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message 1: by Lee (new)

Lee Let us know what you thought of the Daphne Du Maurier books you've chosen here - (but please hide any spoilers)

message 2: by Laurel (new)

Laurel | 1486 comments Mod
The Birds & Other Stories - absolutely brilliant! The title story is very different to the film (or should I say it's the other way round?) but very, very good. The sense of isolation was very powerful and it was kind of scary. The other stories were all great as well, I especially liked Monte Verita. They all had gothic type elements to them and Du Maurier's writing is so good. She is a genius at setting scene and atmosphere.

message 3: by Lee (new)

Lee About two thirds of the way through Don't Look Now and Other Stories and I'm really enjoying it. All the stories are tightly written, gripping and full of twists and turns. My favourite one so far is the title story- a clever tale about the doubtful benefits of second sight. I love the film and the story is just as good.

message 4: by Joy (new)

Joy Stephenson (joyfrankie) | 175 comments I've read The Loving Spirit which apparently was her first novel to be published. I do wonder if it was her family connections which led to publication as in my opinion it has many faults. I read as far as chapter 10 and then nearly gave up - the start of that chapter is overwrought. (view spoiler)
However I decided to skip to the end of that section (there are 4 sections, one for each successive generation of the same family) and press on. I have to say it did improve, but I never really became convinced by the characters. (view spoiler)
Daphne DuMaurier quotes Emily Bronte's poems at the beginning of each section and I think she is trying to emulate her. If you are a Bronte fan you will probably enjoy this book more than I did - I don't like Wuthering Heights.

message 5: by Hilary (new)

Hilary | 2082 comments I read Don't Look Now and am reading the rest of the stories in the book but haven't finished any yet. I haven't seen the film so came to it with an open mind. I really enjoyed it and I thought she described the atmosphere of Venice very well. I think it's quite a spooky city especially after dark and that definitely came across in the book. I think she develops her stories with a sort of understated menace that keeps you waiting for something awful to happen. The ending was a complete surprise although a little unbelievable and I just loved the final line. I'm intrigued by the second story already and can't wait to get further into it. I've read four of her novels but wasn't aware that she wrote short stories so thanks to the group for introducing me to them.

message 6: by Laurel (new)

Laurel | 1486 comments Mod
'Don't Look Now' sounds good, will have to try it sometime. I've got The House on the Strand to read as well once I get a minute.

message 7: by Lee (new)

Lee @ Hilary (view spoiler)

message 8: by Hilary (new)

Hilary | 2082 comments Just finished Don't Look Now and other stories which I've really enjoyed. It's given me a whole new opinion about du Maurier as the stories have shown her ability to write such different types of story. The own I liked least was Not After Midnight because (view spoiler). The one I enjoyed most was The Way of the Cross (view spoiler) hope I've done these spoilers right!

message 9: by Hilary (new)

Hilary | 2082 comments @Lee I've never read any of Dickens short stories in fact I can only remember reading short stories by Alice Munro. After the du Maurier ones I'd be more inclined to try more.

message 10: by Lee (last edited Sep 16, 2013 12:45PM) (new)

Lee I liked The Way of the Cross too and totally agree with you about the ending of Not After Midnight (view spoiler)
I strongly recommend the film of Don't Look Now - it's pretty close to the book, but manages to make the end more believable - there is a rather long drawn out sex scene though so be careful who you watch it with (it was very embarrassing watching it with my Dad!)

message 11: by Hilary (new)

Hilary | 2082 comments I thought The Breakthrough was a bit confused (view spoiler). She certainly can write in a whole variety of styles.

message 12: by Lee (new)

Lee I'm exactly a third of the way through Daphne by Justine Picardie and It 's great - a book about literary obsessions and investigations and life imitating art. A young PHD student married to a much older increasingly distant man is investigating Daphne Du Maurier's research into The life of Branwell Bronte.
It's a fascinating, haunting, beautifully written book and it's convinced me that I need to read a biography of Daphne Du Maurier very soon.

message 13: by Laurel (new)

Laurel | 1486 comments Mod
Finished Daphne by Justine Picardie - really enjoyed it! Making me want to read more about her life too and also about the Bronte's!

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