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Who is your least unlikable villain, main character, and animal/creature?

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Malachi Lining By the way you can list more than one in order of worst to best.

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Malachi Lining For me I don't know that I truly have one bad character that I hate the most. (I know that's kind of lame since I made the discussion)
Morgarath is bad, but he's like a lot of villains.
The Temujai are not that big of deal as far as evil goes.
Sir Keren seems nice and then really bad, but near the end of The Siege of Macindaw you see he's not as terrible as you thought, he just made some bad decisions early on.
Actually the Skandian in book seven is one of my least favorite bad guys. He's just a really lame excuse of a Skandian and he's a traitor.
Tennyson is bad, but I like how he uses more than brute force. (although he does use a lot of that.)
The Genovesans are pretty hateable I agree.
The bad guy in Nihon-Ja is another traitor but not too evil to me.

I guess I would have to go with . . . the Genovesans because although I love stealth and spying and all that sort of stuff, they are cowards in my opinion. They never ever fight besides with crossbows, and (this is the most cheap you can get) they use POISON! I hate that.
I guess Tennyson would come a close second because of all the characters he is very inhumane at times. Like beating up his own men, slaughtering villages and the like.

Enough of the bad guys onto the least favorite character. I haven't given it too much thought, but Alyss is usaully the one to start the fights, and the has the most stuck-up attitude. I really enjoyed The Emperor of Nihon-Ja because Evanlyn (I'll never call her Cassandra) and Alyss finally work together in the end. That book might be my favorite, it had a lot to do with honor, courage, friendship, and teamwork.

Now for the creatures. I was awed by the Kalkara, they seemed so vicious and scary, but for that reason I can't give them least favorite. The Wargals are ugly brutes that remind me of a creature from The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe. The big cat in book 10 was super-duper cool and awesomely haunting when it killed the pig but waited for the girls. I guess I would have to go with . . . you probably didn't think about this :) the wild boar in book one. Utterly rude and disgusting fighting techniques.

Now that I've given my opinions about every book in the series . . . :)
By the way Leann I love your profile pic.

Malachi Lining One thing I personally like about Flanagan's writing is that although fantasy he only has a few unreal creatures. I write in the some style in that regard. This is off the subject, but do you have any writing?

Malachi Lining Well thanks for the compliment.:) I have one story finished, but totally unedited up on goodreads. I also have one short story up that is edited. Then i have three chapters of a story i'm working on now, as well as a another book i'm working on that is not up at all on goodreads.

Becky I thought the Temujai were Flanagan's best villains. They weren't "evil" per say, they were just uncaring and unstoppable. That kind of villain always scares me (in a good way).

Alyss would have to be my least favorite character. She's...too perfect. She always knows just what to say and is unrealistically prepared for every possible situation. On top of this, she's really kind of flat.

Least favorite animal/creature? I guess I have to go with the Wargals.

Malachi Lining Here's my reasoning for why we all don't like Alyss.
1.She acts to nose-held-high attitude.
2.This is the big one. She doesn't really take others suggestions or is open. Will and Horace are constantly making sure what they do is right, and they are open for ideas.

Malachi Lining I definitely did like the Temujai, they took first prize for their tactics and cunning.

Maggie I don't like Evanlyn that much. I know I'm supposed to admire/like her, but I don't like it when authors introduce characters in the middle of the series and expect us to like them.

Hot Chocolate Confessions I didn't really like Evanlyn in the beginning, but towards the end, I sorta warmed up to her.

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