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Odile | 124 comments Here's the thread for the discussion of our book for September: Sense and Sensibility by Jane Austen.

I have the book now so I'm ready. :) I'm excited even though I already know the plot -I've seen the movie adaptation from 1995 and the TV series adaptation from 2008. The movie adaptation is actually one of my favorite movies. I recommend you to watch it if you haven't already. :)

So, how about you? :) Is the story already familiar to you?

message 2: by Miriam (new)

Miriam (autschi) | 80 comments I have the ebook on my ebook reader, now I only need to remember to charge it before sunday....
Then I can start reading.

I am actually not familiar with the story yet but I will watch the movie eventually and I am really excited to start reading it (I also might look for a audio version on youtube so I can knit while listening to some of the chapters I think...

I am excited to read a classic with people who actually are capable of handeling the language of a classic and are not asking dumb questions all the time....

Deborah O'Carroll (deborahocarroll) | 190 comments Mod
Yay! Thanks for starting it, Odile! :)

I just pulled the book (in its single-volume collection of all the Jane Austen novels) off my shelf and put it on the top of my read-soon stack, so I'm ready too!

I saw the 1995 movie and the TV 1981 series, but both were a looong time ago, so I have only a basic memory of the plot. I do want to rewatch them after I read it though. :)

Sounds like a good idea, Miriam! :D Maybe soon it'll be cool enough out for me to start knitting occasionally... (it's always too hot in the Texas summers to even think about touching yarn! XD)

message 4: by Miriam (new)

Miriam (autschi) | 80 comments I am still a total beginner and should probably learn more stitches and learn to work with a pattern so the pieces of my scarf are roughly the same lenght...
I might experiment on my own scarf and then know what I do when I start knitting presents....

(I wished I had a pretty edition but I never finished the edition of pride and prejudice I bought myself.... so I will read it on ebook first....)

Deborah O'Carroll (deborahocarroll) | 190 comments Mod
I'm a very basic knitter as well, and I only know one or two stitches, and haven't even done much with it for a couple years. I like to say I only knit rectangular things--scarves and bags/purses are really all I've done. XD Crocheting offers more of a variety, but I'm really bad about following patterns, so I don't do much interesting with that either. Sort of like with music, I usually "play by ear". I love knitting but my spare time generally goes to writing these days, so it's not a very active hobby of mine... :-/ Good luck on your scarf and presents! :)

I read P&P as an ebook from Gutenberg originally...

Christine Smith (lauriloth) | 81 comments Yay, an official thread for it! This is going to be super useful because I'm awful at understanding these books myself. It'll help a lot being able to discuss it. I just need to download it to my tablet and I'll be all set as well.

*realizes tomorrow is September*

....Oh. I really need to get on things.

I'm trying to remember if I've ever seen an adaption of Sense and Sensibility. I don't think I have. I've seen like all the other movies/series based of the Jane Austen stories, just not S&S. Lol. So I really don't know what the plot is.

Knitting...wow, I've never done it myself. I can sew a little bit from taking lessons when I was younger but, honestly, I detest sewing. I don't have the patience for it. I'd rather just go buy my clothes. XD I'm terrible, I know. Now crocheting, I wouldn't mind learning to do that.

Wait...Celti. You play by ear? :O Because I'm usually a note follower myself. I can play by ear a wee bit but naturally I follow the notes.

Deborah O'Carroll (deborahocarroll) | 190 comments Mod
*realizes TODAY is September* *dies* I guess I need to start reading sometime... :D (And also finish HHGG. *cough*)

I'm the same about sewing--I just do it to fix stuff when I have to. When I was really little I was part of a "class" of little girls to learn to make a dress, but I feel like the person teaching it did everything for me since I was so little, so I have no memory of how to do it. XD

Yes, I play by ear. I never learned how to read music, and since I sorta taught myself how to play music after a bit of a helping nudge from a friend and my dad, I just never got around to learning to read music. I still feel like I ought to, but . . . y'know.

(I also feel like the discussion is getting sidetracked slightly since we haven't started reading yet, and am tempted to start an "off-topic" thread, but I know that would quickly get wayyy too long. :P)

message 8: by Odile (last edited Sep 01, 2013 10:42AM) (new) - rated it 4 stars

Odile | 124 comments It's the 1st of September -> Time to start reading :)

And to remind everyone -we're reading first 12 chapters this week!

Also, Autschi, are you reading in English or in German? I'm reading in Finnish.

Edit: I got ninja'd by Celti!!
I haven't sew or knit in years. I was never good in them (what is the school subject called in English?) at school. :D And yes, this is a bit offtopic...

message 9: by Miriam (new)

Miriam (autschi) | 80 comments Hihi... my grandma taught me how to sew with a sewing mashine today. I love crafts stuff....

(Also I have not read anything at all today. I was too busy. I will start reading either before bed or tomorrow morning.)

I am reading in english. I feel like it is easier to discuss in english if I read it in english too....

elle ✨ pembcrley (elle_higgs) | 2 comments Hi hi hi!
I was already reading Sense and Sensibility when I was informed that you lovely folks were reading it this month, but I also left it in my dorm, so I suppose that'll even it out :D This is exciting.

Christine Smith (lauriloth) | 81 comments Elle? Elle?! ELLE!!!! Is that you, girl? HELLO. HI. IT'S ELLE. *GLOOOMPS* HOW ARE YOU???

I haven't started reading it yet either. I have a feeling I'm constantly going to be behind because I'm reading other things, too. Hopefully I can keep up though. Maybe I'll read some of it later.

(I just can't believe it's September. Wut.)

message 12: by Deborah (last edited Sep 01, 2013 04:55PM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Deborah O'Carroll (deborahocarroll) | 190 comments Mod
ELLE HI AND WELCOME! :D *joins glomping*

I don't think I'll be starting it today either... I'm very *cough* busy. But I'll definitely get those 12 chapters in this week somehow. :)

(I know, me too, Lauri. And I only read 2 books in August... O_O)

message 13: by Miriam (new)

Miriam (autschi) | 80 comments Okay. I read the first chapter and already am terrible confused. I know we wanted to discuss stuff at the end of the week but who knows how the characters are related and who inherited the house because of whom and why? (And if someone wants you might draw a tiny little chart to help me out?) If no one really knows we might want to discuss that at the end of the week?

Odile | 124 comments Hi Elle! :)

@Autschi: It's confusing, I know. This is how I understood it:

Henry Dashwood inherited Norland Park from his uncle (the one who was left alone when his sister died). Henry Dashwhood had son from a former marriage (John Dashwood), wife and 3 daughters with her (Elinor, Marianne and Margaret). Henry Dashwood, his wife and daughters lived together with Henry's uncle in Norland Park until his death.
Henry Dashwood inherited his uncle under the condition that his son (John) would inherit it from him and then John's son would inherit it.
After Henry died John inherited Norland Park and he moved in with his wife and son.

I hope this helped at least a bit.

elle ✨ pembcrley (elle_higgs) | 2 comments Hi guys!
Let's talk about how I have the same name as one of the main characters, holla.
No let's not really talk about that.
What chapter are we reading to again?

message 16: by Miriam (new)

Miriam (autschi) | 80 comments @Odile: that was really helpful. Everything is a lot clearer now. thank you!

@Elle: We are reading Chapters 1 to 12 this week

Deborah O'Carroll (deborahocarroll) | 190 comments Mod
I started reading it today! *cheers* Three chapters in and finding it delightful. :)
My reaction to the John-and-his-wife discussion: "Oh Fanny, you horrible, horrible person." XD

Odile | 124 comments I finished chapter 12 today.
So far, I really like the book. I love how the characters are described. And the language (even though I'm reading a translation) is wonderful! So much description!

@Celti: Fanny is pretty awful. So selfish and has no empathy at all. And John apparently can't do anything against her will.

message 19: by Miriam (last edited Sep 04, 2013 11:05AM) (new)

Miriam (autschi) | 80 comments Okay. I only got up to chapter five so far but I have some thoughts on everything so I will now post a (probably rather lengthy) rant, while I am hunted by diffrent wasps...

Okay chapter one:
(view spoiler)

Okay: Fanny and John

(view spoiler)

Okay then the rest of the characters because you don't learn that much about them....

(view spoiler)

I could probably say something about chapter 3 and 4 too but I don't have much to say except:

(view spoiler)

I hope any of this made sense and is interesting or gives anyone anything to think about and you should feel free to add questions or ask questions of your own or add quotes if they prove something...

(I guess it is kind of obvious that I love ready classics if I do it in a group?)

Odile | 124 comments @Autschi:

Fanny and John
(view spoiler)

Odile | 124 comments It's been a week now so how is your reading going on?

I already shared my view on Fanny and John but I could say something about Elinor, Marianne and Margaret too.
(view spoiler)

Christine Smith (lauriloth) | 81 comments So, I quite literally did not start reading until last night and am only 6 chapters in, but the chapters are so short it will take no time to catch up. I just feel bad I waited so long, whoops. Sorry, guys!

The rest of this post will be spoilers for up to chapter 6, I'm not bothering with spoiler tags, though I probably should. :x Would you guys rather we always use spoiler tags?

For the first chapter I was kind of overwhelmed and unsure if I could stick with a book like this, but after the info dump (as Autschi pointed out) it has been quite enjoyable. I very much enjoyed reading it once I was past the first chapter and finally beginning to grasp what was going on. I think I'm going to like this book.

As for Fanny and John, I agree with Odile. Fanny is just extremely greedy and selfish (I think the book even mentioned she was selfish?). In those times a person's status was entirely made up of their money situation. She is so caught up in having a high status she cannot bear getting rid of any of their money. That's how I see it anyway.
With John, I think he's way too easily persuaded. At first he was all excited about giving the daughters that money but the more he talked to his wife, the less enthusiastic he became. I get the impression she kind of has her husband wrapped around her finger. He doesn't seem to have much of a backbone. And is also pretty selfish.

I quite like Elinor. She has a good head on her shoulders and seems to hold her family together.

Marianne is probably my favorite as well. I think she's going to be a fun character. She has a flare for the dramatic and is bit silly in her thinking, and I kind of love characters like that. XD

I really don't know anything about Margaret yet, she hasn't done much at this point.

And EDWARD. I really love him already. He seems so sweet!! He's a favorite also. I hope it works out for him and Elinor. I just know something awful is going to happen between them before the story is done.

I suppose that's all I have to add right now. I'll try to catch up soon. The chapters are so small it takes no time to read them, so hopefully I'll be keeping at pace with you guys soon here.

Deborah O'Carroll (deborahocarroll) | 190 comments Mod
Yay discussion! I'll try to join in presently but I'm a bit behind on the reading. (dear Life: leave me alone, will you? sincerely...)

Plus I'm entirely brain-dead at the moment from reading technical jargon, how-to's, and fine print all day... -_- Reading up on how to do a blog, how to be an ML, and finally figuring out how to transfer my old cassette-tape music to MP3s, all in the same day, was probably not the best idea... :P

All that to say, I hope to get together some thoughts in the next couple days. Some lovely discussion already! :)

message 24: by Miriam (new)

Miriam (autschi) | 80 comments I really need to catch up first because I fell behind. I might be able to do that during the break between english class and religious education.

Deborah O'Carroll (deborahocarroll) | 190 comments Mod
Aaand now my internet's dead--just snatching a minute online because I'm in town. Don't know when it will be back, so I'm not sure when I'll be able to join the discussion...

Odile | 124 comments To remind everyone –we’re reading chapters 13-24 this week! :)

If you don't want to use spoiler tags I think it's fine to just mention that there's going to be spoilers. Also, I don't think spoiler tags are needed when discussing about previous chapters (that presumably everyone has read).

I agree with Lauri, Edward seems very sweet! He is just shy and not good at expressing his feelings.

Celti, I hope you get your internet connection back soon!

Christine Smith (lauriloth) | 81 comments I've read 17 chapters so far so I'm actually sort of keeping up now. Yay!

Guys, I'm like...really enjoying this book. o.O In all honesty I didn't think I would. Classics are sometimes just so hard to read and understand, they're definitely not easy reads, and I've never really liked them. This book does kind of need to be read slow to grasp everything, but now that I've gotten accustomed to the style I'm not really finding it difficult anymore and honest to goodness enjoying it immensely. I guess I haven't given Jane Austen a good enough chance, or just needed to wait until I was a bit older to read her stuff. I'm really glad we chose this one, it's opened up a new world for me. I'm thinking of trying some more of her stuff after this one.

Poor Celti! I hate your internet is down. D: I really, really hope it will work again soon!

So what's everyone's opinion on Willoughby? I think we can all agree he seriously needs to consider going by Will. ;D Although I'm assuming Willoughby is his last name...?

Deborah O'Carroll (deborahocarroll) | 190 comments Mod
My internet is back (YAY!) but I spent all evening yesterday setting up my blog, so I'm still behind on the reading. I'll start reading again today though and hopefully catch up soonish (I feel so naughty...). Sorry! Hope to join in on the discussion again this week...

@Odile: Thanks for the reminder!

@Lauri: I'm so glad you're enjoying it! I am too! ^_^

Odile | 124 comments I finished chapter 24 today.
Don't read the spoiler if you haven't finished it yet.
(view spoiler)

About Willoughby... I agree with Lauri. I will start calling him Will from now on. :D And yes, I'm pretty sure it's actually his last name.

@Celti: You have a blog? I want to read it :D

Btw, I recently made Tumblr. I don't know if any of you use it (at least some point several PEs had Tumblrs?) but if you do I can send you a link to mine.

Deborah O'Carroll (deborahocarroll) | 190 comments Mod
I finished chapter 24 as well! Did all my catching up yesterday. :) Consequently, I don't remember where the break off from last weeks discussion chapters and this weeks are... so anything I say would probably belong to this week... I'm too lazy to figure out spoiler tags so maybe I'll just wait a bit until more people have caught up? I dunno... Maybe I'll get together some thoughts and post them soon. :)

Like Lauri said, I'm so glad we're reading this! I've been enjoying it IMMENSELY! And I'm also looking forward very much to seeing the movies again... It's funny, I had no idea Margaret was a real character, because in the one movie version she wasn't in it, and so I for some reason assumed that the movie version that did have her had just made her up. XD

@Odile: I entirely agree!! There really are some dreadful people. XD
And yes, I just got a blog. It's http://deborahocarroll.wordpress.com if you really want to read it. :P
I'd love to see your Tumblr but our internet is so slow Tumblr never loads well--all the pictures. :( But please give us the link anyway! I can check it sometime I'm at the library or something! :)

Odile | 124 comments This week we're reading chapters 25-36. :)

@Celti: There's a movie version without Margaret? D: I know she is a minor character but still she should be included.
But, yes, that's funny that you thought she wasn't a real character! XD Although kind of logical especially if you saw the version without her first?

I checked your blog and it looks beautiful! :) I'm definitely going read it!

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Christine Smith (lauriloth) | 81 comments Ack. I keep trying to get on here but haven't found the time.

Celti is back! Yay! And haz blog! :D

Okay, if you haven't read up to chapter 24 don't read the spoilers.

(view spoiler)

You got a tumblr, Odile? Funnnnn! Well, I do have one but I kind of stopped using it a few months ago. It's really nice because almost all the old PEs are over there, but our internet does not like tumblr and I spend enough time on the computer as is so I just kind of gave it up. But I'd love a link to yours! I still have mine, it's http://inthetimeofdragons.tumblr.com. Who knows, maybe someday I'll get back to tumbln. ;)

Odile | 124 comments Read spoilers only if you have finished chapter 36.
(view spoiler)

We're reading the rest of the book during this week since we only have a week until October begins. :)

Deborah O'Carroll (deborahocarroll) | 190 comments Mod
Aaah I'm a week behind! *flails* Two of my siblings had birthdays this last week and somehow I just never found time to read any more chapters. (And I still need to write up some thoughts on the rest of the book...) I can't believe September is nearly over! O_O I'll try to catch up shortly so I can read your thoughts, Odile! :D

message 35: by Miriam (new)

Miriam (autschi) | 80 comments @Celtic: I am more behind. I probably will catch up on the last day... I need to get too many things done first...
(therefore I won't read the discussions yet)

I will go now and work and then maybe try to read another chapter but pribably won't succeed...

Deborah O'Carroll (deborahocarroll) | 190 comments Mod
@Autschi: I'm sure you'll catch up soon! :) Keep going!

Deborah O'Carroll (deborahocarroll) | 190 comments Mod
I finished! Hurray! :D I shall have to come back later to talk about what I thought about the book. Loved it! I can't wait to bubble about it with y'all when you finish! ^_^ Now off to find whatever film version(s) we have around...

Odile | 124 comments I finished the book today! I gave it 4 stars -it was a wonderful, lovely and hilarious book and I'm really happy we read it. :)

message 39: by Miriam (new)

Miriam (autschi) | 80 comments Uh! I am finally on chapter 37 ... yay. (I mean I won't finish on time... but I might semi catch up and finish tomorrow or the day after while finishing my painting.....

I am sooo confused. I am not sure what to think of Edward and "Will" (whose full name I can't spell) and all that....

I love the book so far and I am really curious how it will end.
(And I am kind of siding with Lauri about her guess regarding Elinor and Colonel Brandon and on her view regarding Lucy....)

And tumblr: http://theautschi.tumblr.com/ (is mine and yes)

And on wednesday I might watch the movie if I can find something to do with my hands. or I'll wait until I am on holiday....

Christine Smith (lauriloth) | 81 comments AAAAHHHHH!!!! I finished it Saturday night and LOVED IT. I am so glad we settled on this book. It was great! I'm seriously thinking about trying some more of Jane Austen in the near future. I'm really happy I was able to get into it.

Don't worry, Autschi, it's fine! The discussion will always be here after all. I mean, I haven't even read HHGTtG yet!

Okay, do not read the spoilers if you haven't finished the book.

(view spoiler)

message 41: by Miriam (new)

Miriam (autschi) | 80 comments And I finished barely a day late... yay. (Audiobook proved to be extremly pleasant.. the woman had a very pleasant voice and did voices which was really really fun. I could do things like painting and cleaning up my room and making my bed and working on my to be read pile which is sooo high.
(now it looks neat at least...)

The last quarter of the book was sooo exciting and I could barely stop listening to it!
It was soooooo good! I really liked it!

@Lauri: (or I guess everything that could spoil the end of the novel and my opinion but I kind of adress Lauri's opinion... soooo)
(view spoiler)

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