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The Hare With Amber Eyes: A Family's Century of Art and Loss
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Elizabeth (cramptonhodnet) This is the thread for our read along, which will be in January/February 2014. So there's plenty of time for those of you who want to join in to get yourself a copy!

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Jo Weston (joster) | 1697 comments Mod
Thank you. I would like to join this when the time comes.

Gail | 126 comments A great idea to decide on the books early. This has been on my "to read" list for ages!

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Jill (jilko1) | 10 comments Yes I'd like to read this too. And this will probably be fairly good timing with all the books I have to get through first!

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Jo Weston (joster) | 1697 comments Mod
Jill - ditto!

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Jo Weston (joster) | 1697 comments Mod
Just a refresh on this thread now that the readalong for the quarter is on. If anyone would like a Spoilers thread, just let me know and I will start one.

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Jo Weston (joster) | 1697 comments Mod
I'm on the list at the library, slowly edging up!

Elizabeth (cramptonhodnet) I really want to read this one - will probably be next month by the time I get round to it though.

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Jo Weston (joster) | 1697 comments Mod
Me too, I won't read before mid-February, so I don't mind it taking a while from the library.

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Jo Weston (joster) | 1697 comments Mod
I had to collect today from the library, and I can't renew so I need to read it in the next 3 weeks.

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Jo Weston (joster) | 1697 comments Mod
I've started this, had no reading time today, but expect to crack on tomorrow and over the weekend. Having read the first 30 pages, I am interested to see how it unravels.

Elizabeth (cramptonhodnet) I hope to start this next week.

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Jo Weston (joster) | 1697 comments Mod
I'm enjoying this, racing through now. Such an interesting story about the family and the journey of these pieces and what happens around them.

Debbie | 585 comments I've been meaning to read this for ages, bit of motivation and stimulus from you guys and I might just get round to it. Look forward to joining in the read along.

Elizabeth (cramptonhodnet) I've been delayed, by Henry VIII ! But still plan to join in soon.

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Jo Weston (joster) | 1697 comments Mod
It's good, I'm about to sit down and perhaps even finish it or not far off.

Elizabeth (cramptonhodnet) I started reading it this morning. So far very interesting.

Jessica W (pinkglow) | 7 comments This has been on my to read list for ages so it would be lovely to finally get it read. Be able to start next week

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Jo Weston (joster) | 1697 comments Mod
I finished this off. It was fascinating, and not just a story about the netsuke, but about a dynasty and their not inconsiderable ups and downs in life. Good read, 4 stars or pretty close for me I think. Finished just in time too, as it's due back at the library today, reserved for another reader.

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Susan (suze0501) | 190 comments Loved this book. Didn't re-read as it's only been about a year since first reading, and I seem to have a burgeoning TBR pile.

A fascinating family history, and a wonderful conceit to tell it through the journeys of the netsuke. His pottery's not bad either. Bit of a cultural polymath, Mr de Waal, I think!

Jessica W (pinkglow) | 7 comments I finished this a few days ago.

On the whole I liked it and found for the most part quite interesting. Found though it did lack in some parts and I felt I knew more about the objects the family owned rather than the family themselves. Also found that loads of time was spent on the Paris section but then it speeded up around WWI which was to me more interesting.

Elizabeth (cramptonhodnet) I really must get this finished. I read the first 100 pages or so, then stalled.

Elizabeth (cramptonhodnet) Finished, finally! After stalling at the end of the first section (Paris, Charles Ephrussi's story), I picked it up again last week, and started reading again.

On the whole, it was an interesting story. I think I preferred the Ephrussi family in Vienna's story, rather than Paris, which was a little dry at times.

As the time moved on to WW1 and then through to the 1930s and rise of the Nazis it became a fascinating, but heartbreaking tale which kept me turning the pages. Very upsetting.

Sadly, though it did tail off a bit once the Netsuke were taken back to Japan. I admit to reading quickly through that part, as it didn't particularly hold my interest.

I think it deserves 3.75 stars really. 3 isn't enough, but it did fall just short of "really liked".

As memoirs go, though, it's pretty good, and one of the better ones I've read.

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