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Pronunciation of "Artimé"

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Aurora I was wondering, is there anyone out there that knows how Lisa McMann wants the readers to pronounce "Artimé?" If so, can you please come forward and tell me? Thank you!

Aurora Update: I have it confirmed by Lisa McMann that Artimé is pronounced "ar-ti-may."

Maggie Thanks! I've been wondering about that for a long time.

Brooke That's pretty close to what I thought but thanks!

Amina i just called it "air time lol"

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Aya Woods awesome thanks now i can go prove my friend wrong!! we were arguing about this the other day and she wouldn't believe me! XD

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E I always wondered how to pronounce it?! But I was right!

Gracie I was right about how to pronounce it! Yay! I hate it when I pronounce something wrong forever and then keep saying it wrong. :)

message 9: by Robin (new)

Robin Wohlstetter Its pronounced ar time

message 10: by Adina (new)


AlaniG705 I pronounce it "Are Time" so now I will always remember it as that.

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