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janelle (sungkew)
This not too shabby apartment currently occupied by Dex is what anyone would expect of him. It's interior is overall sleek and modern with a few touches that make it well suited for him including an extensive video game collection as well as a case of guns located in his bedroom. There is always a faint smell of alcohol and cigarette smoke wafting around most parts of the apartment. Dex often drinks whenever he feels like it and, while it's not allowed, he also smokes while inside giving the place a not-so-pleasant aroma. It's not the worst place in the world but, needless to say, on it's bad days, the apartment is anything but spectacular.
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janelle (sungkew) Being as drunk as he was, Dex had difficulty getting the key into his apartment. It had taken him a long moment just to find the slot before he somehow managed to drop the key. It clattered to the ground and Dex let out a few choice words before bending down to grasp it. His eyes looked over to Willow as he straightened and slipped the key into the correct location, the door opening when he twisted the handle with the same hand. His other still had hold of his bottle of beer and, as he tried to take a sip, he realized he'd drank it all on the way over. This only resulted in more cusses and the ditching of the bottle on a nearby shelf. He didn't feel like walking the extra five feet to the trash can. His feet carried him inside, tipping over only slightly. Once his balance was regained, he glanced around at the familiar surroundings before running his hands over his face. "Ugh..." Was all Dex muttered, the full weight of the alcohol hitting him. There was no doubt he'd feel awful tomorrow. But there was also no doubt he'd do some more drinking tonight with all that he had stocked up in the fridge.

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Willow watched Dex feel a lite grumpy amd quietly followed him. She kinda felt like a pet on a leash like the way she is. She felt no fuzziness or anything as she clenched the empty bottle in her dainty hands. She quietly and slowly closed the door before looking around and soon said "Nice apartment". For her, this apartment was way better than a two floored one that is under construction. She smiled at Dex than took his empty bottle, soon throwing it in the trash.

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janelle (sungkew) "Yeah..." Dex said, his hand resting on the living room couch to keep himself upright. It was a nice place and all, he guessed, but he didn't really think all that much of it. It was a major improvement from his last living space, that was for sure. He turned around and looked to Willow, watching as she tossed the bottle in the trash. "You wanna 'nother?" He slurred, actually considering one for himself. It was obvious that he couldn't exactly take in any more of the stuff without growing completely and utterly smashed, but Dex wasn't worried about that. He didn't even care anymore if he'd feel sick when he got over this. All he cared about now was getting himself more and more oblivious. And the more oblivious he was, the funner times were. Dex may or may not have been thinking of that.

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Willow looked at him and said "No thanks, Im not effected by drinks so easily". She lookexd up at Jenny and smiled. She soon went up to him and said "Do you want another?". Even though he was extremely drunk, she wanted to be polite. Willow looked at Dex and smiled than looked down.

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janelle (sungkew) ((Haha, you accidentally wrote Jenny XD But I gotcha.))

Dex watched as Willow approached him, a lazy grin spreading across his face. He found it a little funny how she wasn't so easily affected by drinks and he was. It seemed it would be the other way around with his constant consumption of the substance. "Another would be great." He stated, looking down at her in her slight timidity. However, though he said this, he didn't make any move to actually go retrieve it. Instead, he just stayed where he was, his eyes focused down on her.

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Willow bit her lip before looking up back at him. Her blue oculars saw his brown ones as she examined him. She quietly gulped a little as she felt a little nervous on what to do. Willow never really had a experience like so, or sexual in this case. Even though she worked in the Burleqsue Club, no one has ever sent her downstairs. She examined him awhile, not sure what to do. She started to have a warm feeling that was definitely was not alcohol. Was she getting a feeling for him?

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((Haha xD))

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janelle (sungkew) Though it may have been an awful thing, Dex knew pretty much exactly what he was doing. His hand reached up in an instant to return a piece of her dark hair to it's rightful place, but, as he did this, his hand stayed there for a bit. There was a cocky smirk on his face, but it didn't really mean anything. He wasn't trying to appear arrogant; that was just how he came across sometimes. Most of the time, he truly was. Now though, it was more a matter of what his looks portrayed and what he was actually thinking. Dex could just sense her uncertainty - it was there clear as day - but he didn't really understand why in that moment. Maybe if his head had been clear and not so watered down by the alcohol, he would have. But for now, he didn't.

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Willow looked at him than his hand went on her head she whinced than saw him take a hair that was bothering her a lottle. After a moments pause shr looked down and said "Are you planning to eat my hair" she was of course joking. It wasn't the best joke but she was no longer caring for a odd reason. She soon bit her lip as she looked down.

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janelle (sungkew) Though it wasn't the funniest joke in the world, Dex couldn't help but smile. "No, I wasn't." He replied, wishing he had a better reply to that. He felt like he'd just made the situation a tad awkward and wanted to fix it, but it was hard when he didn't even know what words to use. His hand came down and returned to his pocket as he let out a little sigh. "I'm gon' go get something to drink." Why he'd even bothered to say that was unknown to him. It just seemed like the right thing to do at the time. He took a small step back before looking over to the fridge. It was such a long ways away for something so important.

((I have to go head off to bed now. My eyes are literally closing as I write this. Continue in the mornin'?))

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Willow saw him go away and she took a big exhale. She felt a little releaved for the awkward moment but a little depressed. Not figuring out why, she ignored it than slowly turned to him. She was basically doing not doing anything so she walked to the kutchen. Her arms dangled infront of her as it held her handbag. Willow looked at h and saw his fridge, filled with food and at the bottom, it had a pack of beer with a half filled scotch. She knew that he was a alcoholic all along, just never knew he was as much as than. Willow had still straight hair as she soon moved the hair Dex took away from her face. She looked around, examining the apartment. She still saw the lightn of the sun flutter through the windows as it was about 4 PM now. Willow looked back at Dex, soon smiling again. She loved to smile, better than frowning, frowning gave her cramps. Williw looked at Dex than said "Are you planning on doing something while this drunk or?". She was very curious about Dex, wondering if he is busy. Gor her, she had nothing to do but go to crappy 2 room hotel.

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janelle (sungkew) Bending down, Dex examined what was left in his fridge: beer and scotch. His eyes wandered back and forth between the two before he picked out the scotch because... well, he didn't really have a reason. Standing back to his full height, he took a swig before setting it on the counter, his hand not moving from the drink. His eyes looked down at Willow standing in front of him and he gave a little smile. "That..." He paused for a second for no real reason, "is for you to decide." His feet had carried him closer to her so that he was standing just inches away, a cocky smirk plastered across his lips. He'd done this sort of thing before but with mixed results. Sometimes it resulted in a smack across the face and other times it resulted in something else. What happened right now, though, was completely up to Willow.

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Willow looked at Dex as he was just inches away. She felt so small due to her looking up at hI'm and her having a smaller body. Her blue eyes were a little wide as she took a small step back. It was barley noticeable but you never know. She looked at him and said "Your very drunk". Willow looked at him as she breathed normally but her heartbeat was so fast. She didn't know why but she wad very nervous.

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janelle (sungkew) That arrogant grin Dex had only grew when Willow spoke. He lifted an eyebrow in mock surprise, "Am I?" His tone was laced with sarcasm but he was only somewhat aware of how drunk he truly was. To him, it seemed like he'd only had a couple drinks compared to the many he'd had. He didn't notice her slight nervousness and just stayed put staring at her for a second. He wasn't aware of how forward he was being, but if he had, maybe he would have acted differently. In his clear state, he wasn't much better, but at least he would have had respect for her personal space. That was something he had no regard for at the moment and took a small step, closing the gap she'd opened.

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((Sorry for late reply had to do chores))

Willow looked up at him more due to him being more close. She took a deep breath and said "Yes, you are" she was very nervous. She backed away one more step, looking back to make sure she wont fall. She looked back at Dex and bit her lip. She was a little nervous due to her being small and not so strong. Also because of his powers he can easily take over her mind and use his strength against him. Willow took a big breath as her flannel stretched a little. She held her handbag with one hand for their there still in front of her body. Soon she dropped the bag in case it was a bother. She also dropped it in front of him so he would trip if he tries anything just in case.

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janelle (sungkew) ((It's okay. I have to leave now though so I'll reply when I get back :) ))

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((Okay :), I gotta go walk my dog XD, how long will u be gone :3))

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janelle (sungkew) ((Um, a few hours maybe. Going bowling with the family. :)
Hahaha, Dex is such an inconsiderate creep under the influence XD ))

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((Aww lucky!! Haha ikr x3))

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janelle (sungkew) Dex watched as she dropped the purse in front of him, his eyes wandering up to her eyes after a moment. His eyebrows furrowed in slight confusion as he tried to comprehend why it was she'd dropped it. He thought he got it for a minute and felt an ounce of guilt before he shrugged it off and just stood there for a second, grinning like a lazy idiot. He didn't get that she was scared of him or that she was even uncomfortable. In his mind, this was just something she was okay with. Dex didn't mean to come off this way at all; it was just how he was interpreting things.

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Willow watched him and felt a little guilty. She sighed than said "Do you want to go to sleep or get sober again or..". She personally didn't know what to do. She looked down in guilt as her dark chocolate hair fell to her face. She picked up the purse than contimued looking down. She soon noticed what she said and felt a little embarrassed. She never acted like suchba idiot, maybe because she never got drunk. Willow didn't know if being drunk felt good or bad, though it did seem like Dex liked it.

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janelle (sungkew) Dex didn't think she was acting like an idiot. However, that may have been because he was as well. His shoulders went up a little. In truth, he may have been thinking of doing something else with the evening but that didn't seem like it was going to happen. That had finally gotten through his thick, drunk head. "I don' care." he slurred, actually not minding what happened anymore. Though, he did however feel like he could pass out on the couch. That wouldn't make sense as he had a perfectly usable bed in the other room, but he didn't care. The couch sounded great regardless.

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Willow slowly looked up at him than bit her lip again. She knew that he couldn't take care of himself so she looked around. Soon after taking a deep breath, willow said "Go take a shower, get yourself clean". If willow had to take care of the boy than fine, she gently placed her purse on the counter and looked at him. if he was going to be her friend than he might as well get used to her offers. She looked at Dex than smiled and said "Ill take care of you till you get sober or less drunk".

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janelle (sungkew) Under his breath, Dex muttered, "I'm already clean..." But though he said this, he turned around and started walking off, his hand running over his face once again. He felt extremely groggy and warm inside, a side effect of the alcohol. He knew exactly where he was headed, but, for some reason, he couldn't remember where it was exactly. He had to peak in several rooms for a little while before he found it and muttered, "Shower... I don't need no shower." However, he still went with it and slipped into the room, closing the door behind him.

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Hearing him close the door, Willow looked around. She took off her shoes than placed them near the front door. She stepped on the carpet with her tiny feet. She looked around than soon walked to the kitchen. She looked in the fridge and saw a few items thst were already expired. She threw the rottem items and organized the fridge. She soon took out her phone and called her favorite pizza place. She looked around as she tried to find the adress. Finding a notepad she said the adress and ordered a medium cheese pizza with extra cheese. She didn't know whether Dex liked any toppings so she made it a simple order. Soon willow hung up and looked around. She sighed than took two plates from the cabnits. Willow placed the plates on a table next to the couch. Soon she got two cups of coke and napkins. Willow sighed as she finished setting up the table than walked around to explore the apartment. She smelled the small musk of cigarettes and alcohol. Soon she opened a door and sae the bedroom. Seeing the wall of weapons she quietly, but quickly closed the doir. She walked back to the living room and orginized a few items. Soon hearing the doorbell ring, she got her wallet and went to the door.

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janelle (sungkew) Willow had been right; Dex had needed a shower. The cold water poured over his light colored hair, waking him slightly from the daze he was in. It didn't make much of a difference, but at least he wasn't completely and utterly out of it. He would most likely be able to find his way back to the living room without opening every other door he stumbled upon.
After getting out of the shower, Dex dried himself off and put on his pants. He left his shirt off, having no desire to put it back on. Half of his torso was still wet anyways so the shirt would most likely get damp. He did, however, take the towel with him out of the bathroom, moving it over his face as he stepped out. He hadn't heard the doorbell so he didn't know where she was headed when she got up. "Where're you goin'?" He asked, glancing up to her.

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Willow heard him than looked up. She smiled and said "To get your food". She walked out of the kitchen with her wallet than opened the door. The delivery guy was a female girl with red hair in a ponytail and freckles. Willow paid the girl with about a 4 dolkar tip. She held on the medium pizza and gave the money. Soon ad Willow closed the door, she already smelled the deliculous pizza. The pizza covered her body due to her having a tiny body. Soon Willow gently placed the box on the table. She went to the kitchen to get a large bottle of coke. She brought the coke to the table and looked at Dex. Willow smiled as she had a sweet aroura. Soon Willow waited for Dex to eat.

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janelle (sungkew) Dex watched as she set up the food before walking over to the table, dropping his towel lazily on the floor. He never made much of an effort to keep the place completely clean and he wasn't about to now. The only reason it was in such good condition was because he'd lost something the night before and had to go around and clean it all to find it. It had been tedious, but, hey, when you lose a pack of cigarettes, you do anything to get it back.
Shoving his hands in his pockets, Dex walked over to the little set up she'd prepared and looked at it carefully. She really was planning on taking care of him, wasn't she? Dex didn't know how to feel about that. No one had ever taken care of him before; he usually just had to look out for himself. "Are you serious?" He asked, still debating how to feel about this whole thing. He didn't mind the food per se, he just didn't know what to think about it.

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Willow looked at him than stretched her arms. She closed her eyes for a second and said "Call it a tiny present". Soon Willow looked around and said, "Ima go to the bathroom, be right back". Willow slowly walked in the hall on to the bathroom. It took her a while to find it but she did soon enough. Willow opened the door to the bathroom than said "You know you can eat without me!". Her energetic voice flowed through the apartment as a door closing did as well. She went to the bathroom sink than put up her hair in a ponytail. Soon Willow washed her face as well as her hands. Soon enough she looked at the mirror and sighed. The only reflection she saw was her phoenix self. Willow rubbed her eyes while looking in the mirror and stared for awhile.

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janelle (sungkew) Simply nodding to her statement, Dex looked curiously at the food she'd bought for him. It didn't seem normal to him. No one bought things for him and he never bought things for other people. Presents were just out of the question. However, though he felt this way, Dex wasn't about to deny that he wanted to eat the food really badly. He may have just eaten at the club, but he was still starving for some reason. Sitting down, he dug into a piece of the pizza, finishing it off in a two minutes flat. It tasted really good to him as his mouth had pretty much been plagued by the taste of alcohol and cigarettes all through the day. Next, he poured himself a huge glass of coke and drank that quickly. It didn't taste as good as the beers had, but he didn't mind it all too much. His eyes kept wandering over to the fridge, his mind contemplating his chances of sneaking a beer without getting caught. He just knew Willow wouldn't appreciate the complete disregard for her help.

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Willow looked at the mirror than stretched her arms. She soon rubbed her face for being a little tired and yawned. Willow felt the cold air in the bathroom flow along next to her. She shivered a little than opened the door from the bathroom. She didn't really want to go to the bathroom to use out her bladder or take a shower, she just wanted to relax a little than stretch alone and not being embarrassed. Soon Willow walked back to the living room from her memory and saw Dex eating the pizza than drinking the coke. She giggled than smiled at him. She soon sat next to him while untying her ponytail. Her straight but silky hair danced next to her as it soon rested on her shoulders. She looked at Dex than smiled, soon getting a slice for herself. She took a bite out of the pizza, which was small but it was all her mouth can chomp on in one bit. She soon finished the pizza in about 5 minutes or so and drank some coke from her glass of coke. She wasn't really a coke fan, more into Fanta. She smiled at Dex than said "Like the meal?". Noticing he was staring at the fridge, she as well looked at it than back at next. Her eyes were kind as her smile but you can tell that she was saying no in her mind and her eyes.

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janelle (sungkew) Seeing Willow sit next to him, Dex drew his eyes from the fridge and moved them to her. The look in her eyes was one of obvious declining so Dex just huffed a bit, disappointed with the answer he'd gotten. Fine. He just wouldn't drink for now. There were no promises for later or tomorrow though. His eyes fell down to the pizza as he took another piece, shoving half of it in his mouth at once. He'd noticed the way her hair was now that same reddish-orange color and he decided to comment on it, "This a normal thing for you?" He asked, glancing over at her for a second. His mouth was still full of food but it didn't matter to him. His words had been mostly clear so he didn't care.

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Willow saw him stuff a pizza slice in his mouth and tried not to laugh as she bit her lip while smiling. She took another slice and ate it. Noticing her hair was reddish-orange again, it soon turned to her normal dark chocolate. She giggled at him with his mouth full and said "It happens now and then". She tried not to laugh so she looked down and took a bit out of her pizza while giggling. Willow thought that Dex was very humorous at this time and point right now. She took the last bite out of her pizza as the savoring fluids and golden cheese filled her mouth. She chewed awhile trying to save the taste as it soon turned to mushy but sweet food. She swallowed her food than saw food and oil covering Dex's mouth. Willow closed her eyes and quietly laughed. She placed her soft hands on her cheek as she laughed than looked at him.

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janelle (sungkew) Dex had simply nodded to her explanation. It sounded weird, but, in a way, he guessed he could relate. His own power came and went whenever it please - a fact he very much resented. It was so stupid having such a fickle power, even if it was useful in most situations. But it was then that Dex noticed she was laughing and his mind was drawn from its thoughts. He looked at her in obvious confusion and asked, "What?" He didn't comprehend what was so hilarious, "What's so funny?" She looked to be cracking up a lot, but he didn't get why. It wasn't making any sense to him and, at first, he thought she'd been laughing at him specifically for something. He didn't know what and he was still so drunk that he didn't really care, but it made him feel an ounce of irrational anger.

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Willow looked at him smiling. She took a white napkin and wiped around his face than showed the food and oil that was around his mouth. "You are really funny when your drunk". She folded the napkin than looked at him. Seeing his angry in his eyes she said "Its just a joke". She smiled than looked around than back at Dex. Her eye covered her face a little as it bothered her and Willow blew on the air. The air flew up like little piece of paper but than back down. She smiled again and rubbed her eyes with her finger tips. She right now had a french manicure with light blue as the base and white as the tip. She looked at him after rubbing her eyes than tilted her head to act a little funny. She loved to laugh and right now it was the best she can do. Soon she brought her head back from tilting it and smiled.

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janelle (sungkew) What she had been doing when she wiped his face had been unknown to Dex at first. He'd just been about to grasp her wrist when he decided to just let it go. When she showed him what she'd been doing, Dex felt quite stupid. "Oh." Was all he stated, guessing what she said was true. Maybe he wasn't really on his game when he was drunk. Though, really, who was? He watched her now as she smiled and rubbed at her eyes. He'd thought before that she moved a lot, but now he was certain of that. She seemed to be a very happy person, something that contrasted greatly to Dex. He didn't laugh or even genuinely smile all that often. If he did, it was usually out of arrogance. "You okay?" He asked, blinking away some of the haziness that was over his vision.

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Willow looked at him when he asked if she was okay. She took a deep breath "Yea, I just got to move a lot sometimes" she said. She had a disorder, where has to move a lot now and then or she faints or sleeps. She looked at him than said "Are you okay?". Even though they ate and had a little fun she still worried a little. He was still drunk and wondered if maybe she was a nuisance to him. She bit her lip than looked at him, soon looking down at the ground and back at Dex. Her blue oculars looked at him for a while as her hair danced a little around her shoulders.

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janelle (sungkew) Dex simply brought up his shoulders a little before letting them fall in a slightly exaggerated fashion. "Just peachy." He was at least a little glad to hear that she was fine. It would be weird if she was having a panic attack or something in the middle of his home; he wouldn't have known what to do. In truth, though it was awful, he may have just sat there and watched, wondering how long the thing was going to go on. Leaning back into the seat slightly, Dex brought up a finger and put it to his temple, stifling a yawn. For some reason unbeknownst to him, he was getting sleepy. He absolutely refused to let that show though.

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((So sorry for the late reply!!))

Willow looked at him as he yawned than thought of what he said. She squinted her eyes than said "More like 'Just sleep'". She smiled than said "Why don't you go rest a little, I will clean up here than maybe leave, i dont know". She has no where to go for now but either Jack's place or her crappy hotel. Maybe her apartment was finished enough to live in. Though she wouldn't know that for sure due to when her seing the apartment yesterday night, the only room that was done was the guest room and the living room. She sighed than looked at him with her eyes. They looked so happy-like and not so dull like any other person's eyes. Her hair fell a little to her face as she blew it aside, soon it fell again on her face.

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Shaking his head, Dex brought down his hand, his arm laying across the back of the seat. "I'm not tired." He didn't know why exactly he was denying it - maybe he saw it as somewhat of a weakness - but he just knew he was. "And I don't want you to clean anything." It didn't come out harsh, just stated, "Leave it. It's not that big of a deal." A small sigh escaped his pursed lips as he looked around, trying not to blink too much. That would give away his sleepiness. "You know," He started, looking her in the eye, "You can just stay here. I dun' mind." His voice still had a slight slur to it - not as bad as before, but it was still there.

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Willow looked at him, starting to squint a little. "I don't want to be a nuisance". She stood up and stretched. She gets really cramped after awhile, or just likes to stretch a lot, either way. She took the dirty plates and smiled. Even though he told not to, she didn't want to be rude, and besides someone needed to clean her mess, and it wouldn't be him. She smiled as she placed the dishes in the sink and started cleaning them.

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Dex looked over his shoulder as she got up, leaving to take care of the dishes. After a minute, he returned his gaze back front, looking to the shut off television. For some reason, he watched it for a little while, just staring at the black screen. He stood up after a minute and went to lean against the counter next to willow, his hands going into his pockets. "You don't listen well." He commented, looking to her hands as they worked. "Really, just leave it. I'll do it tomorrow." Dex was telling an obvious lie. He wouldn't be doing the dishes tomorrow at all.

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Willow turned around after finishing the dishes. Her hands were a little wet but she dried them off soon. She stared at him for awhile and said "I don't like to follow orders, besides, i'm not letting you clean my mess". She smiled than walked by him, ruffing up his hair while passing by him. She got the box of left over pizza and placed it on the counter. Soon she looked at Dex and placed her elbow on the counter and her chin on her palm. She looked at him for awhile and soon said "If were going to be friends, tell me about yourself, Dex". Obviously she was teasing him a little but in a fun and humorous way.

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As she ruffled his hair, Dex frowned slightly before reaching up and patting it back down. He wasn't overly fussy about his hair, but he still felt like fixing it. He turned to watch her take the pizza box before returning to front to watch her set it on the counter. To her question, he furrowed his brows a tad. "What about me?" He asked, confused as to what she was asking. There were a lot of things he could have told her about himself, but he didn't know where to start. Back at his life story? Or just random things he liked? If it was the former, it would be once again unknown to him how to begin. It wasn't necessarily a happy past in the slightest. This suddenly made him think of something. He wasn't wearing a shirt, was he? His eyes went over to look at his back, eyeing the scars that were there. In his drunken stupor, he'd forgotten that he'd even had them. Dex didn't let anyone see those. "Shit." He muttered quietly, looking to his bedroom. Maybe he could slip away and get fully dressed without her noticing. He highly doubted it though.

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Willow looked at him and walked around the counter while saying "You know, likes, dislikes, all of that shit, ocupation?". She looked at him. She didn't really like to have all feelings talk but she would at least like to know a little about him. Confused at him cursing she tilted her head and say the scars on his back. She looked back at his face and said "How did you get those?". She crossed her eyes and felt a little worried. Her blue eyes looked at him, now and then looking back at his scars. Her hair somehow was in a ponytail again with strands of her hair hanging on the side of her face like bangs. Even though Willow did have side bangs, they were too long to realized, they were about 12 inches? She looked at him as her straight pony tail moved a little.

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janelle (sungkew) Dex only cursed more when she noticed the scars on his back. Those were private to him, things he never let anyone see, even if they were extremely close to him. "I..." He didn't know how to explain himself. Telling her where they really came from wasn't an option and just dismissing them would most likely lead to suspicion. Still though, he decide to go with the second option, "It's not important." Was all he said, crossing his arms and heading to the bedroom to get a shirt. While he went, he called over his shoulder, "I don't know." He was talking in reply to his likes and whatnot. Entering the bedroom, he pulled out a white muscle shirt before slipping it over his head, relieved to be wearing one once again. He came back out into the living room, leaning against a wall. "I guess I like... Guns?" Dex hadn't meant for it to come out as an uncertainty, but it had.

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Willow looked at him a little suspious than shrugged her arms for no reason. She understood that if he didn't want to say anything than thats okay. He wasn't the only with marks, for she did have burn marks on her lower legs and ankles from the fire when she was little. Of course her jeans covered them but now and then they would hurt. As soon as he came back with a shirt to cover his marks she soon replied "Oh a violent boy I see, occupation?". Of course he knew her occupation and likes, burlesque and fire. She was violent at times of course, imagining what things look like on fire or seeing people she seen before on fire. She was a addicted to it.

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janelle (sungkew) On the topic of occupations, Dex could only think to give another lie. For some reason, telling her that he hadn't been working and only stealing didn't sound like a good idea to him. He smirked a little at her violent comment before giving her the lie, "I got laid off the other day. Don't really have anything to do now." He shrugged slightly, hoping to drop the subject. His life may not have been preferred or such a great one in the slightest, but he could live with it. In truth, he didn't know why he'd avoided telling her that he'd been stealing things for a living. On all accounts, he shouldn't have cared what she thought, but, in a way, he sort of did.

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