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Daryaganj Book Market

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message 1: by Vineeta (last edited Aug 29, 2013 12:17AM) (new)

Vineeta A (avee) | 2 comments Hello everyone, I am a stay-at-home mom (in terms of reading time, these two adjectives cancel each other out!) and I have been considering going to the Daryaganj Book Market for a while now.
Truth be told, I don't even know where it is and if it is even worth bothering with. If you wonderful people have any opinions/pointers or any suggestions regarding this, it'd be much appreciated.
I am told the market sets up only on Sunday mornings, from 7 am onwards?
Do they sell used hardbounds too?
Thanks a lot in advance.

message 2: by Saurabh (new)

Saurabh Modi | 1 comments Well this post is now almost a year old and i am sure you would have visited Daryagunj by now! Nonetheless, i have come to new delhi just recently like about a year ago and i happened to visit the place just a month ago. It was a breathtaking place! I mean i am truly surprised to see all the amazing books there! Its the most magnificent book market i have ever seen before. I was immensely lucky as i found almost 5 books on my reading there for the cost of pennies! I found a very pretty and mostly a new and a hardbound copy of my most admired economist Raghuram Rajan there. Also, i found the biography of Keynes written by Robert Skidelsky for a mere Rs. 70, being a hardbound! There's a place which literally sells book by the price of Rs. 200 a kilo! I used the metro to reach Daryagunj. One can easily get down at New Delhi metro station on the yellow line and then take the Ajmeri Gate exit. From there all you need to take is a e-rickshaw charging a mere Rs. 10 to reach Daryagunj. While returning one can easily follow the same commute. I am looking forward to more such visits there. Maybe once my college re-starts. I am still surprised how do they manage the logistics to get such awesome books there! i found a huge number of book-readers there. Some of them from various other nationalities too. However, its a Bazaar in the strictest sense implying you have to do a lot of bargaining! When i went there for the first time i thought the books were incredibly cheap. So, i just bought them without bargaining at all. Then i realized i could manage to by double the amount of books if i bargain. I think i am acing the skill of bargaining now! Some of the book vendors are very helpful. They help you in choosing books and even tell you where you might find them if not with them. I found a vendor who converses in English and one can even discuss a little about the writing style of the author and his other works with him! Its like a paradise for the book readers in Delhi. Its just magnificent!

message 3: by Vineeta (new)

Vineeta A (avee) | 2 comments Thanks a lot for that detailed bit of information. You won't believe it but I am yet to visit the market!! Reading has become a luxury I can only fantasise about and going to Daryaganj a distant dream. I did have my second child since I wrote the post though! So once babies are a bit older your reply will come in handy. thanks again. If you haven't already you should go to It's a halfway decent store for used books online. Cheers

message 4: by Suyash (new)

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