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Olly was behind the counter serving coustumers.

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Cris and Shy walked in, cris walking up and reading the menu as shy struggled with her phone

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Olly smiled seeing who walked in. "Hey, Shy," he grins.

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shy looked upmand smiled. " olly! " what are y8u doing here?"

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He laughs. "I own the place," he explain as he wipes off his sticky hands.

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" Ok, thafs coll, but howmdo you know my sister. " Cris says to him, a litle flirtatiously

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" ok, thats cool. But how do you know my sister" (( that was terridle typing)

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((Lol, its okay))
"She my mate," he says, raising a brow a tiny bit.

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Cris frowns and whines. " You always getvthe cute ones. " She smiles though and hugs her sister.

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He chuckles softly, handing over his apron to the worker on the next shift. He steps out behind the counter.

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Shy rolls her eyes at her sister and goes to hug olly

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He hugs her tightly, giving her a passionate kiss right there in the shop.

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she blushes and cris wolf calls

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He blushes, pulling away. "So, uh, what are you guys doing here?" He asks.

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" Snack time!" Cris sings

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He chuckles. "Well, its on the house," he smiles.

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Cris jumps up and down excitedly. " No, its ok." Shy.says

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He rolls his eyes, before telling Sheen to get them anything for free.
((Ya... Just made up the name Sheen...))

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(( Love it!!)) Shy smiles at him

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He smiles. "So, wheres Nali?" He asks.

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" I think.she is still with jazz."

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"Oh, cool," he shrugs. "So, what do you guys want?" He asks, gesturing to the menu.
((With eachother during the night? Where did they sleep? Lol))

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(( Her house i guess lol)) " I want chocolate!" crisis says.

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He smiles, telling Sheen the order.

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Shy makes a face at cris." Vanilla, please"

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After a few minutes, Sheen hands both the cups to Olly, who hands them to the girls. "Okay, tell me your honest opinion, because I've been trying out a new recipe," he says,

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cris smiles and says she likes it through a mouthful and shy glares at her. " I like it alot. " Shy said

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He smiles. "Great!" he says, happy of their reactions.

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She smiles back

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"So, my shift just ended, you guys wanna go out somewhere?" He asks.

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Cris smiles. " I'll leave you to alone." She slips out and walks. She blushes

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Olly grins. "I finally get you to myself," he teases.

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" Yes, i guess you do."

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He smiles, kissing her lightly. "So, where shall we go?"

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" I don't know," She smiles

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"Hm, wanna go to......" He trails off, not sure where to go.

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"How Bout the lake?" He finally suggests.

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" That sounds great." She says smiling. ((Sorry had practice))

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((Its okay! What was it for?))
He grins, putting his arm around her waist as he walks out of the store and to his car.

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((Color Gaurd)) SHe smiles and leans into him.

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((Oh, cool! Yah, I just came back from soccer practice(: ))
He opened his door, and slip in, waiting for her to follow.

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Bree Jesse walked into the frozen yogurt shop and grabbed himself a small cup to hold his delicious frozen treat. He knew that he probably looked out of place being there by himself. He was wearing a button down dark grey shirt with black skinny jeans and white shoes. Jesse always wore glasses too. He thought that him becoming a werewolf would help improve his eyesight or make him look, somewhat, stronger. He was indeed stronger than any normal guy, don't get him wrong- he could've pummeled a pro wrestler with one punch if he wanted to. But for some reason, he still looked, average. He filled up his cup with frozen yogurt and several fruit toppings. He looked over at a group of girls who were giving him a look. It wasn't the look, but it was a look. Jesse looked down at himself, then up at the girls- he probably looked gay to them. Jesse felt somewhat embarrassed now and quickly brought his cup up to the scale then pulled out his wallet.

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Bree (( It feels nice to be loved, and writing this much comes naturally when I feel that I have a good grasp of my characters. I definitely like you and your character already. ))

Jesse paid for his frozen yogurt and had the person working the register break his twenty. While the employee was doing this, Jesse's gaze glanced over at the girl who walked in. She was indeed very attractive. He wasn't the only one to notice this either- a group of guys sitting next to the group of girls who thought Jesse looked gay were checking her out. This was one of the main reason why Jesse had lost most of his faith and hope in humanity. They always judge by appearances and had no self respect for themselves- they sold themselves for the pleasure of a stranger's smile. Even when Jesse was human, he sure as wasn't treated like one. He looked away from the girl who walked in because he didnt want to be like the men checking her out. Technically, he was, but he fought strongly against unlike what they were. They didn't seem to want to look away. Jesse grabbed his change from the employee and put it in his wallet which he tucked into his jacket pocket. He then took his cup of frozen yogurt and found two tables to sit at- one was inside, the other was outside. Since the audience inside was ready to pounce, Jesse went outside and sat down in a chair.

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Bree Jesse leaned back in his chair and began to eat his frozen yogurt. Before he was a werewolf, his appetite wasn't as big nor was it ever constantly on his mind. He'd eat because he was hungry, which was rarely, and he'd go try to burn off what he could at the gym. He remembered getting those looks from the other guys at the gym when he went to lift weights or go running on a tread mill. Now, he was always hungry. His appetite was bigger than before, and he could eat as much as he wanted and not get fat. He'd go to the gym now, and not break a sweat when he lifted up the heaviest of weights. The looks on the faces of those guys who thought he looked ridiculous before was always priceless. Jesse often wondered how they'd react to him being a werewolf, but he knew better than to be a show off about it. After all, he was a werewolf by mistake. He continued to eat his frozen yogurt in silence until he had a feeling that someone was watching him. It wasn't as vague as human instinct- he knew someone was watching him, and he recognized her scent from before. Jesse looked up from his frozen yogurt to see that girl from before looking at him.

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Bree Jesse couldn't believe how beautiful she looked just standing there. He'd seen a lot of girls, well, not in that way of seeing. He was accustomed to seeing from afar, but never really interacting. He'd try to but he often became nervous because their lingering gazes on him would feel him like crap. And some of the stuffy they said to him wasn't exactly the nicest either. One thing that those girls all had common was their revealing clothes and overuse of makeup. This girl standing on the sidewalk looked perfect the way she was. He didn't recognize his own voice, or himself for that matter, when he asked her "Do you want to come and sit with me?" He was already mentally preparing himself for her responses: 'Sorry, but I'm in a hurry,' 'I don't talk to people like you,' and 'I'm not desperate enough to talk to you.' He wasn't sure why he always attracted some of the most ill mannered and selfish people ever. He didn't think that he was that bad of a guy, but they were drawn to him like flies were attracted to honey. Jesse hoped that this girl wasn't going to be like the others, but he still braced himself just in case.

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Bree Jesse was very surprised to see her sit down next to him, and even more so when she did so without almost any hesitation. When she sat down bedside him, he took a moment to take a deep breath and collect himself. He pushed his glasses back up the bridge of his nose, and he found himself talking to her. "So.. You liking the weather right now?" As soon as he said that, he looked away for a moment and was definitely kicking himself for that. "Of all the things to say, I mention the weather. I could've said 'How you doing?' or maybe 'What brings you here?' But no," he thought to himself then he looked back over to her. "I'm sorry, that sounded really weird. I mean I'm not usually talking about stuff like that, quite frankly I don't really talk to anyone. I usually just watch people go by," he said quickly then he even more like an idiot when he realized how much of a creeper he sounded. "That, didn't come out right either," he said feeling embarassed as hell. He then gave up and talking on just shut up and was now waiting for her to laugh at him.

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Bree Jesse couldn't deny how weird and stalkerish he sounded, so he went along with it. "If you can't fight them, join them," he thought to himself. "Basically. I can't help that I'm a stalker, it's just in my nature. I mean it won't do any good for me to deny it any longer, but I know that I need help," he said then he found himself actually enjoying coming off as weird and unusual to this girl. He might make this awkward and make her walk away, but he was starting to accept that he would a different impression on her then he would've originally wanted to. Jesse's brown eyes became kind and also sad at the same time when he looked at Sophia. "Can you help me, please?" he asked her. Jesse liked to show that he could go with the flow.

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Bree Jesse felt some color come to his usually pasty cheeks when her fingertips grazed against his arm. "Ah, hell.." he thought to himself then he realized something about her: she was using some sort of charm on him. Sometimes his werewolf instinct was helpful in scenarios like his, but he wished that him being a werewolf would make him more confident or make him look less nerdish. From one touch, he felt goosebumps rise along his arm, then when she whispered to him, his heart could've easily burst and been set on fire. He knew, somewhat, what she was doing, but some part of him didn't care right now. Jesse's hand reached up and gently held onto the hand that was grazing his arm and placed it on the table. His thumb rubbed against her thumb when he spoke "I don't want you to do anything, but I need you to help change me. I don't want to be a stalker anymore," he said then his lips quirked at the corners and formed a small smile. "And you don't make me nervous, you excite me."

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Bree "Show me something new that'll make me forget about my past," Jesse said. "It can be anything." There was some truth behind his words. He truly did want to forget about his past, because his past contained some of his worst memories of high school and becoming a werewolf. He still had the scar on his leg from where the werewolf bit him. "Surely someone like you can help, you're so, different, unique, and beautiful," he said. Since these toe had started talking, his frozen yogurt had begun to melt and now, it was a puddle of luke-warm dairy goodness with assorted fruits. The more he looked into Sophia's eyes, the more he found himself realizing that he wasn't the only one with a past that needed to be forgotten. It wasn't his animal instinct that told him this, it was his own instinct that said this. Jesse still was at a loss of words as to why she was still sitting and talking with him. "What's your name?" he asked her.

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