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Is this book worth reading?

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Rusty's Ghost Engine (also known as.......... Jinky Spring) The description sounds promising and I am a fan of fantasy and science fiction. Should I read this?

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no no no horrible! honestly. I didn't finish it because I hated it. I've never said that about a book.

Rolenda DON'T!! please, skip this one!

Summer Cox I finished it and totally did NOT like it. I mean, some parts were ok but I would not recommend this book to anyone.

Gabriela nope definately not worth reading..not what i expected at all no bueno

Kathleen No, poor plot and character

Abby Honestly I loved this book so much and I don't even understand why people hated it so much. Yes, the characters were rude and disrespectful toward women in THE BEGINNING, wanting nothing but sex. But you have to understand the author was trying to get in the mind of a teenage boy. If you were to keep reading you would see the way the two boys changed as they fell in love. I really enjoyed the book and I think you would to if you gave it a chance.

Anna Schumacher I loved this book so hard, but whether or not you will personally enjoy it hinges on your tastes. Read it if you like:
* Beautiful, well-crafted, descriptive, and somewhat flowery prose.
* Complex characters who are a realistic mix of sweet and douchey.
* Magical realism. This book is NOT traditional fantasy. The mermaids don't live in underwater palaces and there are no dragons or warlocks or anything. The paranormal aspects are much subtler, and woven into a narrative that reads like contemporary.

Do not read it if you:
* Are looking for a fluffy beach read. It's not fluffy.
* Are offended by swearing and sexual language.
* Can't get past the fact that all the female characters are tall and thin and blonde.
* Want something fast-paced and plot-driven. This book is set in the Outer Banks during the summer, and it moves at a summer vacation pace. It's a character-driven coming-of-age story rather than an adventure full of heroes rescuing mermaids from being kidnapped by evil monsters, or whatever fast-paced adventure thing you might be thinking it is.

Honestly, I can't say again how much I loved this book. Bennett Madison is a brilliant writer and one of my strongest influences. That said, it's not for everyone. Hope this helps.

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