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Tv show canceled by bbc any chance of starz making season 2?

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message 1: by Michael (new)

Michael The tv show was cancelled by bbc so is there any chance of starz making a season two,though I somehow doubt it because starz is labeling it as a mini series.Are you disappointed?I am,I feel this could have been the next game of thrones

Emma Not sure you could continue this as it encompasses three of the books in the series... Lots of POV in the series rather than just the female protagonists in the books.

Sarah Freeman-langford How can it be the next game of thrones? The white queen although a drama series is based on actual history. The battle of bosworth was the end of this period of history. If you want more of this go and watch that god awful series 'the Tudors' which was so historically incorrect it might as well have been fantasy!

Donna This wasn't a show that was cancelled. It was a mini series that only had 10 episodes.

message 5: by Rip (new)

Rip Van winkle This is a HORRIBLY directed TV series.

Remember in episode 1 or 2 when Lady Margaret Beaufort goes to visit her son Henry, the future King Henry VII? He was around 5 or 6 years old at the time of that visit.

When they did a forward in the story line an episode later, a message on the screen said 3 YEARS LATER. Well Lady Margaret Beaufort visits her son again Henry and he hadn't aged a day even though it was suppose to be 3 YEARS LATER!!

Not sure about you all but a 5-6 year old looks allot older than a 9-10 year old, which should have been his age when they forwarded the story 3 years and Lady Margaret Beaufort went to visit him again.

HORRIBLE DIRECTING. The director should be fired and never direct again over something like this.

Carly It was not a series but a mini series. Maybe depending on the popularity of this series, someone could make a movie/tv movie based on Philippa Gregory's lasted cousin's war novel The White Princess. Or maybe make a movie/tv movie based on any one of her other books.They seem to be quite popular.

message 7: by D. (new) - rated it 5 stars

D. Krauss I'm pretty forgiving of the mini-series, warts and all, because I'm a Philippa Gregory fan. Yeah, big tough guy like me. She did a great job bringing this murky era to light. Would have been better if the BBC treated all the books separately. More to watch.

Jennifer Eremeeva I just finished reading "The White Princess" which picks up the story of Elizabeth and Edward's daughter, Elizabeth and Margaret's son, Henry Tudor. I think it would be a great sequel. I'm loving The White Queen, and I hope they take the story all the way to "My Kingdom for a Horse!"

Keli D. wrote: "I'm pretty forgiving of the mini-series, warts and all, because I'm a Philippa Gregory fan. Yeah, big tough guy like me. She did a great job bringing this murky era to light. Would have been better..."

Love your comment! I'm a fan of hers as well and have read all of the books in the Cousins' War Series so I'm enjoying watching it unfold in the mini-series.

message 10: by Keli (new) - rated it 4 stars

Keli The comment on the horrible directing regarding this particular series and the one regarding The Tudors being so historically incorrect make me laugh. In order to be able to give actual examples of inconsistencies between scenes, and to know for a fact something is recurrently historically inaccurate, one would have to actually WATCH a good portion of the shows, correct? I guess I'm just a simple person. I'll watch a show once and if it's entertaining and I enjoy it then it's on my watchlist. However, if I don't like it I won't give it a second chance.

Sarah Freeman-langford You could be referring to my comment. I watched the Tudors long enough to know it was historically inaccurate and furthermore it was complete rubbish. Sorry to disappoint you but I didn't watch it for that long. Just long enough to form my opinion on it. I was commenting on this merely because the original poster was inferring that you could make series after series of the white queen like a game of thrones type affair. I was pointing out that if they wanted more they could watch the Tudors and my comment stands that it was more like fantasy than history. Do not make the assumption that I watched hours of it and then afterwards decided it was crap.

message 12: by Keli (new) - rated it 4 stars

Keli Hi Sarah: I'm sorry that you took my comment so personally and you didn't disappoint me in the slightest. There is really no debate here, just matters of opinion. The Tudors is an entertainment based program never professing to be historically accurate.

Kathleen I am DVRing the series so haven't watched all the episodes. I am enjoying it so far. Since I consider the program to be entertainment, I am not concerned that the series is not totally factual. The acting is good, and I like seeing the fashions. I hope Starz shows similar programs.

message 14: by Michael (new)

Michael Wow I was right even though bbc passed on a second season starz has just order a second one based on the white princess

message 15: by Shopgirl (new)

Shopgirl I think that Starz should bring this series back in a part two about The White Princess. This was a well acted and well directed series.

Its a t.v. show. Don't have to be so serious. It was not meant to be a documentary or a true to life story. Maybe that is why they are called "historical fiction".

The Tudors was a great show.

Dorilyn I loved the books & the series. Hope there's another season.

Deborah I don't think it would have been good to do each book separate. All of their stories are intertwined. It would have been dull seeing 3 different women telling the exact same thing over and over again. In a book is easier because you know what the characters are thinking and feeling and it's not just what's happening that matters. If they did the books separate they would have to rely on voice-overs through the entire thing and then what's the point of having actors in it? That's an audio book that shows you who's reading.

Patricia I love shows like this!! Bravo!!!

Joanna I don't have a problem with the series as such. I took it to be what it was. Historical drama meant to entertain. I do have some misgivings about Phillipa Gregory's insistence she's a serious historian and then spinning us tales of witchcraft (because there's not much else going on).

The Sunne In Splendour is a much better researched book. Yes it concentrates on the male protagonists, but history was written about men, by men, and the women fall through the cracks.

The story line was thin. It would have been better if Ms Gregory just said "Hey, this is historical fiction so I'm going to take some liberties here. You make up your own mind."

I don't see anything wrong with fiction, and apparently neither do all the fans who buy her books. Just don't pass it off as well researched fact.

And before anyone says she hasn't I refer you to the BBC documentary she made at the same time as The White Queen was aired. She's also done several interviews.

emily What would call the second season? Most of the characters are dead eg. Edward, Richard and Anthony. Could we take much more of Margaret Beaufort? Elizabeth doesn't live much longer neither does Jasper Tudor. Elizabeth of York also dies young. So would it be based on the white princess and the last rose (when it is released). If Jonathan Rhys Meyers makes an appearance it may not be so bad.

Jeanna I love Phillipa Gregory's novels because she is an extremely talented author of historical fiction. I don't expect her to adhere strictly to facts. For history I read my favorite historical author of the 12th thru 16th centuries Alison Weir. However, Weir has also written some novels in order to explore feelings, motivations and possibilities because in so many cases all of the facts simply aren't known.

I found The White Queen on Starz to be really entertaining (not perfect but very watchable). I hope they make The White Princess as a sequel. The story of Elizabeth of York's marriage to Henry of Tudor and his struggle to keep the throne is pretty exciting. Does anybody have any updated news on whether this will happen?

Elisa Santos Jeanna wrote: "I love Phillipa Gregory's novels because she is an extremely talented author of historical fiction. I don't expect her to adhere strictly to facts. For history I read my favorite historical autho..."

If you trust Alison Weir to read solid historical facts, then you in for a surprise....did you know that she mentions no sources for her factual books? Pretty suspitious, don´t you think? She goes to press releases and whenever she is confronted with questions, and might i add, questions made from fellow historians, she simply declines to answer or desmissess it with a "it´s my secret sources" or it´s on booklet.

I would recommend for good, solid well-reasearched History, and sisnce you like the period of the War of the Roses Ian Mortimer. But you also have David Baldwin that is very relieable.

Jeanna You must be thinking of someone else. Alison Weir includes an exhaustive bibliography of primary and secondary sources in her factual books as well as delineated notes. I've also read Mortimer and Baldwin among others but I find Weir to be wonderfully readable as well as scholarly especially since she tends to focus (although not exclusively) on women.

Elisa Santos No, i´m not confusing her with anyone else....and the historian that asked about her research, on a press release and got no comment was precisely Ian Mortimer.

I´ve read them all and do not think Mortimer hard to read, but since Weir also writtes fiction, i´ll admit she knows how to captivate a reader.

message 25: by Jeanna (last edited Jun 29, 2014 09:18PM) (new) - rated it 3 stars

Jeanna Maria wrote: "No, i´m not confusing her with anyone else....and the historian that asked about her research, on a press release and got no comment was precisely Ian Mortimer.

I´ve read them all and do not think..."

I have never seen Weir interviewed so I don't know how she reacts to questions from fellow historians (but I wouldn't be surprised if there's some competition among them as in most professions). I love Ian Mortimer and own 2 of his books, but I can't see where he is a more accurate or more reliable historian than Weir. Weir has been writing well received scholarly books for many years before she began adding fictional works, and I don't think that I enjoy her as a historian because she's fictionalizing her facts. She may as you say not discuss sources during interviews but I believe that her books with their documentation speak for themselves.

TheBohemianBookworm But about the kingmaker's daughter? That would be a good one to base it on because we could see Richard through the eyes of his wife Anne, a very unique perspective.

Tamsin Willard This was a terrible series not because it was ahistorical (although it was) but because it was bad TV - cheap looking and badly written:
- Cheap-looking, drab costumes
- Underpopulated scenes (at court and in the laughable battles)
- Slow and undramatic
- Drippy, boring major character (Elizabeth)
- Underwritten major character (Edward)
- Constant sex scenes that didn't add anything
- Constant birthing scenes that didn't add anything
- Dull and incoherent love story of Elizabeth and Edward
Some of the acting was decent. Otherwise, I found it insulting that they would try to pass this off as rich, sumptuous historical drama. The Tudors at least looked good.

message 28: by Cheryl (last edited Jun 22, 2015 12:34PM) (new)

Cheryl Peters I am with the person that said if a TV series or mini series is good you watch it..but yes the time line at times did not fit..history is just that and it is perceived differently depending on who wrote the history. I loved The White Queen and I know some of the many ways the story has been recorded..and some of it was consistent with what I have read and some not..but in the end Henry Tudor was king. What happened to the boys in the tower? No one will EVER know for certain..Was Richard Perkins (the so called prince that was sent to France unbeknownst to anyone but mother and children) really Prince Richard of York and really the king of England? Or was King Edward a bastard? The story I read of Cecily says she did have an affair with a commoner and Edward was the result. So, A story is a story..some is true history some is to help the story line. Now The Tudors was an amazing TV series but the story line was off the mark much of the time. But I still enjoyed it.

S-The-Great I really enjoyed The White Queen book and I was super excited when news of its TV adoption was announced.
I wasn't dissapointed and it made sense that it was a mini-series, I mean you can't go on forever with it. I didn't want it to be over, alas, all things must come to an end. I hope the BBC would air a similar, exciting TV mini-series sometime soon.

message 30: by Tobias (new)

Tobias Smith I was looking for information on the white queen which I'm re-watching prior to the airing of the white princess. I found a couple of the comments regarding how the white princess would also make a very good show to be quite prescient.

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