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What has your experience with reading been like?

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message 1: by Liemberger (new)

Liemberger | 5 comments Mod
In 8-10 sentences, explain how you view reading and why you feel this way. Some questions you might want to consider when constructing your response are:

What books have I enjoyed reading and why?
What books have I not enjoyed reading and why?
Do you read on a regular basis even when you don't have to for school?
Do you think it is important to read on a regular basis?

message 2: by Brittany (new)

Brittany Grimes | 3 comments I view reading in a few ways. I like it if the book is interesting and exciting. But I wouldn't read if I didn't have to unless the book sounded interesting and fun. Honestly I think reading is boring but when I'm in the mood to read and the book is good my opinion changes. I feel that reading is good for people but I wouldn't read if I didn't have to. I feel that reading is not for me unless the book relates to me or something I've been through.

message 3: by Amirw (last edited Sep 08, 2013 09:55AM) (new)

Amirw | 5 comments I have had great experiences with reading as well as some not so great experiences.Some of my great experiences include books I really enjoyed reading and realized that some of the main characters and I have some things in common.Those books were "The Outsiders,Rules as well as Son of the Mob".One of my not so great experiences was when I was asked to read aloud in class and I was daydreaming because the book was so boring that I didn't know where we were.Everyone began to laugh.I now know that comprehending what you read is very important.It's a struggle to be tested on something when you can't remember or understand what you have read.I see myself improving as the years progress,but accept that I have a ways go.

message 4: by Fodie (new)

Fodie | 5 comments To be honest at a early age I never liked reading books because I had to read books about things that I didn't understand or just didn't cared about. But as I got older and reading became important in my school, I had to find books to do my essays on, but I didn't find anything good. Until one day at the library a lady helped me understand the importance of reading and what kinds of books interested me. So from that day with her, I learned that I like books about comedy, mystery and suspense in them. Also, l like those kinds of books because I'm a comedian ( sometimes ) in real life who also like movies and books about mystery and suspense. But, I still don't like reading like that, especially if its more than 290 pages and I only read sometime if it's school related, like if its on project or a test. But I do think that everyone should read ever once in a while because it could improve your speech and vocabulary.

message 5: by Shawqui (new)

Shawqui C | 2 comments My experience with reading was not very strong when I was younger, I hated reading books. Now that I am older I enjoy reading a lot. According to me, I think that it is important to read at least once a day. A lot of people may not like reading but believe it or not it can improve your reading skills and also your vocabulary. When I read books now I look for different kind of genres. My favorite books to read are mystery books or drama. I do not enjoy reading books that are not interesting because I start to loose interest and put the book down. Reading is something that everyone should do on a regular basis or at least try to do. I once participated in reading Olympics in my elementary school years and had to read a lot of books by a certain time. Reading books is a fun thing to do and also a helpful thing.

message 6: by Charnee (new)

Charnee B. | 4 comments From my perspective I find reading a very enjoyable hobby as long as the book is interesting. I feel this way because when I read, it makes me feel that I'm apart of the book. I love many genres of books including action, thriller, drama, etc. When you read it opens up a world of possibilities which no one could imagine! I have enjoyed reading Thirteen Reasons Why, The hunger games, and Heist Society. I enjoy reading these books because they are true page turners.Hopefully, by reading these different types of books I would be inspired to write my own novel.I try to read various genres of books, to keep my mind and vocabulary sharp. It is very easy to read when you enjoy reading books. If everyone picked up a book to read once in a while there would probably be less violent actions and more positive reactions in the world. Reading has a huge impact in every aspect of your life. READING IS FUNDAMENTAL !!!!!!!

message 7: by Kwadeh (new)

Kwadeh Karto | 3 comments I view reading in a few different ways.If a book has a boring cover I will probably not read it,but if a book has an interesting cover then I would be likely to read it.I feel this way because most books with interesting covers,are interesting to me and most books with boring covers,I usually find boring to me .Some books that I have enjoyed in the past are books like Tears Of A Tiger,The Caged Birds Sings,and Thirteen Reason Why.One book that I didn't enjoy reading was The Giver.I think it is important to read on a regular basis.I think this because,throughout life you would need to read everything and by reading on a regular basis,gives u a chance to practice and know how to read.Through reading you can find out important things about life. Reading is fun !!!!

message 8: by Ariyonnah (new)

Ariyonnah | 5 comments I loved reading thirteen reasons why! My experience with this book was very different from other experiences with other books. This one was different because I actually connected with Hannah. Once I had a connection with Hannah, it made me want to read more. To be honest I don't read unless someone tell me to or I have to for school. When I was younger the covers to books were more interesting and so it made me want to read the book but now I don't bother to read the books anymore, because if they are boring I won't finish them. It is very important to read on a regular basis but I understand why people don't. The most interesting book I have ever read was Junie B Jones and the Stupid Smelly Bus. I love that book because it brings back so many elementary mermories. Reading helps in different way and people use it in everyday life just like your reading my homework assignment right now. So yes I like reading but I don't love it.

message 9: by Ashley (new)

Ashley Fenning | 1 comments I view reading as boosting your vocabulary and knowledge.I read a book called "before I fall" and I enjoyed that book a lot the best book I ever read. I liked this book because it tells you about a girl who lives that same day over and over again for a week and that day had to be perfect and then when she finally made that day perfect she went to heaven. I read a book called "night" and the reason I didn't like this book is because it was so sad a lot of people died and I'm not into those kind of books.Most of the time I don't read on a regular basis but if the book is interesting I can't put it down.I think it is important to read on a regular basis because it can improve your grammar and spelling and if you need to read a book for school you could just fly through it.

message 10: by Johnny (new)

Johnny | 4 comments Son Of The Mob might have been the best book I have ever read thus far.I really enjoyed The Son Of The Mob because I could relate to it in some ways.Some ways and one of them is that I could relate to is the last name that will get you respect.On the other hand Night might have been the worst book I have ever read.I was the worst because I couldn't relate to the book in any kind of way,and it was SUPER BORING!!!!!Usually I wouldn't rad on a regular basis if I don't have school but I think I will start because it is important in life in every which way possible.

message 11: by Cierra (new)

Cierra Richardson | 3 comments The book i have enjoyed reading so far is To Kill A Mocking Bird . I liked reading this book because its really inspiration and it gives you a view on how democracy use to really be . One book that i did not find interesting is Son Of The Mob because it was not exciting i did not have me wondering what was gone happing next it just was not my cup of tea. I do read on a regular basis and i think its important yo read on a regular basis only because it will help improve your reading skills make you a better reading within time .

message 12: by Gerald (new)

Gerald Polidoro | 1 comments I view reading in many different ways. I see it as a way to gain knowledge ,to pass time ,or just for the fun of it. I enjoy reading books that are suspenseful ,mysterious ,and that really pull the reader in. I enjoy these kind of book because they make me want to read more and more. I don't always read if I don't have to. Maybe I should because it is a good pass time. I think if I read more i would always have a book on me. I do not enjoy book that are obvious. I like a book that will surprise me.

message 13: by Jadev (new)

Jadev | 4 comments The way I view reading is, if the book cover looks interesting then I might read the back or open it up and read a couple pages. I feel this way because if the book is not interesting then I wouldn't want to read it. In my option I think reading on a regular basis is important because sometimes when you read you find words that you didn't know and when you keep reading you get hints on what that word means. I don't really read on a regular basis at home but sometimes when I'm in the mood I will or if I have a good book that I want to finish I will also. I've enjoyed reading mythology books and fiction books, sometimes non-fiction but mostly mythology and fiction books. Why I like reading mythology books is because I like to learn about the Greek and Roman gods and goddesses.

message 14: by Nhi (new)

Nhi C | 5 comments In my life, I have read many types of books. Some of them I enjoyed and some of them I did not enjoy. I am interested in science and history, they are fascinating, and they give me more knowledge about animals, plants, and the evolution of all the countries in the world. Besides that, I don't like novels because they are too long, have too many details that I can't remember. I usually read at home even when I do not go to school because I have nothing to do. I'm bored so I read. I think it's important to read on regular basis. The first reason is it gives me a lot of vocabulary. The second reason is I can know more about the world around me such as history and science.

message 15: by Mckayla (new)

Mckayla | 3 comments I do not like reading at all. If i dont have to read i will not. I find it very boring, and I am just not interested or have no desire of doing it. But i will try and find books that i am interested in and read it on my down time like SSR or whenever i can, because it is important on vocabulary and helps out with it a lot. It is important to read on a regular basis but it just does not catch my eye. When i was younger i actually loved to read but ever since my grandmom passsed i do not like to anymore. My grandmother taught me how to read.

message 16: by Chrisdurelli (new)

Chrisdurelli | 5 comments My experience with reading was good. I'm not too much of a reader tho. I have read some good books tho. I don't love to read but I do like it. If it's a really good book that in interested in. I really don't think u have to read on a regular basis. It does give u something to do but I don't think it's important to read every day. Sometimes it gets very boring. So this is my experience with reading.

message 17: by Genell (new)

Genell de Castro | 1 comments I view reading in a couple of ways. I would like to read a book if it was interesting, exciting, or full of action. But I wouldn't read a book at all, only if I didn't need to is when I would read a book. Honestly I think reading is boring, but if I was bored or mad I would read a book. I feel that reading is good for other people but I wouldn't read if I didn't have to read. Reading isn't for me unless the book relates to something I like. So this is my experience with reading...

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