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Mila Kunis for the role of Kate Kavanagh

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Amina Who do u think should play the role of Kate Kavanagh?
i think it should be Mila Kunis.

Tara I can't see Mila with strawberry blonde hair..maybe. I think it should be Blake Lively. Or Diane Agron..they can play strong, sexy female roles.

Arlene No no no. Maybe an unknown actress?

Tara Unknowns are good too..

Replicant Rachel kate kavanagh's character isn't exactly the most challenging character on earth, any young blonde actress would do...

Jenn Definitely not Mila. Any unknown actress would do. It's not a big role.

Naya madisen beaty!

Bryee Unknown actors are the best to me ^.^

Mochaspresso She's too old, but I always envisioned someone like Kate Hudson.

Jenny Tanaya wrote: "madisen beaty! "

I don't know who that is - but good choice!!!

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Tara She seems too young to me to have that 'take charge' attitude that Kate had. Maybe it's just the picture...

Nasreen Definitely not Mila. Dianna Agron would be a good choice yeah

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