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What's with all the word games?

deleted member Aug 29, 2013 07:27PM   2 votes
ahahhahaahahahha, calm down. i know, they are everywhere, but let some goodreaders and writers have some fun as well as good discussion. and i agree we should get more discussions. and yea, you don't have to post in them or open them, yea so what you have to see the words "word game" sorry to disturb you. but we can't ban word games, its pointless. we just gotta deal with it. this thread isn't going to make a difference. but it is nice to know what could be limited, it could even be solved by putting discussions and games in different tabs?

You do realize that starting this conversation was just as pointless as any stinking word game, right? This topic has nothing to do with a book so why did you start this conversation?

Mariana Okay, I'll do my best. See, it's fine to express opinions, as long as it's not done in excess. I posted this topic to express mine; though it may not ...more
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Mariana Oh, that's Rose and Jack from Titanic; or Leonardo Dicaprio and Kate Winslet, whichever you prefer ...more
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Now that Amazon has taken over Goodreads, I'm hoping that they'll clean up the forums over here because these discussions do need a good tidy up.

I wouldn't want Amazon to bring over their word filter but I really do think that they need to organise the forum discussions in some way.
There are many threads on the same topic, dead threads are constantly revived (a couple of months back, I saw someone, for whatever reason, decided it would be a good idea to post in a thread that began in 2010) and some people get confused and think the discussion page is where they're supposed to post their book review.

Also this discussion is not about a book. So this is pointless and annoying too.

Mariana wrote: "The discussion topic explains itself. It's annoying."

You don't have to post on them. Its not like you even have to look at them. This is not your website so you really should stop complaining.

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