warn us about the Earth being overcroweded?
Violeta Violeta Aug 29, 2013 05:21AM
Its amazing how Dan Brown always finds hot subjects to write about although, in my opinion, he is not the best writer ever.

Whatever you think is right to know the theories of Malthus that are still very current!

Over population is the elephant in the room that is avoided by all who espouse climate change. He are overpopulating the earth at a fantastic rate. And you know what happens to species when they produce more offspring than the environment can support...

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I think Inferno is more of a warning about the Earth being overcrowded.

There is no denial that he is a very good writer, and he is one of my favorite authors.

Yes I suppose awarness might be one of the reasons he wrote this. But I remember watching him on The Colbert Report and he said that he wanted to draw readers to The Divine Comedy.
I would hardly call him the best writer ever, but I find that he does manage to create a decent ambiance of suspense.

I read his books for entertainment. He often uses trendy topics as vehicles for his plots. I don't see any deeper meaning in anything he writes.

In my opinion, Brown has taken a very important subject and fashioned an engrossing fiction thriller based on it. Depletion of natural resources due to overpopulation is a very serious issue that no global government has tried to address. Brown in his very own style has touched upon it.

I'm not convinced that most people are aware the degree that our planet's resources are depleting due to overcrowding as well as other issues. It's the elephant in the room that many don't want to contemplate. It could be because we all feel a little helpless. Maybe Dan Brown's books raise awareness for some that couldn't be reached otherwise.


Well.... As far as mathematics is concerned... one sees Malthusian theory in action ... its very simple... arithmetic progression and geometric progression cant keep along.... but maltus actually had forgotten about the drifts created by technological advancement which ultimately fills the gap....

I think he has some really interesting ideas and he weaves a good story around them.
However that's all.
He writes fiction, I think too many people try to read things into his books that simply aren't there.
I honestly don't think Dan Brown is trying to send any messages, he's just writing books and no doubt he hopes people enjoy reading them.

If it makes some people go and read more non fiction and the facts around the world's population then that's a good thing. Educating yourself and learning more is never wasted.

Malthus had only a theory. It is not scientific gospel. World wide population is on a downward trend; even in the third world.

In the Western World, Japan, and China, birth rates are below replacement levels.

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