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message 1: by Kdawg91 (new)

Kdawg91 | 377 comments I know we have comic fans, did anyone get the big Justice League crossover? I liked the end, but it was all kinds of sloppy and heavy handed.

message 2: by Bob (new)

Bob (shack) | 103 comments Nah I didn't read it. I haven't found a "New 52" book I even remotely like yet. DC really lost me as a fan when they rebooted to The New 52. Check out the new event title at Marvel, Infinity. The first issue was pretty good.

message 3: by Kdawg91 (new)

Kdawg91 | 377 comments I liked Infinity too, just a big old school fan of the DC multiverse.

ChrisFromColumbus (Crtek) | 15 comments I really enjoyed "Trinity War". I was pretty hit and miss with Justice League, only read the first JLA, and did not read JLD. I found I could keep up pretty well. I knew most of the players, even with my spotty reading. Most of the twists were really surprises for me. How Superman got "messed up" and the end with the "true villians" revealed definitely surprised me. I loved who the main "baddy" was. I found this to be a pretty good crossover event and will continue for now with the next event "Forever Evil".

I was never a big DC Fan but more a Marvel fan, but I really getting into the New 52 Bat titles and Justice League. The whole "Court of Owls" storyline in the Bat titles was fantastic. I am reading the "Death of the Family" storyline now. I like Justice League, but have only read the first 6, Throne of Atlantis, and Trinity War.

I see where older fans could be really turned off the New 52 as the universe they are used to is gone. As a newer fan, I am very interested in this new Universe.

message 5: by Kdawg91 (new)

Kdawg91 | 377 comments I really dig JLD, mainly because I love the "magic" universe in DC. But I see how the big bad could be a big problem

message 6: by Matthew Anderson (last edited Aug 30, 2013 06:13PM) (new)

Matthew Anderson | 60 comments The only really great things to come out of the New 52 were Swamp Thing and Animal Man, so if you haven't read those, I'd say read them (and JLD, of course), but there really isn't much readable coming out of DC these days.

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