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Super Bowl predictions by famous authors

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message 1: by Patrick (new)

Patrick | 8 comments Since we may be the only one on Goodreads who won't be avoiding the Super Bowl in order to read, this is the most appropriate GR group to share this from McSweeney's...

Famous authors predict tomorrow's Super Bowl

Included: Cormac McCarthy, Raymond Carver x 2, Ayn rand, James Joyce, Jack Kerouac, and Jane Austen (I think that one's the funniest).

Thanks to Deadspin for the tip.

message 2: by Conrad (new)

Conrad | 4 comments Mod
Nice article - I particularly liked the Carver schtick.

I have to admit I'm disappointed by the outcome of the game tonight, though, despite living in NY. I'm a Bucs fan, so I couldn't help imagining Earnest Graham being the one to succeed where Brandon Jacobs kept failing tonight. But also, I feel like I just wasted a season watching the Pats stomp everyone. What a sad collapse.

message 3: by Patrick (new)

Patrick | 8 comments One of the better games in a while, though, at least at the end. Can't imagine what happened to the Pats defense on that last drive by the Giants. By the Manning to Tyree Davis pass was pretty incredible, I have to admit.

By the way, Conrad, are you still looking for football novels? I just found a free paperback of North Dallas Forty last week at a library bookstore. Yours if you want it...send me a GR e-mail if so.

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