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Kerri We are reviewing for my book club and have not found a list of good book club questions. I am going to post some suggestions here and would love for others to do the same.

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Kerri One message of the book seems to be that extremist points of view are the most destructive. Do you agree or disagree?

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Kerri There is a message concerning tolerance, discrimination, and the gray areas in between. In Brilliance, the world is having to face this very visible difference and respond. There is absolutely no homophobia or struggle for gay rights in this world because there are things to hate instead. Do you feel like this reflects what happens in our society ?

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Kerri This book has been compared to X-Men and Heroes. What are some similarities and differences you seen between these?

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Kerri There are times in the book when Cooper realizes that what he thought was true was really a lie. Do you think you would have responded in the same way Cooper did when he has these realizations?

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Kerri If you could have one of the "super" powers described in the book, what would it be, and why? What do you think are the negatives or downsides that you would have to deal with if you had that power?

Henry Bell In the book, society is terrified the 1% of the population who are brilliants have the ability to exert control over many aspects of economic and technological development. They are so terrified that they create an infrastructure to identify, track, and in some cases exterminate members of this minority. In reality, 1% (probably less) of the population made up of the wealthiest people in many ways have a similar level of control over what happens to the rest of us. Contrast our reaction to the economic 1% to the situation in the novel.

Betsy Hetzel Kerri, So, how did your book club discussion go? I was going to recommend it to my group but there were some things that didn't ring true to me:
1. There have always been those gifted and those normal and both have always co-existed. Just because one is Over-The-Top brilliant in one area does not necessarily make that person into a terrorist who must be terminated. Our world has good guys and bad guys, terrorists and peacemakers, and it doesn't depend on one's "Brilliance".
2. IF Nick Cooper was "supposed" to be SO tuned in to reading patterns to make determinations about people, HOW was he deceived, all those years, by his boss, the BIG boss, Drew Peters, the good bad guy?
3. Did the final confrontation between the two forces seem too preposterous: 3 people (2 abnorms/1 normal) taking down, in quick succession, an entire huge, elite department trained to kill, a city police force, a helicopter unit, etc. = wow! = and they just walk away. Too easy, in my opinion.
Will you read Book 2? I "might" as I'm curious to know what will develop w/ John Smith et. al.

Betsy Hetzel Anyone else have any thoughts about this thought-provoking book? It would be nice to get a good discussion started so let's hear from you.
What captured your interest in BRILLIANCE ?

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