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A Couple of Problems

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message 1: by Prl (new) - rated it 4 stars

Prl This was a very good read with fewer flaws that "What Have I Done". There there were, however, a couple of problems, one of which rather spoiled the ending for me.

The first and more trivial: Amanda writes of how Poppy had no coat and had to repeatedly spend days in school wet through after having to get there in the rain and then going out at breaks. This is utter nonsense. If a child turned up at any British school even merely damp, through having no coat during rainy weather, the teachers would initially contact the parents and in short order the social services if nothing was done. This seems to be a flaw of the same type from which WHID suffered, where Amanda wants to really pile the agony on the female lead, to the extent that the story transcends reality. However, this was just a few lines and didn't really affect the general flow.

The worse problem was with the murder of Miles, close to the end of the book. In the first place the culprit is left unnamed and the fact that three people are informed when the event has taken place seems deliberately intended to confuse for no good reason, distracting from the rest of the ending and leaving the book with an unfinished feel.

Secondly, it's unclear why the terrorist would have any motive to murder Miles. They had him under their direct control and could have killed him in Afghanistan had they wished to do so. He did not come into any further information (that they were not clearly aware he would come in to), after he left their control.

Thirdly, whoever was responsible, why would they go the the risk of setting off such a massive explosion just to kill one person? If it were the terrorists, the extra risk involved in transporting and placing such a large amount of explosive compared to other methods of assassination would have made such a choice senseless. And even if you really believe that the British government (and/or armed forces) would murder a journalist (for potentially revealing information far less embarrassing than journalists have revealed in the past), you have to ask yourself why they would be prepared to suffer such massive and totally unnecessary collateral damage.

There may be a way in which the explosion makes sense but, if there is, it should have been elucidated rather than just having the fact fact inserted like a spectacular 'big bang' added to a Hollywood Blockbuster for no sensible plot related reason.

Elizabeth Is there supposed to be a sequel? I had the same questions along with who is the mysterious child Nan had to give up for adoption? Or did her daughter give a child up? I was really confused. Also, it really bothered me that Poppy didn't go see Nan at the end of the story. I thought that very inconsistent with her character.

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