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EVENTS *cough* That happen in Origin Lux #4
Breitil Breitil Aug 29, 2013 12:26AM
OKay obviously this is gonna have major spoilers. SO, what did you guys think of chapter 25 when that thing happened *cough cough* Just putting it out there, if you've read my review, you know i'm not overly happy about it : /

It didn't bother me about Katy and Daemon because this isn't the real world and they had no clue how long they were going to be able to be happy so in that situation it makes sense. Spend the time you have left being committed and loving the person you can't live without. The thing with Blake was a little weird but I wanted him gone so bad I didn't care, I did think we would get a little more of an explanation about him. I think though that the whole point was that he was just a douche and didn't care about anyone else. I was glad Ash and Andrew died I didn't like them anyway and there were too many characters so logically someone had to go and they weren't contributing to the story anymore. I did see the thing with Beth coming as soon as she was tired and Dawson started babying her like crazy. But I'm glad it wasn't Katy, that would have ruined it for me. I also think that the torture wasn't that bad because if they had done worse there's no way they could've gotten Daemon to cooperate and they knew that. They could only go so far and were also trying to get them to do the deed as well, you can't be doing that if you're all crippled and traumatized. I also so the Matthew thing coming, did anyone else?

~*~Princess Nhya~*~ Yeah I'm happy it wasn't Katy too. I definitely did not want her a Daemon to be the ones with a child on the way. Totally would have killed it for me. ...more
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well i think that it needed to set up some level of happiness before the shit hits the fan as it did at the end.

what didn't surprise me AT ALL was the Dawson / Beth situation. am i the only one who figured that out literally as soon as we saw how 'exhausted' she was from the beginning?

I'm more in agony towards the ending of this. Another cliff hanger with Daemon Black walking out on her. Because of some freaky mind control. I wanted to scream and cry. Falls to the floor sobbing hysterically, saying why me, gosh I mean why Kat... x'D

It may have been rushed, but I feel that it was such a Katy and Daemon thing to do that I can't even be mad. Especially since they spent all that time not knowing if they were ever going to get out and live again. It makes sense.

Oh! Totally saw the Beth thing coming from a mile away!

Jennifer (last edited Aug 31, 2013 03:14PM ) Aug 31, 2013 03:14PM   0 votes
I thought the getting married thing was cliche but it was cute.

I know I totally saw the Beth thing coming as soon as they said she was tired and since the whole book was about Luxen/Hybrid babies.

And I also thought the Blake thing was a little weird. I kept thinking he might come back to life because maybe a Luxen healed him. And what about Chris?

me 2 , i mean sure i was hoping that toward the end of the series they would live happily ever after and get married but i felt it was too rushed and like u said hasty and out of the blue , i mean i would have preferred them to at least maybe get engaged in this book and then getting married in the last book with everyone knowing and a nice wedding . but even the engagement felt weird like i said waaaay to rushed :( that was for me the only thing i didnt like about origin

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Serious spoilers here:

It was a cliche but it didn't really bother me that they did it.

Sounds sort of morbid but, like Kindra, I also expected more torture - it was bad but I expected it to be *awful*. It felt like there was was more tension when they got out and were running than when they were actually captured. Maybe she couldn't go there because of it being YA?

As soon as Beth was 'tired' I figured she was pregnant but the whole deciding to go public and then more Luxen arriving right at the end was awesome.

get *

Jerlyn (last edited Sep 27, 2013 08:21PM ) Sep 01, 2013 02:22AM   0 votes
That thing Katy and Daemon did, i think it was way too early to do that. But I also think Jennifer did that to give them happiness since all throughout the book, they were running, fighting and whatever drama involved.

Also, I really thought that Beth would die since she was always feeling tired and sleeping. I wasn't really expecting what Dawson has said to Daemon about her. MIND BLOWN. o.O

Meghan Oh my gosh, me neither! After reading all of these posts saying "I saw it coming since, like, I opened the book," (not quite like that, but you know w ...more
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Really?? Why??

i got pissed off because they killed ash and andrew

yes.... it seemed pointless. However, the other thing I am not happy about is how huge Blake was and then umm, gone. What? I expected more drama there. I also expected more torture. Idk, i love this series, loved the book too because i waited forever, but it seriously was not my favorite.

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