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A village near the both kingdom, where people from working class lives and they are neutral.

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ӍдѕҞa (whichsidewillyouchoose) ~~~~~
A year or so later...

Shay knew she was wanted in both villages so she went to the only other on available and close... Strolling into town in her usual male get up and glanced around hopping she could make a life here... She rolled her eyes at the thought knowing her heart was shattered beyond repair and didn't want to her attached to anyone... And it had been her stupid idiotic mistake on thinking other then that... Swallowing hard she shoved her hands into her pockets walking around with her head tilted down debating if she should make a camp in the forest again and just deal with the intense walking she'd have to endure or is she should actually stay in a room or house for rent... She sighed shaking her head and decided she'll just walk around and check out the village.... Lost in her memories of her time traveling, it was amazing seeing the world.. It kept her thoughts busy and mind filled with everything she had to do... But coming back she knew she couldn't continue that life... One the water had freaked her out and she needed the comfort of 'home' wherever home really was...

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((I thought she needs to be in pub after looking for the job and next day lolz sorry I know I'm annoying and a nagger sometimes :P ))

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ӍдѕҞa (whichsidewillyouchoose) ((Nuuh.... Hold your horses mister... Sheesh.. She's a thinking don't tempt fate!))

Shay finally knew she wasn't going to find anything while being so lost in thoughts she strolled over to a nearby tavern since it was getting dark and just because the chaos kept her mind off her thoughts ... Heading that way she walked in and headed to the furthest table from the door hating being close and crinkled her nose at the smell but smirked sitting down and looked around watching everyone as they went through their lives actually having life and people in them... Leaning against the table she dully watched everyone with a faint smile...

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Ithuriel was working in the place from a year and this time no one was able to track him down and hopefully he have a beard and long hairs to disguise him,from the cleanliness loving prince. He took orders from few of the customers and bills from others. Job doesn't earn enough,there were the regular customers not new or tourists. Village was really small, composing of people who either works in the nearby kingdom or in forest. he counted the money and sighs, the money he got in tip was very small, he did the quick math of his rent,salary and today's tip, cuz his shift is almost over, he realized he won't have money to eat after saving money for the rent, as his landlord was a wicked man who wants money on the exact time. now he again will be sleeping hungry or either he can have dinner than forget about breakfast and lunch great !!! but hay that's what he wanted to prove to Shay's challenge that he won't last on his own for a single day but he is here run away from his all luxury from a year and only God knows where Shay is, living in some other country and earning much. Walking out of his thoughts he realized a young lady is sitting alone and he went to her, to take her order. she was looking down and her hair was the color of Shay !!!! He cleared his throat and she looked up and to his surprise she is sitting there, he quickly hiding his surprise he asked, "what can I get you ma'am ?". he smiled at the fate, once she was her server and today he is hers. he wanted to reach her and touch her more than anything but he smacked the thought away. 'she left you.' he heard his concious saying to him 'and she seems happy !!!'

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ӍдѕҞa (whichsidewillyouchoose) Shay continued to watch everyone enjoy life while she reluctantly thought about what she would do now... Cause feeling empty hollow and useless was just great... And she knew she needed to get a job as soon as she could... She decided she would try and find a place to stay for rent tho she still loves living in nature... Shaking that thought off since it would bring back.... She snapped that away sucking in a deep breath as she slid off her cap absentmindedly sliding her hand through her hair before she jumped, startled when someone talked she glanced over placing the cap back on her head before she shook her head, "I'm fine....." She replied shaking her head her tone almost emotionless before she realized she could ask this man about places for rent, "but could I ask you something?" She asked rubbing the new scar she acquired over her trip just below her right ear...

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he smiled although he doesn't showed it, she still wears that cap, she is still the same Shay he loved but he quickly shoved away the thoughts, there's no place or time to love. he just wants to live alone and that's what he is doing from a year. Everyone just care about them not others so why he should. when she said no he muttered something like 'wasting his time' under his breath before he almost cheered up and saw her new scar 'God this girl always getting new scars' he thought to himself "yes ma'am ask me anything. I'm ready to help you". he said in a generous tone trying to hide his excitement.

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ӍдѕҞa (whichsidewillyouchoose) Shay waited for the man to sort through his thoughts happy to turn her attention back to everyone else until he finally spoke and glanced over still gently rubbing her scar, which still irritated her... Had Got it west... She shook that thought off not wanting to think of that... "I was wondering if there was any places to rent?" She asked glancing back at him her green eyes were more darker hardened and cold then before.. "If you knew of any.." She mumbled as an afterthought..

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he looked thoughtfully at her. she seems more colder than before,not giving out even a single emotion on her face. he brightened a little at the mention of her wanting a house "well there is actually only one place you can rent but I doubts you're interested in that place....." he stopped thinking of whether to tell her or not "because that place is mine. don't get me wrong but I have a place with three bedrooms and I really having problem in affording it. so if you wants you can move and I'll be thankful to you too" he said atlast not caring if she will like it or not, they aren't together anymore and she also don't know that he is Ithuriel "btw I'm Mikael" he said showing a hint of smile on his face,which was all he shows these days, giving his fake name by which everyone knows him in this place.

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ӍдѕҞa (whichsidewillyouchoose) Shay was slightly surprised that there was actually a place to rent but as usual she didn't show it raising an eyebrow to wait for him to continue and listened carefully nodding, "I don't have a problem with that," she responded looking back at him, "how much are you expecting for rent? The terms...?" She asked having much experience in this department thanks to her previous job.... Shaking that off she focused at the task at hard seizing him up with his gaze, "and I'd introduce myself but by the looks of it, you seem to know in fact who I am," she said evenly.. Having accessing him carefully...

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Ithuriel was surprised by her readily acceptance of moving into his house. he thought for a moment "ten brass coins will be enough and......" he let the sentence hung in middle, he never had thought of any terms. He isn't a crazy landlord who put forwards rules to live in the house "there aren't really any terms except you don't come late or you don't harm the property as it isn't mine" he finally spoke breaking the silence before he stared at her in horror 'did she recognized that I'm Ithuriel' he thought to himself but shaking that thought as impossible, he gains his composure and reply as coolly as possible "I don't have the slightest idea what you're talking about ma'am".

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ӍдѕҞa (whichsidewillyouchoose) Shay nodded at the price since she'd made more then enough at her old job... Finally putting her hand down on her lap since she knew she had been rubbing her new scar too long before she looked up at him, "the price is quite fine, and most house rules I'll obey to," she responded nodding her head slightly looking at the table sorting out her thought before she laughed.... Yes actually laughed... Even if Ithuriel had.... And everything that had happened between them in the end he had given her the ability to laugh again... She turned to look at him rolling her eyes slightly in the process, "don't play stupid with me... Your body is slightly tense and your expression isn't the one you should if this is indeed our first encounter, and I'd highly doubt you'd offer me the place without knowing a little something about me," she stated logically having learned to read somebodies body language and hidden emotions beneath what they were showing... Was quite good at it too...

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he wait for her to respond fidgeting with his finger,all his bet on this yes of her and when she said yes he let out a soft sigh of relief but he knew that she had heard him. "erm well than it settles and my shift will be over I'll show you my house" he said in a casual tone before he felt a tinge of anger and annoyance in his stomach 'she is happy and laughing after doing all that to me and leaving me for granted. father was right about girls leaving for their own good' he thought to himself before he heard what she had said "um.....ummmm I really don't think I knows you. you're totally mistaken I'm all stiff and tense because I was really hoping that you wil accept my offer because I really in a desperate need of a fellow paying guest. I really didn't have money to buy food because all I earns get in my house rent" he said looking away not bothering to look at her.

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ӍдѕҞa (whichsidewillyouchoose) Shay raised an eyebrow at him when she heard him sigh... Must be desperate for money.. She thought to herself as she nodded, "I'll wait till then," she said noticing the way emotions quickly flash across his features before he could mask them and was confused when anger flashed though but it was gone the next second making her wonder if she'd just imagined it... Tho she laughed she didn't smile not even once yet as she spoke with him luckily she was able to hide every emotion she felt and didn't want to show with ease so just to hide her feelings from the outside world.. She then rolled her eyes again knowing he sounded familiar but sadly for once she couldn't place it, "you didn't offer me the place until a bit ago you've been tense and looking at me oddly since you arrived at the table," she stated, "so your telling me half truths... But Mikael you should know that I'm not an idiot... You can't even look me in the eye and tell me... So yes I truly believe you in fact know me somehow even if it is little," she stated with finality...

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he just didn't know what to talk to her. since it was not Ithuriel whom was talking to her it was Mikael so he just keep glancing at her with his eyes full of emotions, that his mind was totally mudled with them. "ok till than you wait or do you want something to eat ?" he asked. before he realized she is reading his emotions "well if you insists than I'll tell you the truth...." he said leaning down before he dropped his voice to a low whisper "whole white knight is after you for attempting to murder prince Ithuriel" he said trying to convincing. "yes I was lying before but yes I know a little about you".

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ӍдѕҞa (whichsidewillyouchoose) Shay was having an surprisingly enjoyable time watching and reading his emotions which he seemed to wear on his sleeve for to say yet she did not smile only shook her head, "I've told you I am truly fine, just came for the peace and quite," she said at the end being completely sarcastic but straightened her expression to emotionless as she looked at him when he leaned down pressing her lips into a thin line as she listened tho her lip quirked the slightest up in amusement, "aye that would be so... False accusations just happen to get the best of me..." She replied but she knew he was keeping things from her but she didn't care, the less she knew the less likely she'd become attached or such..

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he was too acquainted with her to know her feelings and emotions and he realized she was enjoying his behavior he rolled his eyes "o.k Yh whatever but the pub owner is an a**hole so he won't like if he saw anyone sitting without a single order" he said in a casual tone. before he realized that he was having an urge to reach out and touch her but he snapped that feeling away. now he is just emotionless who don't give a thought about love or friendship. his one of the bestfriend made sure to destroy his life and she left him but still came back and now more than a year had passed and he haven't talked with anyone with the intention of making friends. he snapped out from his reverie and looked at her with deep thoughts "but I had heard that passerby saw you stabbing him" he said with a raised brow.

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ӍдѕҞa (whichsidewillyouchoose) Shay rolled her eyes tempted to laugh but didn't... And was utterly surprise since most could barely get a laugh from her... Only..... She shoved that thought away not wanting anything to do with him... Nothing.. Not even through memories... She swallowed hard keeping her emotions masked before she answered, "fine, I'll leave and be back here in a few..." She stated glancing up at him again, "sorry but I just don't like being served..." She said with a simply shrug of her shoulders since being waited on reminded her of her last employment... She went to stand up but found he was in her way and didn't stand looking up at him and shrugged again, "complications," she stated firmly raising a brow at him, "you've heard this yet you want to be in the same house as me? Either you have balls or your just plain crazy," she pointed out with a look...

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'o.k than I'll come and get you when I'll be finished with my work you should wait outside" he said with.a shrug of his shoulder,glancing at her from the corner of his eyes. he was thankful that he have long hairs which mostly covered his eyes otherwise his eyes would have given up him. she was too much acquainted with them. afterall both of them share same eye colour, he held her gaze for a moment and.....suddenly...he found himself in the.......last night of his with her and he realized how much he missed her but again he snapped himself out of his day dreaming.....he needs to kill them....his emotions totally. Now he is sure of one thing if royals caught him now and made him king than he will be as ruthless as his father, maybe more than him, he really doesn't feel affection towards people,poor people, like he used to feel before. he remembers how a beggar begged to him few weeks ago and he........Ithuriel realized about what he was thinking "well do you wonder if both of them isn't the case....maybe I really don't care or maybe I'm more dangerous than you" he said and before she can say anything he walked away to his work taking orders again.

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ӍдѕҞa (whichsidewillyouchoose) Shay nodded waiting knowing he was lost in thought but couldn't take the time to at all care... Not replying to anything and once he walked away from the table she got up and exited not bothering To wait outside like he told her to that was one of the things that hadn't had at all changed about her.. Soon she was walking through the village knowing something was nagging at the back of her mind knowing that it would lead to something she didn't want to deal with... And she knew that she couldn't stand being in that house with him for too long a period of time... She didn't understand why all she knew that's something bout him unsettled her... Shrugging it off she continued moving around looking at everything as she passed quickly making her plan to finally get her things from the boat and put em somewhere.. Luckily they weren't due out anytime soon so she could say her goodbyes.. Course she wouldn't say bye to one of the traders.. The perv... Rolling her eyes she was looking at a few pieces of weaponry she recognized..

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Ithuriel shift have to be over 15 minutes ago but his all the time pain in the a** boss had stopped him to get some extra help in his personal chores and he couldn't denied because he needed this job if he wants to survive in this world. but all the time his mind keeps on drifting back to her although he didn't wanted to think about her. he always had thought that he was over her but he in fact wasn't,but he knows one thing that he won't get attached to her no matter what, she had left him just like Shana did so he doesn't need and he is taking her as a partner paying guest so that he can afford it right ??, God he don't know, but making his mind blank he went outside and looks for her but couldn't find her, good maybe she is gone. he turned to go to his house when he spotted her near a child he went to her "ready to go?" he asked.

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ӍдѕҞa (whichsidewillyouchoose) Time soon grew lost to shay since she adored looking at weapons seeing how different they are from others while she imagined how they would work which would be light but hard to aim true.... But soon she had looked through them all having bought one she found entrancing of course a dagger with a slight curve that reminded her of a talon, or a wolfs claw.... Sheathing the blade she knew she'd add detail to the handle later had having learned everything she needed to know about metal when she was a blacksmith... a bit later then strolling along once again fiddling with her necklace which she usual did as a habit every since..... She stomped those thought to the bud not wanting to think about it not... Just no.... It had been the right thing to do for him.... She couldn't compete with the other nobles or b***hes like that.... And there was no way she could follow under his father rule.... She was trash for him and she didn't want him to..... Sighing she shut down that part of the brain all together and noticed a child all alone near a building playing in the dirt.. She smiled, since children were the only thing that actually made her smile anymore.. She walked over and sat down in front of her careful to avoid the girls artwork... Soon later she was playing hide and go seek with the little girl counting she uncovered her hands and began to seek her out... Finding her, shay snuck up behind her and started tickling her until she was rolling on the ground laughing while shay grinned... Of course that was when Mikael had found her soon after that when shay was holding the child in her lap telling her stories about different lands and adventures that she had been on watching as the girl smiled and laughed... Loving the way the emotions swept freely across her face.... But when she heard Mikael she paused in her story about an attack on the ship and glanced at him her smile dying on her lips before she looked back at the girl smiling softly as she pressed her lips to the girls forehead, "I'll find you later and we'll finish this story," she vowed holding the child in her arms she stood and placed her gently on the ground handing her a piece of bread she'd been saving, "take it little one," she urged when the child hesitated but soon grabbed it out of shays hand hugged her gratefully before she had bolted off... Straightening up shay stuffed her hands into her pockets watching the girl race off probable back to her wall again before she masked her expression clean away and turned to Mikael nodding, "I'm ready," she said stiffly..

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Ithuriel was smiling deeply at her,seeing her play with the child but he pushed away the happy thoughts from his mind and than nodded and started moving to his house which was a little away from where he works "so Shay where you went and how come you are not caught and hanged by the knights ?" he asked in a curious tone although he knows that she ran away with traders and he was the one who let her go and he had watched her from the port, hiding, watching her go away on the ship, thinking that she will never come back but yet she is here after a year. they turned a corner and he was opening a door's lock and opening the gate "erm this is my house" he said. Although it was a bachelor's house, he kept it tidy and clean unlike his hair and beard. but the house's furniture was in great need of replacement,springs and feather were protruding out and there was a pile of books on the table, the books he had brought with him. he show her the two unoccupied bedrooms and let her decide which one she wants.

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ӍдѕҞa (whichsidewillyouchoose) Shay watched him carefully before looking away following him with her hands shoved deep in her pockets, "I was just lucky enough even if I'm trash.... Got a job and traveled the world even if it meant a year with a complete pervert.... But being hanged just wasn't the plan," she muttered looking down at the ground as she followed him only glancing up when he Announced they were there and seized up the place with a slight nod walking just behind him the whole time not saying much while keeping her expression impassive tho she was drawn to the books she noticed so very tempted to just run over and read them..... Swallowing hard she kept her composure and followed him examining both rooms carefully before simply shrugging not really caring which one, "I'll take whichever one you can give me," she stated once again she began fiddling with her necklace.... She knew she'd work on the drawing for the girl... Who she knew loved flowers then she'd need to.... She continued with her metal list of things to be done before she finally focused back on him...

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He just nodded not saying anything but was relieved that she is happy and safe,although he doesn't wanted to admit to himself. Before his gaze turned hard "what do you mean a pervert ?", he asked his voice a little hard which he doesn't wanted to use. "sorry" he muttered a quick sorry and added "and I heard too that there was a thing between you and prince Ithuriel what about that since you have returned" he asked not looking at her instead into the bedrooms seeing which one is in good condition to give to her and finally settling with a one away from his otherwise his feelings will again take over him. ".you can take this room" he tell her and noticed the pendant which he never saw before on her neck "I think its a souvenir from the journey or a gift from someone special ?" he asked with his raised brows.

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ӍдѕҞa (whichsidewillyouchoose) Shay did notice the relief that flashed through his features and frowned but chose to ignore it, why did she care, becoming attached would mean she'd ruin everything for him... She should really start staying away from people.... She growled at herself before was surprised by his tone but masked it, "there's always that one guy who doesn't know boundaries, or any decent means of manners sadly I was stuck with on," she stated casually tho she had none fond memories of the man at all the guy was a pig from the start... She shoved those thoughts away as she did with everything else usually and shrugged at his apology glancing around before her gaze snapped to him anger flashing through her features before she could stop it and looked away, "nonexistent, since obviously he can't be seen with someone with my standard," she hissed through her teeth before composing herself enough to reply, "tho that is none of your concern," she muttered and nodded at the room he'd picked, "thanks, I'll return with my things," she stated finally glancing up and looked at him blankly, "none, family heirloom," she stated simply tensing up since Samael had informed her that it was the Dawson's symbol and didn't want to have anyone notice so she quickly tucked it away and shoved her hands deep into her pockets, "well I'll be off and will be back later," she said backing away slightly from him...

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He wasn't sure why he was asking her all these. when they doesn't matter to him, he was over withher and he in this house had gone through everything and convincing himself that he hates her after what she had done but now he was feeling all that commitment of his crumbling away and he needs a little distance from her "yes there is always a person who likes to make your life as bad as possible" he said dropping his but he had seen the anger on her face "yes that's none of nt concern its your life I just asked because I wanted to know if you're together again and prince makes his mind to visit you here sometime" he said casually but as he don't have the slightest idea what Samael had told her,for which he is going to hate him more. he snapped himself out and nodded "o.k come back soon before its dark there are robbers on the path".

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ӍдѕҞa (whichsidewillyouchoose) Shay nodded in response, "as I have just said," she replied her tone my cold then before as she left him gain his thoughts since they both seemed go be thoroughly thinking most of the time before she rolled her eyes, "there's no worries there," she growled before she walked past him making sure they were no where even close to touching, cause ever since the last few Incidents with the one who she now referred as the perv had completely made her fear the touch of others, besides children of course nothing could take away her love for them:.. She nodded again, "I know how to survive and make due, I'm not weak... I'll be back soon," she stated firmly and was out the door minutes later after saying as such.....

Awhile later she returned and hauled her things silently to the room she'd been addressed careful to avoid any contact with him and was soon situated in the room having not unpacked a thing and was sitting down trying to gain composure.... When she had she finally gained control she stood placing her cap down and slid her hands through her hair taking in a deep breath while deciding that she will begin working on the drawing for the little girl as soon as she could...

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he just nodded and didn't said anything although he wanted to say but if he spoke much he knows that she wil recognize his voice. so instead he just keeps on standing there, yes he knows that she can be dangerous and can kill in a blink of an eye so he nodded in response,cringing away from her when she passed him. "take care" was all he muttered.

he waited for her till late night but she didn't came "maybe she changed her mind" he said to himself thinking that maybe she is in other village now and won't come back or maybe she is in danger. he shook that thought off,she can't be easily harmed,she had avoided knights for years and he don't care even if she is in danger. his eyes were closings but he doesn't wanted to fall asleep since he knew that the same nightmare wil come,which were haunting him from a year but he was tired so he fell asleep unknowingly.

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ӍдѕҞa (whichsidewillyouchoose) Shay didn't come out of the room until she was sure he had gone to sleep and began her rounds throughout the house locking up everything that someone could gain access to enter before she paused at the books not really caring it noticing the rough shape the furniture was in... She slinked over and grabbed the closest book to her plopped down on the ground and began reading... Soon later she had curled up on the floor the book laying on her hand since she had unwillingly fell into unconsciousness while reading and having slept on nearly everything now she didn't awake till morn...

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Ithuriel woke up early in the morning, he really hadn't slept well because of the nightmares he was having. the first thing he saw was her sleeping on the floor. he smiled for a moment before he realized she was holding his book, he closed the distance in few long strides and snatching his book from her thankfully he hadn't wrote his name on it "sorry I don't like when someone took my books"

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ӍдѕҞa (whichsidewillyouchoose) Shay blinked sitting up with a small groan rubbing the back of her head before glancing at him and at the book nodding, "sorry couldn't help myself," she mumbled still groggy from sleep as she ran a hand through her messy hair knowing most girls would be horrified to been seen in such state but living on a ship with men after a year... She didn't really care anymore about appearance... But she kinda realized how close he was and was on her feet backing away, "I'll just get out of your way," she mumbled slinking past him careful to keep distance and headed back to the room she'd be accompanying for who knows how long... She was in the room and closed the door before he could say anything and luckily she already had a plan for the whole day that would mean she'd be out all day....
Soon she was out of her room wearing sadly a dress since the job she noticed would require her appearance of a female but since she couldn't wear her trusty boots she went with being barefooted and was walking to the door preying she wouldn't run into him tho with her luck she doubted her prayer would come true but it never hurt to try...

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He nodded at her although he doesn't wanted to do that but he was still angry at her for leaving him. God !!!!! when he will get over her probably not sooner or maybe they can have a new start from here !! that isn't possible..he doesn't have anything to do with her let alone be close to her,she already have given him a heartbreak and he already was so stupid for trying to get killed by her, now he sees that as an act of cowardice and stupidity. giving your life for someone who doesn't care about him. he snapped himself to the present day at the time when she backed away "you don't need to I just don't like when someone touches my books without my consent" he said to her and saw her disappearing into her alloted room and he started making breakfast for both of them. hopefully he will be out for his work and won't stumble into her if she isn't working anywhere near him and when she comes out he was setting the breakfast and he saw her in dress again. ohhh so she must be working in somewhere female works he thought mesmerized by her,realizing how he had forgotten that how much breathtaking she looks in all this "I made breakfast for you", he said in a casual tone.

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ӍдѕҞa (whichsidewillyouchoose) Shay jumped slightly not expecting to hear Mikael's strangely familiar voice and she glanced over swallowing hard cursing silently but she knew she couldn't be rude so swallowing her pride she managed a very forced weary smile and walked slowly over, "thank you, I appreciate it..." She said softly wrapping her arms around herself knowing she better start avoiding him after this as she ran a hand through her hair still feeling awkward about receiving food since she even on the ship had prepared the food and served it to them... So everything about this felt odd she watched him carefully having no idea what to do now...

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Ithuriel noticed when she was startled by him "sorry I didn't meant to startle to" he said putting the plates on the table before putting the food he had made a pie and tea. that's usually all he can make after a year not that he complains. He wasn't expecting her to say yes and sit on the table but he had made breakfast for both of them, but she surprised him by sitting on it and started eating,so her sat down too "you're going early, so where you're working ?" he asked trying to hide the curiosity away from his voice.

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ӍдѕҞa (whichsidewillyouchoose) Shay shook her head at his apology but beside that didn't say anything about it only sat down with him feeling beyond awkward and slowly ate knowing she was still a little uneasy with most foods since traveling around in a ship but her stomach didn't seem to be giving her problems yet, and she kept her head down so she wouldn't read into his expressions knowing her curiosity would spike and she'd begin wondering what was behind each emotion.. So she kept her head adverted and stiffened at his question but saw no harm in telling him, "saw a job opening opposite side of here," she said with a shrug, "and I'm up and ready early cause I have to go bid my shipmates farewell since their shipping off today," she stated simply and continued finishing up what he'd prepared..... Shay finally glanced briefly up at him, "would you mind if I offer to make dinner from here on in? The shift isn't a night one.." She asked waiting for his reply..

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He sat there watching her instead of eating, she looks vulnerable in the dress but he smiles that he is getting to see her in dresses and remembered their first date but just pushed away that thought, it was more than a year ago, everything seems so distant now."ohhh so what's the job about ? I really didn't know that some job is available here" he asked,curiosity creeping in. he listened nodding "must be hard to bid farewell to those whom with you lived for long and aren't you going never again" he said it instead of as a question before he was taken aback by what she had said, she is offering to make food that's not like her "o.k you can I usually ate raw bread because no money but now I can afford a little food" he said with a shrug of his shoulder before he glanced up at her "you can read my books its just I'm protective of them" he said atlast breaking the silence which was hanging between them "so what about Ithuriel ?" he asked but seeing her expression he quickly added "I means how he is didn't listened about him from anyone from a long time no one talks about him now"

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ӍдѕҞa (whichsidewillyouchoose) Shay waited before responding to his question wondering why he was so curious about her life... But she shoved it aside.. Everyone was curious about something... "Whorin'," shay Informed him glancing up at see his expression and when she did she unable to help herself burst out laughing before she was able to calm herself enough and regain her composure, "I am messing with you... But it teaches you on being curious of a women's work," she said smirking down at her plate finishing up not actually answering him before she nodded, "yes, tho some I'm more happy to say goodbye then others... But they are tough and some you never get over," she replied her expression growing haunting before she slid on her mask and adverted her gaze getting up and picked up her things to wash and out away and nodded, "I understand, but I just wanted to ask in case you would have minded," she stated simply putting nothing more to it, "and don't worry bout food for the next week, I'll get it," she stated leaving no room for argument having saved enough and was already going to get some food for the orphanage over at the other village a few more wont hurt... Not yet... But then his question but her off guard anger and surprised quickly overcame her features and the plate slipped from her grasp but she easily caught it before it hit the ground and continued washing and then drying it, "that's a surprise," she muttered under her breath before putting the dishes she used away before turning to face him, "ill be leaving now see you tonight for dinner," she stated avoiding his question and walked past him well far past him and exited the house before he could say a word...

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He was totally taken aback by her words and he was ready to blow up his disguise and tell her who he is but when she broke out in laughter he was relieved that she isn't doing that but doesn't join her in the laugh, that part of him is gone he exactly didn't remembered when was the last time he had laugh and felt angry and jealous. "o.k Yh whatever I won't ask you about your work I just wanted to know what my partner is doing, no other things" he mumbled between his shoving of food down his throat "hmmm ok but its usually tough to leave whom you likes or you have gotten attached too" he said with a raised brow clearly talking about his breakup but hopefully she doesn't know about that. He opened his mouth to argue with her but he knows that she won't backup once she says something so he just keeps on eating. he had expected a shocked expression but she seems angry but she quickly hid it though it was enough to know to him, he felt like daggers were stabbed in every part of his body, she left him but he hadn't thought that his name will bring anger on her face, so he just didn't said anything, cuz he knows that if he opens his mouth all he will do is yell.

The rest of the day went in a blur there were more customers and he was occupied all day long but his mind keeps on drifting back to her and the conversation of the morning. he was thinking about it to remind himself that she doesn't love him, she left him and the mere mention of his name brings anger to her face. afterall he was what only a disappointment like his father had said.

After the shift was finished he rushes to his house hoping to meet her and prod her about Ithuriel, to know how she feels and thinking about it he opened the door and was greeted by the smell of the food, his mouth watered after a year he is going to have a real dinner.

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ӍдѕҞa (whichsidewillyouchoose) After escaping the house and Mikael's questions shay had quickly left the village to the one she dreaded the most avoiding people until she had arrived at the harbour and ran up to bid farewell to the friends she had made along her voyage while staying far away from the man who had harassed her from day one... First beating since he thought her as a man but after he had discovered as of the rest of the crew of who she truly was that abuse had turned to sexual... Luckily a few nicks of a blade here and there taught him to keep his distance... Finishing her goodbyes she waved as they set off waiting a fair bit of of time Before she retuned the the village she will be hopefully living for a long while and quickly went to the job opening she saw... Well she noticed one for sewing and patching things up and making things etc... But she also noticed the small program to feed the poor and hungry which she would be taking time to help out while working at the other place.... It took a bit but she got the job with a wonderful older women who said she could start tomorrow.. And after saying good day she headed to the small building organizing the program.... Staying there for a while she soon left to go shopping for food already knowing the dish she wanted to create but also to pick up supplies for the flower painting she was planning to do... It's then she realized that she was doing so much just to keep her mind off Ithuriel... He had moved on so she should too... Just not with someone else... Shoving the thoughts away she shopped for food staying away from men still uneased by them....

Soon she was back at Mikael's home putting the food away while keeping others still in the basket since she was saving it for the program.. She then went to the room she's staying in and put the supplies she needed away and quickly changed out of the horrid dress and Into her clothes since she had no plans out she just wore leggings and a long sleeved shirt was was a few sized to big but she used a belt to make it look good... She then headed to the kitchen to start cooking having seen one of these dishes cooked on her travels and was shocked by the... Well just how delicious it was..

(( ;) ;) remember??))

She was working on the last touches to the dish when she heard Mikael return and heard his reaction to the scent of the food which was absolutely making her starving also as she set out the table and set the fine dish in between...

((And as for the dish... It can be anything really that's fancy... Cause food is where I draw a blank so yeah... >.< ))

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He went to his room after taking a bath and changing into his cloths, he came back and sat on the dinner table with her and the food which she had prepared made him look at her in surprise, it wasn't from his country they were foreign, must have bought from France he thought to himself. she have baked bread, waffles and cheese and meat !!! Meat was really expensive and not easily available he was really taken aback "I never knew that you can cook", he said with a mouthful of food but quickly realized what he had said, so he added "I meant I never imagined".

((remember what ?? sorry my memory you know right ))

"btw thanks for a lovely dinner" he said still literally shoving the food and feeling more hungry and remembers the first time he had taken her to dinner. Now that thought hurt him and he stopped eating looking everywhere but her. "sorry I should manner myself" he said.

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ӍдѕҞa (whichsidewillyouchoose) ((Ha! Only if you buy it... There's hunting! ;). And the outfit, leggings, too big long sleeved shirt... It was the style she talked with ithruiel about...))

Shay sat down after preparing the meal knowing it was rude to start a meal without everyone present and silently cursed the traders setting those horrid habits into her mind but waited anyway looking over the food just to make sure it was alright and was happy that it hadn't had taken as much food as she had thought and the meat was fresher then the market had to sell since she'd caught it days before arriving here... Shoving the thought aside when he came back and was silently glad he was enjoying... One thing that had come out good with the job as a trader was the new found knowledge the she enjoyed and was good at cooking.. Her gaze snapped to him while she was placing some food upon her plate narrowing her eyes having already suspecting something but didn't want to dig further into it so she brushed it off not caring at least not wanting to she answered, "either would I had not been being forced to spend weeks on end on a ship with men who could barely boil water... If I wants to starve I'd had let them cook but I tried it and seemed to have a knack for it," she stated simply as she began eating also nodding in acknowledgement of his thanks so tempted to smile at his enthusiasm on eating but of course didn't adverting her gaze down she continued eating through the meal and glanced up at him in surprise, "manners are for the rich and the snobby, we use are fingers if need be but apologizing for not using tables manners is highly unimportant," she stated firmly before she finished her meal in silence and began cleaning up her dishes and started putting some food in pouches and the ice box to keep them persevered for the next day while washing the dishes she used and dried them before finally putting them away having forgotten to put her boots back on...

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((haha yup hunting is the option always ;);) hmmm I still didn't remember but I do remember they had a talk but wat exactly it was I forgot !! Yh sue me >.< ))

He nodded trying to hide his laughter but he couldn't,so he let himself. one thing was sure that no matter how much he hates her for leaving him,he still can't get over her and she still can make him laugh. "well yes I see you're a good cook" he said between his bites of food and just shrugs, yes manners are for rich but he used to be but now he is only a waiter who works in a pub although he didn't seem to getting over his nature, he still have knack for his manners but tonight he isn't showing them, so he just kept shoving the food. he watched her curiously while she did the whole chores, he was having a killer urge to say that she is behaving like a lady but he couldn't bring himself if it was a year before he would have cracked up seeing her doing household chores "you didn't answered me in the morning" he said.

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ӍдѕҞa (whichsidewillyouchoose) ((Sigh... Ithruiel and shay were heading to the castle well his castle and he was talking about her not wearing male clothes and wearing dresses and shays like noo and put in the idea with the leggings and wearing his shirt.. At least something along those lines... That's what kinda happened.... Remember??))

Shay smiled on the inside tho not on the outside with his laugh, first time hearing it... It seemed that they both were cold and barely emotional tho shay still managed to laugh once in awhile.. But hearing him laugh she stiffened slightly since the sound of it was eerily familiar but she couldn't place it not anymore, not like she could used to... She shoved that thought away remembering what he'd said about his books this morning before she finally realized she had not replied, "thank you," she said having put away the washed dishes knowing she was only doing all this to keep her mind busy or she probable be out in the woods with nothing to do but think and she for sure would go crazy and kill herself if that happened but one things she must say she got out of the relationship was a big kick in the rear end reminder that if you allowed people ini your heart they only crushed it.... She knew that she'd been cruel to Ithuriel but she saw no other way to have done it warning him away from the likes of her.. But besides that she also discovered the dressing style she and him talked about on the later actually worked and was comfortable.. Again shoving away those thoughts she turned to face Mikael and leaned against the counter running a hand through her messy tangled curly strawberry blonde hair as she raised an eyebrow at him, "I didn't answer you for a lot of things this morn," she pointed out, "which one of them are you wondering about?"

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((haha well now I remembers Ithuriel was the one who came up with the plan and she had agreed to put up on sad right now they aren't together :'( ))

He seemed to lost in his thoughts when he doesn't spoke a word at all. he stood there paralyzed by her and now he realized why he was staring at her like a fool, she was wearing a long shirt just the way he had wanted her a year ago but not now though he smiled and keeps looking on her not caring if she saw him, the worst she can do is kill him and he already was dead, there was nothing left of Ithuriel in him, he was an empty shell, who was devoid of any feeling. atleast that is what he used to think before she came again in her life and now he thinks only about her, yesterday night was the same he had a dream of her,stabbing him with her dagger in the back and than running away from everyone and he kept on thinking about her during the whole day and even his owner had given him an ultimatum after he had almost dropped the tray millionth time in few hours......

He realized that he was in his thoughts again and he snapped himself out and muttered "thank you" under his breath for dressing in that way. maybe it is her way of remembering him.before realizing what she had said and asked him "the one about Ithuriel. why you're not together since you're back" he asked.

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ӍдѕҞa (whichsidewillyouchoose) ((Si!))

Shay watched him carefully noticing that he was kinda just staring at her while completely lost in his own thoughts... She was shocked and a bit unnerved but at least he was smiling for once... Even tho she couldn't blame him... She too rarely smiled even in company of those she knew.. Besides the children... And that thought reminder her that she still had some things to do for the little girl from yesterday... Becoming lost on her own thought she blinked and looked at him when he said thank you, tho obviously he was trying to say it so she didn't hear but it was rare for her to not hear anything anymore but she didn't say anything about it and was about to walk out of the room when he finally said something and turned to look at him sharply shocked by his question... Since why would someone like him or these people care.... But for once she decided to answer him honestly... "Because the point of leaving was for him to have a better life them i could offer him, and me coming back only to run back to him wasn't the point," she said adverting her gaze and mumbled, "besides I heard a rumour he's happily... with someone else anyway," she mumbled through her teeth glancing at him, "good night Mikael," she bid and turned walking away to her room and closed the door behind her wondering why she told a complete stranger that.. And why he was so interested in it.. She shook that off and began to unpack her belongings.. To keep her mind off ithruiel and Mikael and focused on something else for a change...

Soon later her things were organized and put away the room clean and in mid condition after washing and repairing a few things and she was now sitting on a stool working on sketching of a flower on the canvas adding detail and other thing within the canvas to make a garden scene.... Being away she had learned a lot if new skills she hadn't know she had before which included her two favourite... Cooking and drawing/painting... Anything arty like that and she luckily had been allowed to take some foreign paints with her when she returned home. Humming softly under her breath as she worked she knew that she Should be done by morn and can leave early to find the girl to give it to her before leaving for work... Which meant she would avoid Mikael thankfully until dinner tomorrow so she continued working until she had to go to sleep from exhaustion...

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Ithuriel waited for her to response but nothing came from her. he turned to go out for a walk when he heard her and he stopped. He was fed up of listening that what she did was to have a good life for him, he is here living in a little rented house which is small even from his bathroom !!! 'wow yes I'm having an awesome life Shay thanks for that' he thought to himself before her next words were like a punch on his face, thankfully her back was to him and his to her, otherwise she would have seen his bewildered expression which he had right now 'happy with someone else ?? that's the most ridiculous thing he ever heard recently. it must be Samael's doing' he thought to himself. he doesn't have the idea why his friend is so keen to destroy his life. he mumbled good night to her,seeing her disappearing into her room, he clutched a knife from it's edged side,pressing his palm with all the force he can musters. feeling satisfied, he walked out of the door, blood trailing after him.
In the last year or so he had just forgot his every hobby. He still have many books,which he reads but they were rare moments now. He used to read them to gain knowledge about the different countries and ages and the type of rule they have, so that he can bring a golden age in his kingdom, when he will be the king but now everything seems so distant. he won't be the king. The other reason to read books was because he is a healer and he knows how to heal people but now that is gone too because healers whether magic or not, are rare and they attract attention and he wanted a secret life so he sacrificed his biggest dream of his life. he doubts even if he will be able to love or not.
He returned to home and cleaning the wound on his hand, he covered it with bandages and went to sleep

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ӍдѕҞa (whichsidewillyouchoose) Shay woke few early in the morning even before the sun was up and realized she again had slept on the floor but this time luckily was in her room it puzzled her in why but not taking too long to care she debated on wearing what she was or a dress but crinkling up her nose she decided the dress quickly changing she put her up Into a bun slipped on her boots and grabbed the canvas of the garden she managed to finish that night and was out of the room closing the door behind her she silently made her way through the house to the kitchen to grab the extra food she'd purchased the other day when she noticed fired blood on the ground and froze wondering what on earth had happened last night, in mere Instincts she put down her things happy she chose to wear a light flowy dress today and was in front Mikael's bedroom door she was debating on either to peek inside to check if he was all right having recognized the scent of the blood as his but paused swearing she'd smelt it before but it was distant in her mind so instead she didn't knock or even enter just listened... When she confirmed he was alive and well physically shay went back to the kitchen grabbed her things and headed out the door....

When she had found the child she grinned sitting down and headed her the painting who wide eyed stared at it before hugging the breath out of shay... Chuckling softly the child sat down to listen to the rest of shays story which she told quickly knowing she had things to finish before heading to work.... When she finished the story she kissed the girl on her forehead bidding goodbye before sneaking her an apple and hurried off to the building with the program... Inside she dropped off the food and left moments later heading off to her job tho she'll be looking into the local blacksmith to see if she could work there.... Being busy meant less time to think.. And she didn't want to think not anymore.....

((OMG so like what now...?? What should happen.... I'm already planning that Samael and shay are meeting in secret to talk about something... O.o. But what's gonna happen with 'mikael' and shay??))

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Ithuriel woke up and sat in his bed, feeling groggy after the last night,although he was a sleep head. so he always wakes up without not much sense recently.
He came and saw that she wasn't there in the kitchen so he went to her room and peeked inside but she wasn't there too. He panicked a little fearing that she left after his questions last night but that fear was short lived as he saw her belongings in the room and realised that he had slept late and she must have have left for work.
He made himself breakfast eating slowly since it was not his shift today and he will go to a merchant shop which will open late and closes early, so he took his time and reached it there and was at house before her so he cooked dinner because it wasn't much of a deal because of the left over of yesterday.
"well I made dinner today. so how's your work today ?" he asked her when she came in night and sat on the table.

((well Im not able to sort out about how they will reconcile but right now you got my plan......we really share the same mind. I was thinking that Sam come over and meets him.although he won't recognize him but wil doubts that he knows him some way, proving Shay's suspicions true and we will sort out later the rest of the story.))
((btw I noticed that they are behaving like husband wife who right now are angry with each other ;);) ))

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ӍдѕҞa (whichsidewillyouchoose) ((Ahhh so Sam shows up and...... ?? And lolol really?? That's so true! Too bad it can't end up with a kiss and make up after... Or flowers lolol >.<. Hay! Maybe Sam could mention that.. Notice how they kinda skirt around each other and point out they're acting like a fighting couple... That would be funny.... When should he show up... Maybe now or later??))

Shay finished work and stopped by the blacksmiths checking it out before she went back to Mikael's place slightly surprised to come back with the smell of dinner in the air... Before heading to the table she headed to her room to change into her usual clothes that she took accustomed to wearing which was in fact the leggings and the too large shirt... Afterwards she exited and went to sit across from him at the table glancing up at him when he spoke so very tempted to say something about him being obvious... But didn't and simply replied, "thank you for preparing the meal," she said distantly but painfully politely, "it was fine, whorin' isn't that hard," she said saying whorin' just cause it was humorous for her and to continue with her remark the other day.. She watched him carefully to see his reaction to her words while she started to eat..

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