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message 1: by carol., Senor Crabbypants (new)

carol. | 2616 comments We've had a number of good ideas come up in October's suggestion thread, so I'm going to create a spot for people to share ideas, and to serve as a resource for future months.

Theme ideas:
"Classic" versus "contemporary"
Year published

message 2: by Andreas (new)

Andreas Several groups work with themes lists. I like the one at the SciFi&Fantasy Book Club - take whatever you wish from the list:
Weird Fiction
East Asian Graphic Novels
Fairy Tale Retelling
Ancient (Pre-medieval) Setting
Non-European Setting
Animal Companions
Short Stories
English Language Graphic Novels
LGBT Protagonist
James Tiptree, Jr. Award List
Old West
Inspired Movie Adaptation
Female Villain
Seemingly Incompetent Hero
Alternate History
Child Protagonist
Fantasy Masters
Future Fantasy
High Magic
Magic Items
Science Fantasy
Sword and Sorcery
Asian Cultures
Big Scary Mosnter
Dead Authors
God(esse)s and other Divine beings
Non-Human Main Character
Parallel Universe
Personal Favorites
Recently deceased author
Stand Alone

message 3: by Aelliana (new)

Aelliana (aelli) | 41 comments ... That should cover most things ;)

Not originally written in English could be interesting.

message 4: by carol., Senor Crabbypants (new)

carol. | 2616 comments Yes. Um. Andreas, that was certainly thorough. I was rather hoping for a group-generated list, a sort of process of nomination. So. I don't know where to do from here. Should I pick two random for November? Or have a poll?

message 5: by Andreas (new)

Andreas I'm sorry, I am so result-oriented that I underestimated the community process. Maybe that was the wrong result :(

message 6: by Kevin (new)

Kevin | 284 comments I think,

Not originally written in English
LGBT Protagonist

would be great themes for getting people out of their comfort zones.

Or maybe a short story collection by a single author? Did the group ever do that before?

message 7: by carol., Senor Crabbypants (new)

carol. | 2616 comments Andreas wrote: "I'm sorry, I am so result-oriented that I underestimated the community process. Maybe that was the wrong result :("

No worries. It's just that group thing--but now you have a list people can look at and consider. Maybe I should make it into a poll and we can take the top few for upcoming months.

Kevin, i don't know that we've specifically done shorts for a while, but the Call of Cthulu was kind of a short and some read the others if it was a collection.

message 8: by L.Y. (new)

L.Y. Levand (lylevand) | 131 comments Andreas wrote: "I'm sorry, I am so result-oriented that I underestimated the community process. Maybe that was the wrong result :("

I was a little disappointed when I saw that I couldn't help build the list, but this makes it all faster, so I can't complain. I never would have thought of some of them, either. :)

message 9: by Evilynn (new)

Evilynn | 22 comments I don't see why people couldn't add more examples? The list is pretty thorough, although I'm not entirely sure of whether or not it's okay to appropriate another group's work (I know a lot of us are members of both groups, but still). :/

message 10: by Wastrel (new)

Wastrel | 35 comments It's a pretty extensive list, but I'm sure there are other possibilities too.

Here's a few:

- Dreams and Visions (books where the SFF content is only seen in a dream or a vision or the like (read in a book, etc) - doesn't include stories where it turns out to be a dream in the end, as that would be a spoiler)

- Banned/Prosecuted (books that were banned, came close to being banned, publishers refused to publish due to controversy, or resulted in prosecution of the author or publisher, etc)

- The Less Well-Known Other Novel By... (where an author is famous for one book, this category would apply to their other books)

- Good Standalone Shared World Novels (shared worlds are mostly associated with pulp fiction, but every so often there's a shared world novel that would actually be a good novel on its own even without the setting - those who aren't fans of the setting may miss these books altogether)

- Twins, Clones, Doppelgangers, Pod People, Replicants, Living Reflections And So Forth (what it says on the tin - two people who at the very least look the same and maybe more than that)

- Married Protagonist (not necessarily from the first page, but for at least the majority of the book)

- Protagonist With Children (ditto)

- Hive minds, Collective Consciousness, Group Intelligence, and Assimilation

- Graphic Novels

- Novelisation of a Film, Play or TV Series (I'm sure some of them are good!)

Finally, an interesting one might be "Not In The Author's First Language", but there may not be enough candidates for that one.

message 11: by carol., Senor Crabbypants (new)

carol. | 2616 comments Wow, interesting ideas, Wastrel.

message 12: by Carly (new)

Carly (dawnsio_ar_y_dibyn) | 192 comments For UF, I'd love to do continents at some point--South American one month, Asian another, African, European, etc.

I'd also love to do a "landmark books" theme--e.g., the first books in UF, first occult detectives, the first books in Sword&Sorcery, etc. It would probably have to coincide with a "repeat book month," as I'm sure the group has read most of the "landmark" books.

message 13: by Kevin (new)

Kevin | 284 comments Oh, I like the idea of setting aside 6 months of the UF reads and dedicate each to an UF book set in that continent (6 continents: split the Americas in North/South and skip Antartica, since I don't think there're many UF books set there.)

I'm also in favor of graphic novels and The Less Well-Known Other Novel By ...

message 14: by Kimberly (new)

Kimberly Read | 156 comments Chiming in a little late, but I wanted to add apocalyptic. I love a good destroy the world story - vampires, zombies, plants that make people go crazy.

message 15: by carol., Senor Crabbypants (new)

carol. | 2616 comments Oh, me too, Kimberly. Trouble is, that could be considered sci-fi in some cases. It's a fine, arguable line... Wool Omnibus--sci fi, zombies-fantasy. Some might argue that depending on the science, zombies could be real (Mira Grant's Feed). We might get bogged down in arguing.

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